Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C1 Meteor Descends from the Sky
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Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C1 Meteor Descends from the Sky
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C1 Meteor Descends from the Sky

Lee Shaoyu walked on the street. He crumpled the empty cigarette case into a ball and threw it at the trash can. However, it hit the body of the trash can and was bounced back.

The crumpled cigarette case rolled on the ground a few times before it quieted down. The rubbish bin and the cigarette case seemed to be laughing at Lee Shaoyu silently.

"F * ck! Are you bullying me too?"

Lee Shaoyu let out a loud roar and lifted his leg to kick the trash can at the side.


Lee Shaoyu had practiced loose boxing before, so his physical fitness was not bad. How could a plastic trash can withstand this kick? It was directly kicked by Lee Shaoyu and created a crack.

"Are you crazy?" A middle-aged woman was about to come and get rid of the trash. She gave Lee Shaoyu a weird look.

"Let's go, let's go. We met a crazy person who was angry with the trash can." Two 18-19 years old girls walked around Lee Shaoyu and talked to him in a low voice.

"Sigh... young people nowadays are too impetuous." An old man with white hair looked at Lee Shaoyu and shook his head with a sigh.

"Maybe it's because life is too stressful. In today's society, sigh..." An old woman next to the old man sighed. She seemed to be speaking up for Lee Shaoyu.

"I will kick you to pieces!"

However, Lee Shaoyu did not care about what was happening outside the window. He only kicked the rubbish bin. He felt that the depression in his heart had lessened a lot after that kick. He kicked the rubbish bin again.


The trash can couldn't take it anymore. Lee Shaoyu kicked a big hole in the trash bin. Lee Shaoyu felt happy, but then he felt nauseous again.

As the rubbish bin shattered, a black garbage bag was also cut open. Yellow and green liquid flowed out along with the yellow sticky substance. All of it splashed onto Lee Shaoyu's shoes and pants. A foul smell and urine smell rose to the sky.


Lee Shaoyu felt his chest churning. In the end, he could not hold it in anymore. He squatted on the ground and started vomiting.

"That kid, did you kick the trash can just now? Do you know that you are destroying public property?" Just as Lee Shaoyu was vomiting, two people who looked like city enforcement officers walked over from afar and shouted at Lee Shaoyu.

Lee Shaoyu heard the shout and turned his head to look. He immediately stood up and started to run away, leaving only a row of wet footprints and a pungent smell.

If he was caught, it would not be a joke. He would at least be punished with five hundred yuan. He had just lost his job and was prepared to eat dirt this month. If he were to be punished with another five hundred yuan, he would not even need to eat dirt.

"Kid, don't run!" The two Town Security uncles behind him kept chasing and shouting.

However, how could their physical strength catch up to Lee Shaoyu, who had been practicing martial arts all this time? In just three minutes, Lee Shaoyu had already left them without a trace.

Lee Shaoyu ran for five minutes, making sure that no one was following him. Only then did he slow down. At this time, Lee Shaoyu had already run to a main street, and there were more people and cars.

"Aiya, it smells so bad!"

"What is this smell? Did this person just climb out of the garbage?"


The passers-by all looked at Lee Shaoyu with disdain. They covered their mouths and noses with their hands and walked away from him.

Lee Shaoyu curled his lips. He didn't care at all. As the saying goes, a barefooted person is not afraid of wearing shoes. If I stink, who am I afraid of? Only people are afraid of me.

"Mom, what is that?" Just as Lee Shaoyu was about to think about his future life, a little girl's voice caught his attention. He followed the little girl's finger and looked up into the sky.

A light spot.

However, the light spot in the sky quickly turned into a burning fireball. It was flying in his direction at high speed.

"Damn it, run! It's a meteorite!" Lee Shaoyu shouted at the little girl's mother and turned around to run. He had never thought that his life was more important than his own. He had done his duty by reminding her.

Lee Shaoyu looked at the trajectory of the meteorite as he ran. He was trying to figure out if he could escape the disaster.

"Hu!" Lee Shaoyu stopped to rest after running for nearly a hundred meters. Fortunately, the meteorite was not heading in his direction, but it would be dangerous if it stayed in its original position.

Huh? Something seemed to be wrong.

Lee Shaoyu looked at the meteorite in the sky. The meteorite was not very big. It was about the size of a basketball. It flew across the sky with a long tail of fire. It would probably hit the ground in three seconds.

But the moment Lee Shaoyu saw it, he had an illusion. The meteorite stopped in the air.

Lee Shaoyu rubbed his eyes hard and confirmed again. The result made him dumbfounded.

The meteorite really stopped in the void!

If the surrounding people were not running around in panic, Lee Shaoyu would even think that time had stopped at this moment.


The meteorite the size of a basketball only stopped for an instant. It seemed to have discovered something. It changed direction slightly and flew directly towards Lee Shaoyu.

Lee Shaoyu could not believe his eyes, but he still turned around and ran quickly. His speed was probably faster than Bolt's.

