Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C19 This Is a Great Opportunity
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Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C19 This Is a Great Opportunity
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C19 This Is a Great Opportunity

If he could defeat Lee Shaoyu, he would fight. If he couldn't defeat Lee Shaoyu, he would run. This was Lee Shaoyu's rule of conduct. Nothing was more important than his own life.

Lee Shaoyu did not have the confidence to retreat unscathed when faced with the siege of dozens of Zhao Family Lee Shaoyus. It was already too late to exchange for the Shocking Thunder now. He was afraid that he would be chopped into meat paste before he could get his hands on the Shocking Thunder.

"Eat another Shocking Thunder!"

As Lee Shaoyu ran, he took a few more glances back. He noticed that forty to fifty Zhao Family Cultivators were getting closer and closer to him. He made a throwing motion with his hand.

The Zhao Family Cultivators had a shadow in their hearts. When they saw Lee Shaoyu's action, they immediately stopped in their tracks and looked for cover to hide. They did not care if Lee Shaoyu had lightning in his hand or not.

Lee Shaoyu ran madly towards the two groups of people in Lin Castle. With this little bit of time, he would be able to meet up with the Lin Family's main group.

"Damn it, I was tricked!"

"That brat definitely doesn't have any heaven-shaking lightning in his hands. He's just bluffing!"

After waiting for a moment, nothing happened at all. All of them immediately stomped their feet in anger, knowing that they were cheated. However, the opportunity had already been lost. The large group of people from the Lin Family had already arrived. Both sides had fallen into a chaotic battle. Who would still have the mood to search for Lee Shaoyu's figure?

The two sides soon reached a place where the sounds of fighting shook the sky. The ground was instantly dyed red by blood. As soon as they came into contact with each other, dozens of people from both sides had fallen into a pool of blood.

Lee Shaoyu killed a Cultivator from the Zhao Family and seized a long blade. Using his short stature and footwork, he agilely walked among the crowd. He specifically targeted the severely injured and the Cultivator with his back facing him. The Contribution Value was rising rapidly. It could be said that he had made a fortune.

The battle between the two sides could be said that the sky and the earth were dark. The sun and moon were lightless. It lasted from midnight until dawn. Most of the people had already died or been seriously injured. The remaining 100 plus standing Cultivators were also riddled with injuries, and they were exhausted.

The battle was already nearing its end. There were only forty over people left on Lin Castle's side, and a clan elder had died in battle. One of the elders from Zhao Family had also died. There were only seventy or so people left. They clearly had the advantage. The annihilation of Lin Family's men was just a matter of time.

"Old ghost Lin, today is your burial ground. Do you have any last words to say?"

An elder of the Zhao Family shouted at an elder of the Lin Family. Both sides were exhausted. They had a tacit understanding and pulled apart the distance between them. They started a battle of words and took the opportunity to rest and recover.

"Old man Zhao, even if I die today, I will drag you along with me!"

The elder of the Lin Family shouted angrily.

While the leaders of both sides were cursing at each other, Lee Shaoyu quietly slipped into a corner that no one noticed and called the Oracle.

"Oracle, I want to exchange for five heaven-shaking thunders."

"No problem. Exchange for five Shocking Thunder. Consume 100 Contribution Value points. The remaining 584 points."

The void in front of Lee Shaoyu trembled slightly and rippled. A black vortex appeared in front of Lee Shaoyu, and five heaven-shaking black lightning bolts appeared in front of him.

Lee Shaoyu put away the five heaven-shaking lightning bolts, and a cruel smile appeared on his face. Currently, both sides were exhausted. This was a great opportunity to earn contribution points. There were still three Elemental Core Stage warriors in the Zhao Family. As long as one of them could be killed, he would be able to earn back the Elemental Core Stages he had consumed.

Normally, Lee Shaoyu wouldn't have attacked Elemental Core Stage warriors rashly. But now, these Elemental Core Stage warriors had basically lost their combat strength. It would be very difficult for them to escape under his bombardment.

Wealth came from danger!

