Sexy Beat/C5 The Puzzle About Luna
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Sexy Beat/C5 The Puzzle About Luna
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C5 The Puzzle About Luna

Lucas Lewis was back in his apartment and sitting on the couch. lay down while taking off his tie, shoes and shirt. The canceled wedding, everyone's anger, and Luna's departure was enough to make his day even worse from the morning.

Lucas tried several times to call Emma Robbie's cell phone, but there was still no answer. Rejected many times until finally, Lucas was sure that Emma had blocked his number. Cut off all lines of communication.

Now, Lucas' head was getting dizzy and he wanted to sleep for a while. But, lying on his back on the bed, Lucas still couldn't sleep. Instead of Emma Robbie, he was reminded of Luna. The image of Luna completely filled his mind and he began to wonder, what exactly is Luna hiding? Why did Luna get this angry with him? Had Lucas ever done anything wrong?

But, despite remembering a lot, Lucas could only find a few memory points that might make Luna hold a grudge against him.


Four years ago…

“Honey! Dear!"

Luna shouted from the bathroom, making Lucas who heard it immediately startled and sped up after Luna. thought that her lover had slipped or seen a spider.

However, when Lucas arrived in the bathroom, he found Luna Lee in a cheerful state. he had a big smile on his face as he held something in his hand. It is a testpack tool.

"Honey, look," said Luna, thrusting the testpack right in front of Lucas' nose.

Two blue lines. That indicates that Luna has something in her stomach. Still in disbelief, Lucas grabbed the testpack and looked at it carefully, then looked at Luna, and again looked at the testpack with the positive result.

“Luna, don't tell me that you…”

“Yes, I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant, honey!" Luna screamed as she jumped for joy.

So, of course, Lucas was also happy and he immediately carried Luna while twirling her lover's body. Don't forget to give Luna a warm kiss on the lips and stomach as a sign that she is also really looking forward to the arrival of the baby-to-be, which may still be a blood clot in the stomach.

“But, we should go to the obstetrician to see if you are pregnant or not. How?" Lucas asked, still holding Luna tightly in his arms.

"Of course. I'll get ready first. Oh, I can't wait to hear that doctor say I'm pregnant, Lucas. Can you imagine it? We have a baby, Lucas! A little baby from our love."

"Yes. I really can't imagine how cute he is. So, hurry up and get ready, honey. I'll heat up the car and get dressed too."

In the bathroom, under the shower, Luna bathed in a very good feeling. He also sings sweetly to show the happiness he feels now. But, when she was massaging her scalp while shampooing, Luna felt a hand hug her from behind. It was Lucas who apparently wanted to take a bath with him.

"You always are, Luna. Never close the door properly. What if it wasn't me who entered, eh?” Lucas whispered in Luna's ear, kissing the long neck.

Luna giggled, amused. But in the next second, he slightly sighed because Lucas started squeezing his big, springy chest. While one hand Lucas also started to rub Luna's stomach and then the strong hand went down. Towards Luna's most beautiful jewelery which lies between her thighs.

Lucas's finger went inside while stroking gently before then, one or two of Lucas' naughty fingers penetrated Luna's hole and messed up there. Makes Luna sigh and rotate her hips automatically.

As a result of the movement of Luna's hips which were just below Lucas' stomach, what belonged to Lucas stiffened hard. standing up straight.

"Oh, Lucas. You're so stupid. don't we want to go see my womb? If we're like this, later… aah… ohh, fuck… so good, honey…” Luna couldn't think straight anymore. He started to lift one leg and let Lucas' fingers play in his hole.

Every now and then, Luna's face lifted and grabbed Lucas' lips. kissing very hot and fierce.

Meanwhile, Lucas himself also couldn't hold back the desire due to the seductive movements of his lover's hips who were very beautiful and sexy. Luna's full and supple ass, made Lucas Lewis's lust increase.

He began to release his fingers from the hole, took off his own pants and made Luna bend over backwards. Luna leaned against the wall under the running water. A little squealed when she felt that Lucas was patted on the buttocks who was feeling exasperated.

And with one lick of Lucas which he used to lubricate Luna's hole that had already opened, he began to insert his own into Luna's body. Long, big, strong and exciting.

Luna likes it.

Luna is happy.

It's like a horse riding game. Lucas was riding a thrashing horse and screaming with pleasure.

“Lucas… argh… deeper… faster… aah… so good, honey…”

Lucas gripped Luna's hips tightly so she wouldn't run away and kept trying to exert strength to make Luna fly even more. Every now and then he snarled, every now and then Lucas moved uncontrollably.

"Patience, my dear Luna. Your body is so beautiful that I can't help it. Oh… shit. You're so good, Luna. How can you do this well, Luna? Oh, my dear… yeah, yeah, shake your hips like that… hold on a minute… Smart girl. Good girl…”

“Lucas. I'm going out… No… ah, don't go out yet… Lucas, what a damn you… but this is so good. Much longer, baby… Aww…!”

Lucas patted Luna's buttocks and also squeezed the woman's chest tightly. Meanwhile, Lucas still didn't stop making Luna a mess from behind. He had also lifted one of Luna's legs up high so that she could play with her lover's body more freely.

Under the splashing water.

The two of them felt incomparable pleasure and happiness until finally, they both released the liquid together. Breathing at the same time and tired at the same time. Then take a bath together while still playing that erotic game.

Finally, at seven o'clock in the evening, the two of them were able to go to the obstetrician. Queued for a while while chatting about the future. Before long, the nurse called them in and a female doctor examined Luna.

Finally, the words they wanted to hear came out as well.

"Right. Miss Luna Lee is five weeks pregnant."

(To be continued...)

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