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C12 Private Transaction

It could be said that Lee Shaoyu had been lucky when he advanced to the top eight, but now that he had defeated Lin Qingci, who was at the Ninth Layer of Body Tempering, he had completely relied on his strength. If he insisted that it was luck, he would be lying to himself.

At this moment, even the elders of the Lin's were stunned. At this point, if they still couldn't see through Lee Shaoyu's true strength, then they would really be blind.

An 8-year-old Tempered Body 10th Layer was definitely the strongest genius in the history of the Lin's. Even if they searched through the entire family tree of the Lin's, they still couldn't find a single one. He could be considered a talent even in the entire Dongxuan State. It was said that within those large sects, there were people who were five or six years old. They were able to cultivate to Tempered Body Tenth Layer. This was due to the limitations of the cultivation technique. There was no comparison at all.

"There is hope for the rise of my Lin's..."

A family elder was so excited that tears welled up in his eyes. Currently, Lee Shaoyu was like a priceless treasure in his eyes.

"This kid has been hiding his true strength all these years. He's really deep in thought."

Some of the Lin Clan elders recalled the things that Lee Shaoyu had suffered all these years. A trace of worry rose in their hearts.

"No matter what, I must nurture the green feather with all my strength. This is the hope of the Lin Family in the future."

An elder said in a deep voice.

It's not impossible to nurture him with all of our strength. It's just that his identity... "

A clan elder wanted to say something, but hesitated. His face was full of worry.

As soon as he said this... When he said this, all the elders instantly quieted down and turned their eyes to Lin Zaitian.

"I will handle this matter. There are some things that should be known by him."

Lin Zaitian revealed a solemn expression and spoke to the elders of the Lin's.

"My god, I will leave this matter to you. You must handle it well and try your best to convince Qing Yu."

An elder of the Lin Clan nodded and said.

Lin Zaitian was silent at the side. Clearly, he was thinking about how to tell Lee Shaoyu.

"Lin Qingyu and Lin Qingfei will be competing in the next round. Please come to the ring."

While Lin Zaitian was discussing with the elders, the battle of the top four had already begun. The winner would be able to advance to the final battle and have the chance to reach the top.

Lin Qingfei was twelve years old, a full head taller than Lee Shaoyu, and his cultivation was also at the Tenth Layer of Body Tempering. He could be said to be a formidable opponent of Lee Shaoyu.

At the beginning of the battle, Lin Qingfei launched a fierce attack on Lee Shaoyu. His legs continuously kicked out, creating a sky full of shadows of his legs, forcing Lee Shaoyu to retreat continuously.

Cloud Piercing Kick!

Lee Shaoyu quickly recognized Lin Qingfei's leg technique. This set of leg technique focused on combo moves. One leg after another, the moves were continuous. It was easy to use a fierce attack to defeat the opponent at the beginning of the battle.

However, this leg technique also had a weakness, which was that its power was not strong enough. It required continuous attacks to completely defeat the opponent.

Lee Shaoyu kept dodging Lin Qingfei's attacks with his Wind Soaring Steps, searching for the possible flaws that Lin Qingfei might have. The Hidden Edge Sword that he practiced was a fatal move, but he did not have a sword in hand, so he could only rely on his own techniques.


Lin Qingfei had already forced Lee Shaoyu to a corner of the arena. Lin Qingfei's eyes lit up. At this moment, Lee Shaoyu had almost no room to dodge. Lin Qingfei suddenly jumped up and kicked out, directly kicking Lee Shaoyu's face. If this kick was solid, Lee Shaoyu would receive a storm of attacks.

A smile appeared on Lee Shaoyu's face. The opportunity he had been waiting for finally came. He suddenly lowered his body and rolled on the ground, leaving the corner of the arena. He was still lying on the ground and directly kicked Lin Qingfei's other leg.

Lin Qingfei suddenly lost his balance and fell on his back. His back hit Lee Shaoyu who was still lying on the ground.


Lee Shaoyu hit Lin Qingfei on the back of his neck. This was a very fragile part of the human body. Lin Qingfei was knocked unconscious by this punch.

It was fine if he didn't attack, but once he attacked, he would use the force of wind and lightning to kill with a single strike. This was the combat effect that Lee Shaoyu pursued.

Lin Qingfei's body still heavily smashed onto Lee Shaoyu's body, but Lee Shaoyu could easily withstand this bit of weight.

After lightly fiddling Lin Qingfei's body to the side, Lee Shaoyu stood up and slowly walked down the arena.

A middle-aged man went up to check Lin Qingfei's condition. After confirming that Lin Qingfei was only unconscious, he announced Lee Shaoyu's victory.

After that was the battle between Lin Qingze and another disciple of the Lin's. Lin Qingze was the most dazzling genius in the Lin Castle for hundreds of years. He easily won the battle.

"Lin Qingyu and Lin Qingze will rest for an hour. The final battle of the Body Tempering Stage group will begin after that."

An elder of the Lin Family stood up and announced.

"Third brother, you really hid it well. What you did made me feel ashamed."

Lin Qingze walked down from the ring to Lee Shaoyu's side and said to him. Lin Qingze had reached the tenth level of the Body Tempering Stage realm at the age of ten. He had become the most dazzling genius in the Lin Castle in the past hundred years. He had always been the target of the Lin's's nurturing, the halo above his head, and the hope of his family in the future.

