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C18 Let Me Do It

The two groups were more than three hundred meters apart, running and chasing each other on the hillside, but the closer they got to each other, the closer they got.

It seemed like the Zhao Family was determined to fight the Lin Castle to the death this time. Four Elemental Core Stage warriors had arrived. These four Elemental Core Stage warriors were obviously much faster than Yinyuan Stage Cultivators. With a single leap, they could cover a distance of dozens of meters. Once they entered the crowd of Lin Castle warriors, they would be like a tiger entering a flock of sheep.

Originally, Lee Shaoyu was running at the front. The elders of the Lin Family caught up with him in a few moments and gave him a fierce glare.

"Elder, I have two large-scale weapons, but they are very expensive. If I were to be thrown into the Zhao Family's crowd, I think I would be able to kill more than a hundred people."

Lee Shaoyu felt a little embarrassed after being stared at by the elder. He said to the elder with a smile on his face, "I have two weapons of mass destruction in my hands, but they are very expensive. If I were to be thrown into the crowd of Zhao Family, I think I would be able to kill more than a hundred people.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier that you have such a weapon? "Let's give them a warning first. Tell them to slow down their pursuit."

The Lin family elder was stunned for a moment. Then, he revealed a joyful expression and said to Lee Shaoyu.

"But this is all of my belongings. I'm using it for my family now. I wonder if my family can reimburse me for this fee?"

Lee Shaoyu had already thought of this when he saw the dark mass of people from the Zhao Family. If the shocking lightning exploded in the middle of the crowd, the Contribution Values he earned from the divine envoy would be worth the ticket price. However, he had to maximize his profits.

"Reimburse? What do you mean?"

The Lin family elder was confused. He had never heard of this term before.

"What I mean is that the family will pay for the purchase of these two weapons."

Lee Shaoyu coughed dryly.

"How long has it been? You still care about personal interests?"

The Lin Family elder directly glared at Lee Shaoyu.

"Family elder, it's not me who is haggling over personal interests. These two things are too precious. I really can't afford them."

Lee Shaoyu pretended to be pitiful.

"Tell me how much it is."

Seeing Lee Shaoyu's pitiful look, the Lin Family elder nodded in agreement.

"One hundred Medium-grade Crystals."

Lee Shaoyu immediately demanded an exorbitant price. Although he wasn't sure how valuable this heaven-shaking lightning was, according to the exchange points, it was definitely worth forty Medium-grade Crystals. This was because a single Medium-grade Crystal required a little Contribution Value to exchange for it. As for the low-grade crystals, they couldn't be exchanged with the Divine Envoy at all.

"What!? 100 medicinal Medium-grade Crystals! Why don't you go and snatch them!"

The Lin Family elder's face immediately turned livid with anger. One hundred medicinal Medium-grade Crystals was equivalent to ten thousand low-grade crystals. To the Lin Castle, it was considered a considerable amount of wealth. He never expected that this brat in front of him would actually dare to open his mouth and come at him.

"Family elder, this is definitely worth it. Moreover, if you don't make a decision, a few old men from the Zhao Family will come and kill you."

Lee Shaoyu patiently and patiently tried to persuade the Lin Family elder to sell his goods. At this moment, an idea suddenly appeared in Lee Shaoyu's mind. Many of the items on the exchange list of the Oracles were extremely popular in Heavenly-sword Continent. He could totally become an intermediate-level merchant and earn enough profits for his own cultivation.

"Good! Just 100 medicinal Medium-grade Crystals. But kid, don't play with me! Otherwise, I'll have a good look at you when I get back! "

The Lin family elder looked behind him. The four old men of the Zhao Family were only a hundred meters away from the last army of Lin Castle. In the end, they nodded in agreement.

"Elder, we have to be humble first. You have to give me money first. Otherwise, I will use you to deny my debt. " I will lose a lot of money. After all, you are the only one who knows. "

Lee Shaoyu smiled at the elder of the Lin Family and said.

Good boy! "Take it!"

The Lin Family elder's forehead was immediately covered with black lines. However, he still took out a small bag of medicinal Storage Rings from the medicinal Storage Ring and threw it to Lee Shaoyu. After all, time was of the essence now.

"Come on, you run first. Leave me here."

Lee Shaoyu counted the Medium-grade Crystals. Sure enough, it was a hundred Medium-grade Crystals. Lee Shaoyu put the crystals into his pocket and slowed down his pace. Finally, he hid behind a small mound.

"Kid, if it doesn't work, I'll teach you a lesson!"

Elder Lin said fiercely to Lee Shaoyu as he ran.

Lee Shaoyu made a reassuring gesture to the elder of the Lin Family. Then, he quickly laid down on the ground. As the Lin Castle's army had reached the end, the four elders of the Zhao Family were about to arrive.

The four experts of the Zhao Family flashed in front of Lee Shaoyu. They didn't notice that someone had left the group. Their target was the crowd in front of them.

Lee Shaoyu didn't plan to waste the lightning on them. Although the introduction said that the lightning could kill Elemental Core Stage Cultivators, it had to be at the core of the explosion. Lee Shaoyu wasn't sure if he could kill any of them. It was better to blow up the crowd behind them.

