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C16 Earn Contribution Points

In this battlefield, Lee Shaoyu had fully understood the law of survival in this world - the law of the jungle!

Lin Castle was only a level four power, yet it could mobilize so many Cultivators to work for it. Individual status in the power was simply insignificant, unless one had absolute strength and could occupy a leading position in the power.

Lee Shaoyu's talent was definitely outstanding, but because he had chosen the path of revenge, he was still sent to the battlefield to earn contribution points and exchange them for resources. Even if he died here today, he would probably be forgotten very soon.

This was simply a world where people ate people.

If the Lin Castle was like this, the fights between the stronger powers would only become more cruel. Only by becoming stronger would one be able to survive in this world.

The principles of the Pugilistic World were merely the theory of the strong to restrain the weak. If one wanted to achieve his own rise, one must be cold-blooded enough! Which of the experts standing at the top of this world did not have blood in their hands?!

After confirming that no one around paid attention to him, the dagger in Lee Shaoyu's hand cut the throat of this Lin Castle Cultivator very discreetly. This was a Yinyuan Stage medicinal Cultivator. Killing one of them could match up to ten Body Tempering Stage!

Lee Shaoyu stood up and began to throw himself into the battlefield. He specifically picked people who were seriously injured or weak to take action and quickly earned the divine envoy's medicinal Contribution Values.

It seemed like the master behind this divine envoy had some enmity with these medicinal Heavenly-sword Continents in Heavenly-sword Continent. This kind of reward method was obviously to encourage the chosen ones to slaughter the medicinal Heavenly-sword Continents on Heavenly-sword Continent.

Of course, these chosen ones also had to have the strength first. There was no reward for massacring ordinary people.

"Brat, accept your death!"

A Yinyuan Stage warrior from the Zhao Family rushed towards Lee Shaoyu. In just a short while, more than ten Cultivator had died in Lee Shaoyu's hands. Finally, he attracted a powerful warrior.


Lee Shaoyu was caught off guard and was hit by the opponent's fist. His body slid to the side for more than ten meters before he could regain his balance.

Lee Shaoyu hid the dagger in his sleeves and pulled out the long sword on his back. He looked at the opponent with a serious expression.

"I, Zhao Yan, have killed a nobody. Kid, quickly tell me your name!"

The young man was about 17 or 18 years old. He shouted at Lee Shaoyu.


Lee Shaoyu cursed coldly. He thrust the long sword in his hand and attacked Zhao Yan's heart. He could also use the Hidden Edge Sword Technique with the long sword, but it was less powerful because this sword technique was suitable for sneak attacks.

"You arrogant brat. Let Master Zhao send you on your way!"

Zhao Yan's bones cracked. He dodged Lee Shaoyu's long sword and lightly tapped Lee Shaoyu's long sword with his finger, causing the sword to tremble.

What a huge Force!

Lee Shaoyu felt a huge force coming from the sword. The sword almost flew out of his hand. Clearly, the opponent had mixed Yuan energy with his attack. This was an attack commonly used by Yinyuan Stage Cultivators.

However, Lee Shaoyu was not in a hurry to expose his Yinyuan Stage strength. He pretended that the sword in his hand was a little unsteady and staggered a few steps to the side.

"You've already reached the Tenth Layer of Body Tempering at such a young age. You'll be amazing in the future. Looks like I won't let you live today!"

Zhao Yan had already sensed Lee Shaoyu's approximate strength with just one strike. The attack in his hands became even more ferocious. A pair of iron fists rained down on Lee Shaoyu's body like raindrops, enveloping him entirely.


Even though Lee Shaoyu tried his best to dodge, he was still hit by Zhao Yan's fist. He was sent tumbling away. Zhao Yan followed up and slapped Lee Shaoyu, who was lying on the ground.

"Go to hell, bastard!"

Lee Shaoyu, who was lying on the ground, suddenly thrust his sword out of his armpit and stabbed Zhao Yan's palm.

"Humph, your sword technique is too lousy!"

