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C17 The Zhao Family's Revenge

After the cleanup of the battlefield, the battle report was quickly sent to the three elders of Lin Family. The Lin Castle could be said to have a complete victory in this battle. Sixty-eight people from the Zhao Family's Cultivator were killed, and forty-six people from the Zhao Family's reinforcements were killed. There were a total of forty-three deaths in the Lin Castle, and sixty people were injured. This battle record was definitely worthy of being proud of.

"I believe that the Zhao Family's revenge will be carried out very soon. Therefore, everyone should seize the time to heal their injuries and try to deal another heavy blow to them."

A Lin Family elder said to the people of Lin Castle with a smile on his face.

Lee Shaoyu handed over Zhao Yan's head, causing the three elders of the Lin Castle to look at Lee Shaoyu in shock.

This Zhao Yan was the second son of Zhao Zhengang, the patriarch of the Zhao Family. It had been five years since he stepped into the Yinyuan Stage realm, but he had never been able to condense a Elemental Core Stage.

It was said that Zhao Zhengang had decided to spend a huge sum of money to send him to the Taixuan Sect to learn. He wanted to increase the success rate of condensing a Elemental Core Stage when he reached the Yinyuan Stage realm, but he didn't expect that he would die in Lee Shaoyu's hands.

"This Zhao Yan is considered an expert in the Yinyuan Stage realm, but I didn't expect that he would die in your hands. Qing Yu has a bright future ahead of him. " This time, I will give you a great merit and reward you with two thousand contribution points. "

An elder of the Lin Clan said to Lee Shaoyu with a smile.

I was just lucky. He was injured when I met him, and I used some small tricks to kill him. "

Lee Shaoyu didn't want to expose his strength too early, so he said casually.

"Even so, it is still very rare. It is enough to show that you are resourceful and resourceful. As long as you can win, no matter what method you use, it can be considered as your strength."

This elder praised Lee Shaoyu. He was neither arrogant nor impatient. He was indeed a good seedling.

"I will go down and recuperate first."

Lee Shaoyu didn't want to stay any longer. He found an excuse and left.

In the dark night, there was a raging fire. All the corpses of the Cultivator of the Zhao Family were burned by the fire. The dead of Lin Castle were transported back. They would become one of the warriors of Lin Castle.

Lee Shaoyu applied a layer of golden sores medicine on his arm and swallowed a few medicinal Body-Solid Pills. He sat cross-legged under a big tree and silently healed his injuries.

The number of warriors in Lin Castle did not decrease much, but most of the Cultivator were already very tired after the battle. They ate their own food to replenish their strength, and some slept and rested at the side.

They had just experienced a battle. If the Zhao Family wanted revenge, they also needed time to gather their troops. Therefore, it could be said that this period of time was the safest. However, it was obvious that the Lin Castle was prepared to fight a protracted battle. As such, they had distributed food to everyone for seven days. The supplies and supplies would be sent over very soon.

One had to admit that the Golden Sore Medicine produced by Lin Castle this time was quite effective. By the time the sky turned slightly bright, the wound on Lee Shaoyu's arm had already healed. It was just that it was still aching. It would probably take some time for it to completely heal.

If the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture was cultivated to the sixth level, then the healing speed would be greatly increased. This kind of injury would be healed very quickly. Lee Shaoyu could not help but think of the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture. This skill was really very powerful.

But thinking about the materials needed to cultivate to the sixth level, Lee Shaoyu became dispirited again. The dozens of materials needed to cultivate, even Lin Castle could not take them out. The first five levels of the sixth level were not on the same level at all.

At this time, the sky was already bright. In order to allow the Cultivator to maintain their combat strength, the Lin Family elders went to hunt some low grade Demonic Beasts and handed them to the miners to roast in the mine. They also took out some fine wine for the Cultivator to eat.

Lee Shaoyu could not help but feel extremely envious when he saw the Lin Family elder continuously taking out jars of fine wine from the ring on his finger.

Those were Storage Rings.

The medicinal Storage Ring was a spirit artifact. It was refined from spatial stones. It contained an independent space. Depending on the quality and the size of the materials, it determined the size of the inner space. The smallest spatial Storage Ring was only a dozen cubic meters in size. The largest medicinal Storage Ring could even accommodate a mountain range.

The spatial storage space of the Lin Family Elder belonged to the smallest type. It was only a dozen cubic meters, but even the lowest spatial storage space of the Storage Ring was extremely expensive. In the entire Lin Castle, there were only five of them.

Except for the one that Lin Zaitian always wore, the remaining four were usually stored in the warehouse. They would only be used to store some resources during a war like this.

However, the price was relatively high. In a power like the Taixuan Sect, this kind of Storage Ring was very common. Almost every Elemental Core Stage had one Cultivator. It could only be said that the Lin Castle was too poor.

By noon, the supply convoy of the Lin Castle had finally arrived. All the participants could use their own Contribution Values to exchange for the corresponding resources. They could collect all of them from the Lin Family elders. This was also to further enhance the combat strength of all the members of the Lin Castle, so that they could welcome the next battle with a better attitude.

"I want to exchange for some crystals."

Lee Shaoyu came in front of an elder of Lin Family and exchanged his Contribution Value for crystals.

Crystals were ores that contained a large amount of Yuan Qi. According to the amount of Yuan Qi contained, they were divided into five grades: low, middle, high, top, and top grade. The higher the grade, the greater the amount of Yuan Qi contained.