However, how could he run past the meteorite?


The meteorite the size of a basketball hit Lee Shaoyu's body fiercely. Lee Shaoyu felt like a huge mountain was pressing on his body. His bones were instantly broken and he died instantly. Lee Shaoyu's entire world instantly fell into endless darkness and silence.

A mushroom cloud rose up on the road. A huge pit with a radius of more than ten meters appeared on the ground. As for Lee Shaoyu, there was not a single hair left on his body. Only the passers-by who were watching from afar took out their phones and took pictures of the big pit on the ground.

Lee Shaoyu was an orphan. Even if he suddenly disappeared, no one would pay attention to him, because no one cared about him in this world.

Not long after, police cars and fire trucks arrived one after another. This place was also cordoned off. The police began to evacuate the crowd.

The last news left in this world about Lee Shaoyu was probably tomorrow's headlines. According to eyewitnesses, meteorites fell from the sky. The unlucky man was smashed and his bones turned to ashes. Lee Shaoyu's name would not even appear.

In absolute darkness. After an unknown amount of time, Lee Shaoyu gradually regained consciousness and slowly woke up.

I'm not dead?

This was Lee Shaoyu's first thought.

His head hurt!

This was Lee Shaoyu's second thought.


Lee Shaoyu tried his best to open his heavy eyelids. He saw a ray of light, but the pain in his head made him moan.

"Brother, you are awake. I thought you... Wuwuwu..."

Just as Lee Shaoyu spoke, he heard a little girl crying. A pair of delicate hands tightly grasped his arm and kept shaking.

Lee Shaoyu turned his head slightly and took a look. The one crying in front of him was a little girl who looked like she was carved out of jade. She looked like she was about six or seven years old. However, her dressing was very strange. She wore a pink silk dress and a beautiful headdress on her head. She was dressed in an ancient costume.

It turned out that she was filming a TV series just now. She was probably shooting some meteorite crash. However, she did not manage to control the device well. In the end, it hit me.

"Little sister, don't cry. I'm not dead yet." Lee Shaoyu felt that his body was very weak right now. He could only speak to the little girl in a very small voice.

"Brother, let me help you up." The little girl helped Lee Shaoyu up. Chen Lei couldn't help but feel a trace of surprise in his heart. This little girl was quite strong.


After being helped up by the little girl, Lee Shaoyu couldn't help but take a deep breath. Only now did Lee Shaoyu see the surrounding scenery clearly. This place looked like a deep forest. It didn't look like a modern city at all.

The most important thing was that his body seemed to have become smaller. He wasn't much taller than the little girl who was six or seven years old.

Lee Shaoyu's heart trembled slightly. He lowered his head and looked at his body. He couldn't help but be shocked when he saw it. He sat down on the ground with a disappointed look on his face.


When the little girl saw Lee Shaoyu sitting on the ground again, she thought that Lee Shaoyu needed a good rest, so she did not stop him. Instead, she tore a piece of cloth from her dress.

"Brother, let me bandage your wound first. Otherwise, you will lose too much blood later." The little girl stood behind Lee Shaoyu obediently and wrapped the cloth around Lee Shaoyu's head.

Lee Shaoyu reached out and touched the back of his head. He found a big hole on the back of his head. He looked at the ground again. There was still a large amount of blood where he was lying.

"It's a miracle that he could come back to life after bleeding so much." Lee Shaoyu looked at the sky thoughtfully. His brain was working rapidly as he thought about the situation in front of him.

His memory stopped after he was smashed to death by a meteorite. When he woke up, his body became smaller. He looked like he was eight years old. The people here wore ancient clothes, and the surrounding environment was very unfamiliar.

Could it be? I transmigrated and was reborn?

A thought suddenly flashed through Lee Shaoyu's mind. He could not help but think of a scene that was often written in novels. It was that the protagonist's real life was very unsatisfactory. Because he accidentally transmigrated and was reborn, he became the protagonist of a generation. He controlled the power of the world, married the rich and beautiful, and walked to the peak of life.

Wasn't all of this just a reflection of his current situation?


Lee Shaoyu stood up excitedly when he thought of this. He put his hands on his hips and let out a long laugh towards the sky. He did not feel the slightest bit depressed when he came to this unfamiliar environment. Instead, he felt a little excited in his heart.

"I, Lee Shaoyu, have finally waited for this day. From now on, my bitter life will be in the past. My new and invincible life will unfold from here."

"Aiya..." Lee Shaoyu could not help but feel a little dizzy after laughing. He staggered and almost fell down. This was the result of the lack of oxygen in his brain.

"Brother Yu Qing, did you break your head? Why are you talking nonsense? Who is Lee Shaoyu?"

The little girl looked at Lee Shaoyu in front of her with her mouth agape.

What? Qing Brother Yu?

Lee Shaoyu was stunned. Why was this different from what was written in the novel? Wasn't it the same name when the main character transmigrated? Why did this little girl call him Qing Brother Yu? This didn't make sense!

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