Zhao Yan seemed to have been prepared for this. He changed his palm to fingers, and his two fingers tightly gripped Lee Shaoyu's sword like iron pincers.

"Break for me!"

Zhao Yan shouted. His fingers lit up and the sword in Lee Shaoyu's hand broke into pieces. It turned into a pile of scrap metal. Zhao Yan threw the broken sword in his hand at Lee Shaoyu. The sword light pierced through the air and arrived in a flash.

Lee Shaoyu rolled on the ground and dodged the broken sword. He stood up at the same time and looked at Zhao Yan with a serious expression. This was the first powerful opponent he had encountered since he came to Heavenly-sword Continent. Zhao Yan was much stronger than Lin Qingze. After all, the two of them were not in the same realm.

Furthermore, this Zhao Yan was clearly good at several kinds of martial skills and was very familiar with them. His moves were not sloppy at all and were very clean and efficient.

"Divine Emissary, do you have any weapons that can be exchanged for?"

Lee Shaoyu called out to the Divine Emissary. It was very difficult for him to defeat this Zhao Yan now.

"You can check the list of spirit weapons. There should be some in it."

"Yes," the Oracle said.

"How can I have the time to look now? You won't recommend a few for me?"

Lee Shaoyu couldn't help but be angry.

"I'll ask for you, but it may take a long time."

The Oracle replied.

"What a scam!"

Lee Shaoyu could not help but have the urge to curse. What he lacked the most right now was time.

"Thunder Gathering Palm!"

At this moment, Zhao Yan had already arrived once again. He slapped Lee Shaoyu with his palm. The sound of applause was loud. Clearly, the power was not small. There was a faint burnt smell in the air.

"Earth Splitting Style!"

Lee Shaoyu did not dare to hold back anymore. He immediately used the most defensive style of the Five Elemental Fists. The fist hit the ground. A crack appeared on the ground. A piece of rock rose up and blocked in front of Lee Shaoyu.


The piece of rock was shattered by Zhao Yan's palm and turned into a cloud of dust that covered an area of more than ten meters. Lee Shaoyu took the opportunity to escape to the side.

"Whirlwind Palm!"

Zhao Yan shouted and pushed his palms out. A gust of wind blew the dust away. Lee Shaoyu was also exposed in Zhao Yan's sight.

"Gale Palm!"

Zhao Yan locked onto Lee Shaoyu and pushed out another palm. Lee Shaoyu suddenly felt an invisible force hit his chest. He was sent flying like a kite with a broken string.


Zhao Yan suddenly jumped up and arrived behind Lee Shaoyu. He punched down fiercely, and Lee Shaoyu's body fell to the ground. Then, he gathered his Yuan Qi from the air and suddenly struck down with his palm!

"Golden Break!"

Lee Shaoyu suddenly bounced up from the ground. 130 acupuncture points quickly absorbed the surrounding Yuan Qi and gathered on his right fist. He swung his fist at Zhao Yan. This was the strongest attack of the Five Elemental Fists. Now that it was enhanced by Yuan energy, its power instantly skyrocketed!


Lee Shaoyu's fist and Zhao Yan's palm met in the void. The Yuan energy collided with a loud sound. The violent shock waves formed a hurricane that scattered in all directions. The ground under Lee Shaoyu's feet could not withstand the impact and suddenly cracked open. Zhao Yan was sent flying high into the sky by the rebounding force. His body was floating.

"You are actually a Yinyuan Stage!"

Zhao Yan frowned. He didn't expect that he would be so careless as to look away.

"It's not too late to know now!"

Lee Shaoyu suddenly rose to the sky on the ground. He threw another punch at Zhao Yan's face.

Zhao Yan could not use his strength in the air at the moment. He could only turn his head slightly to the side and dodge Lee Shaoyu's fist.

A light suddenly flashed in Lee Shaoyu's sleeve. A dagger appeared in his hand. He turned the dagger in his hand and stabbed it at the back of Zhao Yan's neck.