As soon as the four experts from the Zhao Family arrived, a large group from the Zhao Family rushed forward. When the group was halfway past him, Lee Shaoyu quietly threw out a lightning bolt from his hand and squatted behind the small mound.

"Eh? What is this?"

One of the Zhao Family Cultivators in the crowd saw a black metal ball flying in front of him and couldn't help but ask.


Just as the Cultivator was about to reach out and touch it, the black metal ball suddenly exploded. A terrifying energy wave exploded his palm, and his entire body instantly turned into a mist of blood. A loud explosion resounded through the night sky. The entire ground was shaking. A huge mushroom cloud rose from the crowd. The group of Zhao Family Cultivators immediately stopped advancing and fell into a huge panic.


Half of the burnt arm fell onto Lee Shaoyu's body. It was still emitting the fragrance of meat. However, Lee Shaoyu was not in the mood to see whether his arm was cooked or not. Instead, he secretly poked his head out of the crowd to observe the effect of the shocking lightning.

He saw that the Zhao Family's Cultivator team had been cut off from the middle. There was a ten meter wide black pit on the ground. The center of the explosion had turned into a vacuum zone. Not even a corpse was found.

Broken human limbs began to appear seven or eight meters away from the center of the explosion. Dozens of people were lying on the ground ten meters away, moaning nonstop. Clearly, they had been seriously injured by the explosion. It seemed like they were going to die soon.

"Not bad, not bad. Eighteen Yinyuan Stage and forty-six Body Tempering Stage were killed by the explosion. You can get two hundred and twenty-six Contribution Value. Including the remaining eighteen points, there are two hundred and forty-four Contribution Value now."

The voice of the Divine Emissary suddenly sounded in Lee Shaoyu's mind, and his words carried a hint of praise.

"How can you be so sure how many people have I killed in such a short time?"

Lee Shaoyu asked doubtfully.

"Humph, it's easy for me to do this with my ability. You can't do it because you are still too weak."

The Divine Emissary said in disdain.

He had made a huge profit!

Lee Shaoyu couldn't help but snicker in his heart. He didn't expect that he would earn over 200 contribution points in one go. If he were to blow these people up, wouldn't that be a great feeling?

"Everyone, don't act rashly. There might be an ambush set up by Lin Castle here. Everyone, be careful."

An elder of Zhao Family quickly turned around and said to the panicked Cultivator of Zhao Family. What he needed to do now was to stabilize the morale of the army.

"Judging from the traces on the scene, this seems to be a middle-grade Hongtian Thunder refined by Armament Peak. The price is very high. I believe that the Lin Castle won't buy it in large amounts, so it shouldn't be too much. I think it was thrown over by the old man from the Lin Castle during the chaos. Everyone can move forward without worry!"

The old man from Zhao Family surveyed the situation at the scene and quickly came to a conclusion. It was already not far from the truth.

It turned out that there were forces in this world who knew how to make such a bomb. It seemed that they could buy some in the future and use their contribution points in the most suitable place.

The old man's words clearly had some effect. The Cultivator of the Zhao Family continued to move forward, but its speed was clearly much slower. It was no longer as fast as it was at the beginning.

"It seems like these 100 crystals are worth it. As long as we can delay the Zhao Family for a while longer, the reinforcements should be able to arrive."

The old man from the Lin Family hid in the distance and observed for a while. When he saw the obvious effect of Lee Shaoyu's attack, the corner of his mouth couldn't help but reveal a trace of a smile.

The Zhao Family's army slowed down. The three elders of the Zhao Family didn't dare to be too radical. Otherwise, once the three of them were surrounded by more than one hundred people, they would be in a very dangerous situation.

Lee Shaoyu found an opportunity to sneak away from the side and slowly follow behind the Zhao Family's troops. He didn't dare to advance quickly now. Otherwise, if he was discovered, he would immediately be chopped into meat paste.

After advancing for a few miles, there was no more explosion. The Zhao Family Cultivator's worried heart finally relaxed, and its speed began to gradually increase.


The second and third squads of Lin Castle quickly rushed over after receiving the signal. They rushed over from both sides of the Zhao Family.

"Brothers, kill them!"

When the Lin Family elder who was leading the group of people from Lin Castle saw the arrival of reinforcements, he immediately turned around with the group of people from Lin Family and charged towards them.

The men from the Zhao Family quickly gathered and formed a defensive formation. At the same time, they charged at the warriors from the Lin Family from three different directions.

"Eat another shocking lightning!"

Lee Shaoyu suddenly jumped out and threw the thunderbolt at the men from the Zhao Family. Once they were caught in a chaotic battle, they wouldn't be able to use this kind of indiscriminate weapon. This was Lee Shaoyu's last chance.


The lightning exploded in the crowd. Dozens of Zhao Familys from the Zhao Family were killed. Broken limbs flew up. Miserable screams could be heard without end. Lee Shaoyu had earned another 200 Contribution Values.

"So it's this kid who is causing trouble! Kill him!"

An elder from the Zhao Family was so angry that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood when he saw this situation. The battle had yet to truly begin and more than a hundred people had already been lost. How could he not be angry at the fact that the culprit was such a brat?

Dozens of Zhao Familys from the Zhao Family roared and charged towards Lee Shaoyu. Lee Shaoyu decisively turned around and ran.

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