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C14 It Was a Loss or a Gain

"Of course I have to take revenge. As a son, if I can forget about my parents, then what kind of person am I to talk about? Even if I can live a mediocre life, I am simply a walking corpse, living a life worse than death!"

Lee Shaoyu said passionately. In fact, he was only doing this for the things his parents left behind. The things left behind by Young Lord and the saintess were probably not worth the value of the entire Lin Castle even if they were tied together.

If he could not express his feelings, Lin Zaitian would not let him get it so easily. Therefore, he had to show his true feelings.

"Alright! As expected of Big Brother Li's son. He is indeed courageous. I did not misjudge you."

Lin Zaitian nodded slightly. Then, he took out an antique wooden box from his pocket and placed it in front of Lee Shaoyu.

"This is the box your mother left behind before she left. The jade is the key to open the box. Once the box is opened, it will break. Since you have made your choice, I will give this box to you. But according to the elders, if you want to take the path of revenge, the resources of Lin Castle will not be given to you. They will be used to nurture your big brother, Qingze."

Lin Zaitian pushed the box and the jade pendant in front of Lee Shaoyu and said in a deep voice.

A group of old foxes!

Lee Shaoyu instantly felt that he had lost a golden mountain, but looking at the small box in front of him, he had a feeling that everything he had lost was worth it.

"Alright, I got it. I'll go back first."

Lee Shaoyu put away the jade pendant and the wooden box, turned around and walked out of Lin Zaitian's room. Since the Lin Castle didn't want to invest in him anymore, he could save himself the trouble of calling him father.

"Even if I don't have resources on me, I don't think my daily consumption will be reduced."

Lee Shaoyu, who had already walked out of Lin Zaitian's room, turned around and poked his head into Lin Zaitian's room.

"Everything is normal."

Lin Zaitian didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

After getting the answer, Lee Shaoyu turned around and left Lin Zaitian's courtyard. He went straight back to his room and stared at the wooden box and the jade pendant in front of him in a daze, wondering if he should open it or not.

If the wooden box was opened and a letter appeared, Lee Shaoyu would have suffered a great loss. If he sent the wooden box back now and swore to revitalize the Lin Castle as his responsibility, swindling the resources of the Lin Castle to favor him, he was afraid that Lin Zaitian would look down on him, and he would not be able to obtain many resources in the future.

He would give it his all! Wealth comes from danger!

Lee Shaoyu gently placed the jade pendant into the groove on the wooden box. The groove coincided with the shape of the jade pendant. It was a combination of the jade pendant and the groove. In an instant, the jade pendant suddenly emitted a glaring light.


A light sound was emitted from the wooden box. A crack appeared on the originally integrated wooden box, and the jade pendant shattered just as Lin Zaitian had said.

Lee Shaoyu took a few deep breaths and gently opened the wooden box. What entered his eyes was a neatly arranged letter.

Lee Shaoyu's mind was instantly stunned. He did not expect to really exchange for a letter!

He picked up the letter and found that there was a small booklet at the bottom of the letter. On it were written the words Sword-management Skil.

The Sky-rank's cultivation technique!

Lee Shaoyu could not help but be so nervous that he almost stopped breathing. The legendary Sword-management Skil was the unique Secret Technique of the Sword-management Villa. It was a genuine Sky-rank cultivation technique!

One must know that the price of exchanging for a Sky-rank's cultivation technique with a Divine Emissary was ten thousand task points. This time, he had made a huge profit.

After hastily flipping through it, Lee Shaoyu could not help but feel somewhat disappointed. This Sword-management Skil was a copy of the dungeon and was incomplete. There was only the complete Imperial Spirit Art and the first three levels of the Sword-management Skil.

However, Lee Shaoyu was also very excited because this spirit controlling art could open up a total of seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points. It was definitely the best Qi training art in the Sky-rank.

As for the Qi training art, it was definitely the best Qi training art in the Sky-rank. The Qi Training skill was what he needed the most right now. Once he had the skill, he could break through to the Yinyuan Stage realm at any time, and his combat strength would experience a qualitative leap.

Although he would be able to obtain a better Qi Training Art after condensing the Elemental Core Stage, he was already a Elemental Core Stage, and there was no way he could change it.

Lee Shaoyu immediately sat cross-legged on the bed, and began to open up his Qi Sea meridian according to the method recorded in the Spirit Driving Art.

Qi Sea Acupoints were the foundation of stepping into the Yinyuan Stage realm, and it was also the most important acupuncture point in the human body. In the future, when one condensed the Elemental Core Stage or even opened the Qi-sea realm, they would all be at the Qi Sea Point. Moreover, once the Qi Sea Point was opened, a space would be opened up in the Qi Sea Point, and it could be used to store one's own high grade spirit weapon.

