Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C15 Blood Splattered All over the Zhao Family
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Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C15 Blood Splattered All over the Zhao Family
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C15 Blood Splattered All over the Zhao Family

Early the next morning, a large number of people started gathering outside the Lin Castle. There were more than three hundred members of the Lin's and their subordinate forces, led by two Elemental Core Stage elders of the Lin Family.

Before they left, all of them went to the warehouse to collect a bottle of Golden Sore Medicine and food for seven days. It seemed like they were preparing for a big battle.

Because Lee Shaoyu didn't have any weapons, he also received an ordinary dagger from the warehouse. The Hidden Edge Sword's technique was extremely cruel and strange. Only by using this kind of dagger could it achieve the effect of catching the enemy off guard. * Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! However, in order to better disguise himself, Lee Shaoyu also received an extra two-foot long sword and carried it on his back.

In Lee Shaoyu's own words, he looked more like a swordsman, and made himself look better.

It had always been Lee Shaoyu's dream to be a swordsman, but he did not expect it to come true now. However, this was the first time he had experienced such a big battle, so he was still a little nervous.

Looking at the fully armed members of Lin Castle, Lee Shaoyu could not help but think of the scenes of hundreds of gangsters fighting on the streets before the war, which was very similar to what he saw now.

"Our target is outside Zhao Family Town. Let's go!"

However, the elders of Lin Family didn't give a long speech. Clearly, they were very familiar with this kind of situation. The order was very concise.


Lee Shaoyu was still young, so he didn't get a mount. Instead, he rode a demon horn beast with another adult man. More than two hundred demon horn beasts moved at the same time, shaking the earth and making a rumbling sound.

There were a lot of Heavenly-sword Continents in Heavenly-sword Continent, just like the beasts on earth. The demon horn beasts were the most ordinary Heavenly-sword Continents in Heavenly-sword Continent. They did not have much combat strength. The specialty was that they carried a lot of weight and had great endurance. Moreover, they were distributed in a wide area, and there were many of them. Hence, they were called the mounts that the low-grade Cultivators liked very much.

Demon Horn Beasts looked similar to the horses on Earth. However, they had a single horn on their head, and they were slightly bigger. Their limbs were thicker, and their strength and speed were much faster than horses.

The Lin Castle was two thousand miles away from the Zhao Family Town. There was a fine iron mine at the border between the two major powers. However, the Lin Castle had first set up a mine within its own territory, and after that, the Zhao Family Town began to excavate within its own territory.

Originally, the two sides could still be at peace. However, as they dug deeper into the mine, the two sides' mines began to intersect. From then on, fights broke out between different sizes. Both sides suffered casualties, and the battles continued to heat up.

On the way, through simple conversations with others, Lee Shaoyu had more or less learned some insider information. In fact, regardless of whether or not someone had sneaked into Lin Castle yesterday, Lin Castle had already decided to attack Zhao Family Town. What happened last night was just an excuse.

With the devil horn beast's foot strength, 2,000 miles was only a day's journey. At sunset, more than three hundred people had arrived at the mining area controlled by Lin Castle and met up with the fifty Lin Castle members who were guarding the mining area.

"Everyone rest on the spot."

The two Lin Family elders who led the team gave everyone the order to rest. Then, they entered the mining area with one of the Lin Family elders who had been guarding the mining area. They discussed the next action plan with a few higher-ups.

Lee Shaoyu did not stay idle. Instead, he found a spacious area and continuously practiced his Hidden Edge Sword Technique. Because Lee Shaoyu knew that since there were so many people in Lin Castle this time, there must be a big movement. There would definitely be a bloody battle, and his actual combat experience was really too little. It could be said that he was seriously lacking. Therefore, he had to make full use of every second to familiarize himself with the martial skills that he had mastered.

The moon hung high in the sky. It was late at night when the three elders of the Lin Family finally appeared in front of everyone.

"Our purpose of this trip is to eliminate everyone in the mining area of Zhao Family Town. Then, we will set up an ambush nearby and ambush the reinforcements of Zhao Family Town, inflicting serious damage to Zhao Family Town!"

An elder of the Lin Family said to everyone.

We have a total of 380 people now. These 380 people will be divided into three large groups. The three of us will lead a large group each. I will lead a group of 120 people to attack the mining area of the Zhao Family Town. The other two groups will have 130 people each. They will be responsible for ambushing and attacking the reinforcements of Zhao Family Town. After this mission ends, each of them will obtain 3000 Contribution Values. " Whoever kills an important figure of the Zhao Family will be rewarded with extra contribution points. "

The other elder of the Lin Family said in a loud voice.

After that, they began to divide the teams. Lee Shaoyu was assigned to a team that was responsible for attacking the mining area of the Zhao Family Town. For the three thousand Contribution Values, everyone in Lin Castle rubbed their palms and prepared to go all out.

"Let's begin!"

After the division of the teams was completed, this Lin Family elder brought Lee Shaoyu and more than a hundred people to quietly head towards the mines of Zhao Family. The other two groups of people went in a roundabout way from the side, looking for favorable terrain to set up an ambush.


Although the people of Lin Castle were extremely careful, after entering the territory of the Zhao Family, some people accidentally stepped into the trap of the Zhao Family. In an instant, they were pierced by the wooden thorns that emerged from the ground and let out a miserable cry.

The miserable cry traveled far into the night and woke the people of Zhao Family up in an instant.