Zhao Yan tried his best to dodge, but in the end, he could not completely dodge. Lee Shaoyu cut his neck open. Blood spurted out and his body fell heavily.

After Lee Shaoyu landed, he cut off Zhao Yan's head. He tore off a piece of Zhao Yan's clothes and tied it to his body. Having such a cultivation base at such a young age and possessing several martial skills, he must be an important figure in Zhao Family. He should be able to exchange for a lot of contribution.

After cleaning up everything, Lee Shaoyu quietly ran to an inconspicuous corner to rest. The battle had been going on for more than half an hour, and was about to end. The Zhao Family had seventy to eighty people in the mining area, and the Lin Castle had the advantage in numbers. Even after fighting for such a long time, the reinforcements had yet to arrive. The Cultivator of the Zhao Family had already thought of retreating, and began to break out of the encirclement and retreat.

Lee Shaoyu secretly took out the God's Chosen Token and checked the Contribution Values he had obtained. There were actually over 58 points, and he was about to catch up to the 100 task points.

After that, Lee Shaoyu checked the spirit artifacts he could exchange for. Spirit artifacts were divided into two types: consumable type and use type. Lee Shaoyu directly checked the type inside the use type. Right now, he just happened to lack a suitable weapon.

He directly skipped over ordinary soldiers and elite soldiers, and decided to exchange for a spirit artifact. Ordinary soldiers and elite soldiers were not strong enough due to the limitations of the materials. A Yinyuan Stage Cultivator could be easily broken, so it was better to exchange it for a spirit weapon directly.

After looking through it, Lee Shaoyu selected a set of five flying swords, a spirit artifact, the Minor Five Elemental Flying Sword.

Each of the five elemental flying swords was the size of an adult's palm, and could be used as a dagger at the crucial moment to execute the Hidden Edge Sword. The key was that this set of flying swords also had a set of Five Elemental Sword Formation, which could increase one's combat strength. Moreover, spiritual grade flying swords could be stored in one of the spaces in one of his Qihai Acupoints, so it was very convenient to carry them.

Considering that he still had the Sword-management Skil to cultivate, it was the most cost-effective to exchange for this flying sword at the current stage. Otherwise, he would have to go and exchange for flying swords after he cultivated the Sword-management Skil.

"Divine Emissary, I want to exchange for a set of Minor Five Elemental flying swords and two heaven-shaking lightning bolts."

Thundershock was a type of black metal ball. It was a consumable spiritual device, just like the bombs on Earth. If it was in the center of the explosion, it could even kill a Elemental Core Stage warrior, it would be extremely powerful. However, a single one cost 20 points, and it was also very expensive.

Although it was painful, Lee Shaoyu still decided to exchange for two pills to protect himself. If he used them well, he would be able to kill a Elemental Core Stage warrior, and he would be able to earn more.

"Alright, I'll exchange them for you now. After I exchange them, you still have 18 Contribution Value left."

The voice of the divine envoy rang out. After that, the void in front of Lee Shaoyu trembled slightly. A spatial vortex appeared, and the thing Lee Shaoyu wanted appeared in the spatial vortex.

Lee Shaoyu put away the item. He couldn't help but sigh again at the extraordinary ability of the person behind this divine envoy. He was actually able to use the spatial passageway to deliver the item to him. This was something that could only be done by a Air-breaking Stage warrior at the very least.

After these few days of understanding, Lee Shaoyu was no longer the little white who had just come to this world. He had a certain understanding of all kinds of magical techniques in this world.

"Clean up the battlefield and retreat!"................. "" "Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Just as Lee Shaoyu finished exchanging, the voice of the Lin Clan's elder sounded. There were dozens of terrifying scars on his body, but there was a smile on his face. This was because he was holding the head of the old man from the Zhao Family in his hand. Clearly, he was the final winner.

The clean-up of the battlefield was a fat job. The spoils of war obtained from the other party could all belong to him. Lee Shaoyu also quickly joined the ranks of cleaning up the spoils of war. At the same time, he also added a few more cuts to the people who were not completely dead and earned some Contribution Values.

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