After hiding the five heaven-shaking thunderbolts in his hands, Lee Shaoyu sneaked to the side of the Lin family's elder. Both sides were still scolding each other.

There was a distance of fifty meters between the two parties. As long as he advanced thirty meters, he would be able to cover everyone in the Zhao Family within his attack range.

Lee Shaoyu silently calculated the position and the throwing route in his mind. At the same time, he silently guided the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy, injecting all of the origin energy into his legs.

"Old ghost Lin, you still dare to spout nonsense now that things have come to this. Let's see how I deal with this later... eh?"

Just as the old man from the Zhao Family was cursing with his hands on his waist, Lee Shaoyu suddenly exerted force in his legs and dashed forward like a gust of wind.

"Qingyu, what are you doing?"

The old man from the Lin Family felt a blur in front of his eyes. Lee Shaoyu had already rushed more than ten meters away. He couldn't react in time and shouted at Lee Shaoyu. In his opinion, Lee Shaoyu rushing over alone was simply courting death. He thought to himself, "Even if you want to fight, you have to say it in advance.

"Humph! Courting death!"

When the old man of Zhao Family saw that the newcomer was merely a Yinyuan Stage brat, he couldn't help but let out a cold snort. He gently raised his palm and thought about how to kill Lee Shaoyu with his palm.

Forty meters! Thirty meters!

Lee Shaoyu didn't say a word and silently calculated the distance between them.

"Not good! It's that kid with a energy-consuming spirit artifact! Quickly disperse!"

Just as Lee Shaoyu was about to reach his attack position, the other old man from the Zhao Family's expression changed drastically. It was him who had come to check the scene of the explosion. He had a deep impression of Lee Shaoyu. When he saw that it was Lee Shaoyu, he immediately became alert. He said to the group of Zhao Familys from the Zhao Family while he suddenly rushed to the side.


However, he reminded Lee Shaoyu too late. Before he could finish his sentence, Lee Shaoyu had already rushed to the attacking position. He threw the three shocking thunderbolts in his right hand towards the crowd.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The three lightning bolts exploded in the chaotic Cultivator of the Zhao Family. In an instant, more than fifty Cultivators died. The rest of the Cultivators were also seriously injured. They were lying on the ground, moaning nonstop. Only the old man who had escaped in the beginning was unharmed.

Lee Shaoyu didn't stop running. He continued running forward. A small golden flying sword appeared in his hand, locking onto the two Elemental Core Stage warriors who were lying on the ground. As long as he killed these two, Lin Castle would have a complete victory today.


Lee Shaoyu used the flying sword in his hand as a dagger and stabbed it into the heart of a Elemental Core Stage old man. Under his terrified gaze, he pulled it out and blood splashed all over Lee Shaoyu's body.


Another Elemental Core Stage old man kept moving his body. His voice was trembling when he spoke to Lee Shaoyu, because he could feel the approaching death god.


Lee Shaoyu didn't hesitate at all. The flying sword in his hand cut the old man's throat. The old man's eyes were wide open. He couldn't believe that he would die like this.

"Brat! How dare you! Wayaya! Die!"

The elder who escaped earlier was now furious. He suddenly rushed back, striking a palm at Lee Shaoyu, wishing to kill him!

"Your opponent is me!"

Two elders of the Lin Family rushed forward and fought the old man of the Zhao Family. They fought two against one. The old man of the Zhao Family quickly fell into a disadvantageous position. Soon, he was killed on the spot by the two elders of the Lin Family.

Lee Shaoyu picked up a long sword from the ground and attacked the severely wounded Cultivator of the Zhao Family one by one. The serious injuries were not considered Contribution Values. They could only be considered death.

The remaining warriors from the Lin Castle all looked at Lee Shaoyu in shock. He was just an eight year old kid, yet he could be so cold and ruthless. He had managed to turn the tide of the battle by relying on the shocking lightning in his hand. Recalling what they had done to Lin Qingyu in the past, everyone could not help but feel a trace of cold air rising from their backs.


Just as the battle was set, the sound of the devil horn beast trampling on the ground suddenly came from behind. There were quite a few of them.

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