Sexy Beat/C1 A Chaotic Wedding Ceremony
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Sexy Beat/C1 A Chaotic Wedding Ceremony
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C1 A Chaotic Wedding Ceremony

"I, Lucas Lewis, accept you, Emma Robbie, to be my legal wife. To own and hold, from this day forward, in joy, sorrow, rich, poor, sick and healthy, until death do us part," he promised.

"Bride, are you ready?" said the priest.

With shyness and rosy cheeks, of course she said; "Yes, I am willing."

Then the couple kissed before an applauding crowd. But then, the applause stopped awkwardly as there were female moans and sighs coming from the speakers throughout the wedding room.

"Aah aah.. Lucas, come on, go deeper... Deeper, Lucas... Engh... deeper deeper... Whaawhh. Fuck it, yeah, yeah, yeah quicker, Lucas. Please. .."

"Faster? You asked for something faster, huh?!" answered Lucas' voice.

“Lucas, I can't take it anymore. It's really delicious. Damn it! Very enjoyable. You really haven't changed… aah…”

“Yeah. I've been great ever since. So feel it! Ha ha ha...”

“Lucas! Lucas! Lucas…! Aww yeah… fuck!”

Then the moans overlapped with clashes of skin and different slimy tones. Snarls and sounds of pleasure filled the place. Some of the invitees seemed to gulp, some felt uncomfortable and whispered sarcastically. Now all eyes are on the bride up ahead. Meanwhile, back there, the wedding vendor staff were also confused about the source of the sound. Because no one can find the point of fault. Even the technician checked repeatedly and was not at the source.

And of course the most surprised of the sound is the bride and groom, especially the bride. Emma Robby. This woman was frozen for a moment, wide-eyed at Lucas Lewis, who just a few seconds ago officially became her husband. His jaw also dropped slowly along with the tears.

Immediately after, Emma looked at Lucas Lewis, who shook his head awkwardly.

Lucas tried to dodge his actions and said with bated breath;

"No, Emma. It's . . . not me."

But, it was too late. Emma was already crying, and then she slapped Lucas hard in front of the crowd. Not only Emma Robbie, but the rest of her family were also very embarrassed and rushed off. Emma Robbie's father, Clark Robbie, stepped forward and slapped the man who had just become her son-in-law a minute ago.

"What is this?!" he shouted angrily, “What happened, huh?!”

"No, Clark. It wasn't me!" Lucas tried to sparkle.

"Not you?!" Emma's mother, Vanessa Margot, cries and hugs her daughter angrily.

Clark Robbie continued: "That voice is yours! That name must be your name! And you're still saying it's not you? You bastard! You've betrayed my daughter! What if we found out after Emma became your wife? daughter-in-law like you! I canceled it! The marriage was annulled! It's not legal! I can't let my daughter marry a bastard like him!"

"Mister Robbie, please, I can explain… Emma, please, it's not what you think. Let me explain! This… this is… not true,” Lucas Lewis was absolutely terrified. He tried to hold Emma's wrist.

"Don't touch me," Emma pushed Lucas' hand away, "Please. No need to touch me!”

She said, "My dad was right, let's call off the wedding. Pastor, all wedding vows are bullshit," Emma spoke to the Pastor, sobbing and rubbing the tip of her nose, "Cancel it. I don't want to marry him."

Then, led by her parents and some of her relatives, Emma Robbie lowered the altar and then slipped away sobbing. Slowly, the guests also left and the wedding priest could only shake his head. Feeling unworthy to have witnessed all this chaos.

"Emma! Emma Robbie! Emma, wait! Listen to me! Don't go, Emma."

"Lucas, let him go."

Lucas' father, George Lewis, grabbed his shoulder as he chased after Emma Robbie. To be honest, he also wanted to slap his son hard for being so embarrassed. But seeing all this, he couldn't stand the disappointment. On the other hand, his wife, Olivia Gonzales, also slapped Lucas with tears of anger. I don't know how many times Lucas got slapped this morning.

"What are you doing, huh?! That must be that bitch's voice, right? It's true, isn't it? How can you keep in touch with a slut like her! You're going too far, Lucas! You've humiliated us! Where is your brain, you idiot? !"

After berating her own son, with tears in her eyes, Mrs Lewis decided to go out. Go home. Prepare to lock yourself in the house because of extreme embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Lucas didn't know what else to do. Now the building is no longer there and only the building staff are left clumsily tidying the room. The man sat languidly on the steps of the altar where he had taken the sacred oath a few minutes ago.

"Shit..." he mumbled in regret.

Lucas Lewis is furious!

Lucas was very upset and he knew who might have done this, it was Luna Lee. Instantly, without a second thought, Lucas stopped and headed for the parking lot. Looking for his car here and there with a feeling of anger. But then Lucas just remembered he was here with his father earlier, so now Lucas had to order a taxi to go to his destination. Waited a while before a yellow taxi appeared in front of him. Pull over slowly.

Lucas came in. Again, rubbing my face in frustration.

"Where are you going?" asked the taxi driver because Lucas didn't mention the address.

“Uh… ah… 11 Old Concord Rd, Middlesex County, sir,” Lucas said, holding back his anger.


After breathing more calmly, now Lucas found himself in the passenger seat of a taxi. He lowered his head and back to calm himself. He also loosened his tie and looked out the window. The streets raced as his memories returned, bringing back memories of last night. Made him feel again what he did at Luna Lee's apartment.

Oh, last night. A few hours ago. An unexpected and very exciting night. Fiery and hot. Which made Lucas Lewis fire after all this time. Which made Lucas' life shattered in a second. Which puts him in a dilemma. Happy but also sorry.

Lucas shouldn't have done that.


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