As expected of the Sky-rank's cultivation technique, Lee Shaoyu easily opened the Qi Sea Acupoint. Lee Shaoyu could feel the wisps of Yuan Qi in the world entering his body through his Qi Sea acupoint.

The following process was to use the Yuan Qi absorbed from the Qi Sea Acupoint to attack other acupuncture points, opening up the acupuncture points in his body one by one to prepare for the formation of Elemental Core Stage.

Lee Shaoyu naturally wouldn't be polite. He directly began to attack the acupuncture points in his body according to the order and method mentioned in the Spirit Driving Technique.

Whether it was the Yellow Grade cultivation technique or the Sky-rank cultivation technique, they needed to start from the 130 most basic acupuncture points in the human body. These main acupuncture points were the simplest to cultivate.

After opening these 130 acupuncture points, even if the Cultivator had entered the Yinyuan Stage realm, it would be able to greatly mobilize the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy.

Lee Shaoyu used three days and three nights to finally open up 130 acupoints, officially becoming a Yinyuan Stage Cultivator.

This was because he was cultivating the Sky-rank's cultivation method. If it was a Yellow Grade cultivation method, opening 130 acupuncture points would take at least a month.


Lee Shaoyu slowly opened his eyes and found that it was late at night. The entire Lin Castle had fallen into a state of silence. Lee Shaoyu slowly stood up and walked to the window, exhaling a breath of turbid air.

Lee Shaoyu used the opened acupoints to absorb the surrounding natural Yuan Qi, quietly feeling the difference in his body after entering the Yinyuan Stage realm. After entering the Yinyuan Stage realm, Lee Shaoyu discovered that he had obtained a special ability that allowed him to look at the acupoints and meridians in his body.

The acupoints that had been opened in his body were now like stars in the dark. There were even more acupuncture points hidden in love, waiting for him to attack.

Furthermore, Lee Shaoyu discovered that his body had been improved and his strength had increased significantly when he used his Yuan Qi to attack the acupoints. Lee Shaoyu came to the Martial Arts Practice Field, wanting to test the extent of his current strength.


Lee Shaoyu found a rock and punched it, shattering it into pieces.

Lee Shaoyu was very satisfied with this result. After entering the Yinyuan Stage realm, his strength had improved once again.

"Who is it?"

A loud shout suddenly came from afar. The lights in many rooms in Lin Castle were lit up. The loud noise in the middle of the night woke many Lin Clan members and alerted the patrols.

Lee Shaoyu quickly ran back to his room. He didn't want anyone to know that he had already stepped into the Yinyuan Stage realm. He was still thinking about who could get more cultivation materials.

Soon, many Lin Clan members, including Lin Zaitian, gathered on the Martial Arts Practice Field. They looked at the broken stones on the ground and kept talking.

"It looks like a Yinyuan Stage warrior broke a huge rock, but he didn't leave any information behind. What does this mean? Does anyone want to challenge the Lin Castle?"

An elder of the Lin Clan said thoughtfully.

"Heavens, which force do you think is responsible for this? This is a blatant provocation. They actually sneaked into the heart of Lin Castle!"

Another Lin Clan elder said coldly.

Recently, the surrounding forces have been rather peaceful. Only the Zhao Family Town in the west has been in conflict with us because of the ownership of the black dust iron mine. However, both sides are very restrained. There is no need for them to do this. "

Lin Zaitian thought for a moment and said.

Lee Shaoyu also pretended to have just woken up and came over. If he didn't show himself after such a big commotion, it would arouse suspicion. However, he didn't expect to hear the discussions of the crowd as soon as he came out. This Zhao Family Town had taken the blame for him for no reason.

"Humph. Regardless of whether it was their people or not, we have to return the favor. Otherwise, they will think that our Lin Castle is a bully. Tomorrow, we will organize our men to attack the Black Dust Iron Mine. Let's show the Zhao Family a little bit of respect."

A Lin Clan elder who looked like a member of the Martial Dou Sect shouted angrily.

Then let's kill our way to the Zhao Family Town. We can let the juniors train for a while and earn some contribution points along the way. "

Another elder said coldly, and the matter was settled.

Lee Shaoyu didn't expect that his unintentional action would cause such a huge change. However, he also planned to go to the Black Dust Iron Mine to train and earn some contribution points while he was at it.

It had to be known that other than the daily supplies, the Lin Family members would need to exchange medicinal Contribution Values to obtain the corresponding resources.

The fastest way to obtain medicinal Contribution Values was to participate in various missions in the Lin Castle. These kinds of missions required one to engage in a fierce battle with the enemy. If one could kill the enemy's experts or important figures, then the medicinal Contribution Values would be worth it.

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