"Enemy attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An alarm suddenly sounded in the mining area of the Zhao Family. A signal bullet rose into the night sky, and a brilliant firework bloomed in the night sky.


After his tracks were exposed, the elder of the Lin Clan shouted out loudly. He leaped high into the sky and instantly crossed dozens of meters, landing in the middle of a few Cultivator of the Zhao Family. With a single palm strike, the head of a Yinyuan Stage Cultivator was smashed into pieces, and blood sprayed all over the ground.


The two sides quickly arrived at a place and engaged in a chaotic battle. The sound of weapons clashing could be heard without end. After the Lin family's elder killed four Zhao Family Cultivators in a row, an elder from the Zhao Family welcomed him. The two sides engaged in a fierce battle.


One of the Lin Castle members beside Lee Shaoyu was chopped to the ground by a Zhao Family Cultivator. After that, he was cut into pieces by several weapons. He only had time to let out a miserable cry. After that, a few more Lin Castle Cultivators rushed up and cut off the head of the Zhao Family Cultivator. The blood that sprayed out splashed all over Lee Shaoyu's body.

Lee Shaoyu was instantly dumbfounded. Beating people and killing people were two completely different things. Watching a movie and being in the scene were two different things. Looking at the people falling in front of him, listening to the incessant screams around him, and smelling the pungent smell of blood, Lee Shaoyu suddenly felt his stomach squirming. He suddenly knelt on the ground and vomited. How could he still have any fighting strength?

Human lives were like grass! Asura Hell! Blood flowed like rivers!

Although Lee Shaoyu had seen these words before, he now understood the true meaning of these words. Now, the Cultivator of Lin Castle and Zhao Family had turned red from killing. Everyone only had one thought, and that was to kill the enemy in front of them. This was the first time Lee Shaoyu was unable to adapt to the scene of these cold weapons stabbing into a person's body and blood flowing out.


Lee Shaoyu felt his body was sent flying by a kick. Then, he saw a flash of blade light coming towards him. The bloody face of the owner of the blade light was like a devil from hell.

Lee Shaoyu could only raise his arm in time to block. The blade cut his arm. The blade was deep enough to penetrate his bones, but it did not hurt his bones. Fortunately, his opponent's strength was not too strong. It seemed like it was just an eighth-layer Body Tempering Cultivator. Otherwise, his arm would have been broken.

The pain in his body woke Lee Shaoyu up abruptly. Now was not the time to slowly get used to it. This was the battlefield. If he could not get used to this world, then he was destined to be eliminated by this world.

If I don't kill people, then people will kill me!

The Zhao Family's Cultivator drew its blade back and slashed at Lee Shaoyu again, wanting to end Lee Shaoyu's life.

"Golden Fragment Style!"

Lee Shaoyu suddenly punched the Cultivator in the abdomen. Although he did not have the time to draw his Yuan Qi, the strength of the Tenth Layer of Body Tempering was not something the Cultivator could withstand. He bent down and knelt on the ground.

"Go to hell!"

The dagger hidden in Lee Shaoyu's sleeve fell into his hand. It quickly cut the Cultivator's throat, causing it to fall to the ground.

The first time he killed someone, Lee Shaoyu did not feel guilty at all. Instead, he felt very carefree in his heart, as if he was here to kill.

"Congratulations on killing a Body Tempering Stage Cultivator. I will reward you with a little Contribution Value."

After Lee Shaoyu killed the Cultivator, the voice of the Divine Emissary suddenly sounded in his mind.

"You can obtain contribution points by killing a Cultivator?"

Lee Shaoyu asked the Divine Emissary.

"That's right. One Body Tempering Stage, ten Yinyuan Stage, one hundred Elemental Core Stage, and one thousand Qi-sea Stage. Three thousand Spirit Gathering Stage points. Five thousand Spirit Gathering Stage, ten thousand Spiritual Void Stage, one hundred thousand Air-manage Stage and one million Air-breaking Stage. As long as you have the strength, it's easy to earn contribution points. "

The voice of the Divine Emissary sounded in Lee Shaoyu's mind again, mixed with a charming laughter.


A Ninth Level Body Tempering Stage Zhao Family Cultivator held a long spear in his hand and attacked Lee Shaoyu. The tip of the spear was like a snake spitting out its tongue, creating a phantom image.

Lee Shaoyu's body suddenly became shorter. His feet sped up and rammed into the Cultivator, causing it to tumble. Lee Shaoyu quickly stepped forward, and the dagger in his hand stabbed into his heart. The Cultivator's head tilted to the side and lost its life force.

"Save me..."

Right after Lee Shaoyu killed the Cultivator of the Zhao Family, a bloody palm grabbed Lee Shaoyu's ankle and issued a weak cry for help.

Lee Shaoyu lowered his head and took a look. This Cultivator had the symbol of the Lin Castle on its clothes. There was a wound on its chest, and its life force was fading rapidly. Even if it was treated in time, it would not be able to survive.

"What do I have to kill to earn contribution points?"

Lee Shaoyu asked the Oracle.

"Anyone in Heavenly-sword Continent!"

The Oracle answered.

"I'm sorry, you should just go on your way."

After getting the answer, Lee Shaoyu's dagger slashed across the Yinyuan Stage Cultivator's throat in a very stealthy manner. This Cultivator did not understand why Lee Shaoyu would attack him even at death's door.

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