However, today, all of this had been crushed by Lee Shaoyu. He was only eight years old and had reached the tenth level of the Body Tempering realm. His past glory was so pale in front of his opponent. It was as if he had been slapped in the face.

The key was that Lin Qingyu had never shown any unusual behavior until now. His sudden outburst had caught his big brother off guard, and he had to pay attention to his third brother.

"I originally wanted to live a peaceful life, but some people didn't want to come and provoke me."

Lee Shaoyu could see the hatred in Lin Qingze's eyes, because from today onwards, he might take away everything that belonged to him. However, Lee Shaoyu knew that he was not destined to belong to this tiny Lin Castle, so he did not care too much about it.

"I understand what Third Brother means. If I let the trouble around you disappear, will you be willing to return to peace?"

Lin Qingze could definitely be considered a figure. At such a young age, he already had the mentality and means of a superior.

How could Lee Shaoyu not know what Lin Qingze meant? Clearly, he was afraid that he would steal his limelight and affect his inheritance of the Lin Castle. However, Lee Shaoyu had no intention of entering the Lin Castle. Through the divine envoy, this was merely the first stop he would take to enter the Heavenly-sword Continent.

"Of course, as long as you can do it."

Lee Shaoyu nodded slightly. What he wanted in the Lin Castle was the greatest benefit. As for who would become the master of the Lin Castle in the future, he wouldn't care.

"Name a condition."

Lin Qingze didn't expect Lee Shaoyu to be so straightforward. Of course, he knew that there would be no free lunch in the sky, so he told Lee Shaoyu about the condition directly.

"Big brother is indeed straightforward. As for the condition, I have not thought about it yet. I will tell you within half a month. Furthermore, the reward for the champion of this competition is something that you must give to me unconditionally if I have anything in mind."

Lee Shaoyu looked at Lin Qingze and said casually.

"Good, deal! From now on, as long as Third Brother needs my help, I will not decline."

Lin Qingze nodded, then turned around and left. He did not expect things to go so smoothly.

An hour passed quickly. Lee Shaoyu and Lin Qingze ascended the arena at the same time. Although the two of them had an agreement beforehand, they could not act too casually. Lee Shaoyu and Lin Qingze fought for a full three hundred rounds before they were kicked off the arena by Lin Qingze.

However, this was considered normal in the eyes of the Lin Family. After all, Lin Qingze had entered the Body Tempering Stage realm for a long time, and he was now at the perfection of Tempered Body Tenth Layer. He could break through to the Yinyuan Stage realm at any time. Moreover, he had been nurtured by the clan for a long time, so his combat strength was naturally stronger.

Although Lee Shaoyu was a monstrous genius, he had just entered Tempered Body Tenth Layer. In the future, perhaps his accomplishments would surpass Lin Qingze, but it was normal for him to lose to Lin Qingze now.

However, Lee Shaoyu was secretly delighted. After the battle with Lin Qingze, Lee Shaoyu had indeed discovered the gap between him and Lin Qingze.

Lin Qingze cultivated a set of standard Penetrating Fist. The Boxing did not have any obvious points, nor any obvious weaknesses. Furthermore, Lin Qingze had already mastered this set of Boxing. It was very difficult for him to find any flaws in Lin Qingze. Instead, he had been forced into a dangerous situation by Lin Qingze. At this stage, he was really no match for Lin Qingze.

Through this battle, Lee Shaoyu had also witnessed the uniqueness of all kinds of cultivation techniques in Heavenly-sword Continent. It was also better than modern boxing.

Furthermore, Lee Shaoyu had already made an agreement with Lin Qingze in advance. The rewards could be freely chosen by him. It could be said that although Lee Shaoyu didn't obtain the title of first place in this competition, he was the biggest beneficiary.

Subsequently, the elders of Lin's Clan began to distribute the reward to the winner. The corner of Lee Shaoyu's mouth twitched when he saw the reward.

The reward Lin Qingze received was actually a bottle of Great Body-Solid Pill and an opportunity to learn a Profound Level cultivation technique. It seemed like the Lin's had really put in a lot of effort. However, no matter how Lee Shaoyu looked at it, that bottle of Great Body-Solid Pill looked somewhat familiar. It was the bottle that he had exchanged for.

As the second ranked Lee Shaoyu, he had also obtained the opportunity to learn a Profound Level cultivation technique. To Lee Shaoyu, it was basically the same as the first place. * Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

However, Lee Shaoyu still asked for the Body-Solid Pill from Lin Qingze after the incident. Once Lin Qingze consumed it and realized that the effect was not good, he was afraid that it would cause unnecessary trouble. This time, he could use this opportunity to eliminate this hidden danger.

"Big Brother, it's just a bottle of Body-Solid Pill. Don't worry about it. Once you become the master of Lin Castle in the future, there will be more benefits than this."

Looking at the pained look on Lin Qingze's face, Lee Shaoyu patted his shoulder gently and said earnestly.

"Alright, I hope you will keep your word, Third Brother."

Lin Qingze gritted his teeth and said to Lee Shaoyu. Although this Body-Solid Pill was good, it was only useful for Body Tempering Stage Cultivators. When he became the Lord of Lin Castle, his cultivation base would be at least at the Elemental Core Stage realm, and he wouldn't need it at all.

"It's hard to keep up with a promise! Big Brother can rest assured."

Lee Shaoyu said to Lin Qingze with a smile. He would never go back on his word, because he would never stay in Lin Castle.

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