Crystals had a wide range of uses. Cultivator could use the Yuan Qi contained in crystals to cultivate, and could also use crystals to activate some special spirit artifacts and arrays. Therefore, Cultivator treated crystals as common currency and used them. The ratio between each grade was one to one hundred.

Lee Shaoyu's Contribution Value could only be exchanged for five hundred low grade crystals. For Lee Shaoyu at this stage, it was not a small fortune. However, Lee Shaoyu planned to use these crystals to increase his strength.

Lee Shaoyu had the Controlling Spirit Art in his hand. So it was only a matter of time before the acupoints were opened. However, if he were to passively absorb the Yuan Qi between heaven and earth to open up all the acupoints in his body, the process would take at least three years. This progress was too slow, and Lee Shaoyu could not afford to wait at all.

In order to increase the speed of his cultivation, Lee Shaoyu had to borrow a large amount of cultivation materials. Crystals were the best choice at the current stage.

Putting all the crystals around him, Lee Shaoyu grabbed two with one hand and started to operate the Spirit Driving Technique to open the acupoints.

Absorbing the Yuan Qi inside the crystals was much faster than absorbing the Yuan Qi from the outside world. Very soon, Lee Shaoyu opened three acupuncture points. However, the four crystals in his hand had already run out of energy and turned gray. With a slight force, the crystals in Lee Shaoyu's hand turned into powder.

Lee Shaoyu continued to pick up the four crystal stones. He once again used the Spirit Driving Technique to break through the acupuncture points. In the blink of an eye, it was time for the sun to set.

In the afternoon, the crystals in front of Lee Shaoyu had run out. Another hundred of the acupoints in his body had been opened. Now that he had opened two hundred and thirty acupoints, Lee Shaoyu felt that the speed at which he absorbed the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi had become much faster.

However, Lee Shaoyu could only sigh. This was only the beginning of the acupoints. One must know that the further one opened the acupoints, the harder it was to open them. The amount of origin energy consumed would also be greater. If he only used crystals to support his cultivation, this consumption would be an astronomical figure to Lee Shaoyu.

It seemed that he had to get more contribution points. The God's Chosen Order could also be exchanged for crystals. Moreover, the consumption of contribution points was not much. If he killed enough people, he could support his cultivation.

After a simple rest, Lee Shaoyu began to practice the Five Elemental Boxing. He did not have enough combat experience and skill proficiency, so he needed to grasp every minute to improve. This was because Lee Shaoyu had a vague feeling that the Zhao Family's revenge would come very soon.

When night fell, Lee Shaoyu simply ate some food. He sat on the side and guided the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi from the Acupoint Charging. He didn't open any more acupoints. His chances of survival in this battlefield were higher.

"Enemy attack!"

Just as Lee Shaoyu was trying his best to break through the third acupoint, a loud roar resounded through the night sky, breaking the silence of the night.

So fast!

Lee Shaoyu quickly stood up from the ground and rushed out of the mining area. Although he had expected the Zhao Family's revenge would come, Lee Shaoyu did not expect it to be so fast.

"According to the original plan, each team will split up!"

However, the three elders of the Lin Family had already decided on a countermeasure. They quickly gave the order. According to the original plan, Lee Shaoyu's team would be in charge of facing the enemy head on, while the second and third teams would be in charge of surrounding them from the sides.

Lee Shaoyu followed the flow of people and rushed up a hill. He observed the enemies of the Zhao Family. When he saw Lee Shaoyu, he could not help but be shocked.

The crowd below the hill was a dense mass of people. There were groups of torches and about 500 people. They were rushing towards the mining area of Lin Castle. The patrol team of Lin Castle was completely wiped out in an instant.

"Is the Zhao Family crazy? Why are they sending so many people? Are they trying to fight a decisive battle against the Lin Castle?"

When the Lin Family elder saw that the Zhao Family had mobilized so many men, he frowned. He was afraid that they were close to two-thirds of the Zhao Family's strength.

Do they still think that they have too many people? Didn't you send more than three hundred people to attack their mining area? Now you're blaming them. Lee Shaoyu glanced at this Lin family elder and could not help but curse in his heart. However, Lee Shaoyu absolutely did not dare to say these words.

The Lin family elder frowned slightly and took out a signal flare from his pocket. Then, he ignited it and rose into the sky. Brilliant purple fireworks bloomed in the night sky. It was very eye-catching.

"There is a change in the plan. Change to Plan No. 2 and retreat one after another. Release them into the encirclement. Try to buy as much time as possible and wait for reinforcements to arrive."

After the Lin family elder released the signal bullet, he directly led a large group of people to retreat. At this moment, the second and third groups were still taking detours. If these one hundred plus people were to hold the Zhao Family troops back, they would probably be chopped into meat paste very soon.

Before receiving the order from the Lin Family elder, Lee Shaoyu had already started to run. Under such circumstances, if he didn't run, he would be an idiot. There was no expert among them who could block one hundred men. Even if there was one, what could they do? There were five hundred men in the group, and the remaining four would have to fight one against four.

"Kill them! Kill those bastards from the Lin Family! " Revenge for the dead brothers! "

The leading figures of the Zhao Family had already discovered the men from the Lin Castle. They immediately let out a furious roar and chased after them.

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