Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C2 The Three Young Masters of the Lin Family
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Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C2 The Three Young Masters of the Lin Family
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C2 The Three Young Masters of the Lin Family

"Little sister, what did you just call me?" Lee Shaoyu couldn't believe his ears and confirmed it again.

"Brother Yu Qing, I always call you that. Is your head really broken?" The little girl looked at Lee Shaoyu worriedly.

"Wait a minute. Let me calm down." Lee Shaoyu stopped the little girl and closed his eyes to recall.

According to the story, he should be able to receive the memories of his previous life. Every protagonist who dominated the world started at this stage. As he tried hard to recall, the vague memories of this world gradually became clearer.

Lin Qingyu!

This was the name of his current body's owner, the son of the Lord of Lin Castle. The Lin Castle seemed to be very powerful, as if it was the largest power in a radius of several thousand miles. The little girl in front of him was his little sister, Lin Xiaoxuan.

"Haha, just as I expected, you became the young master of a major power as soon as you transmigrated here. You don't have to be as bitter as before." Lee Shaoyu couldn't help but laugh out loud. He was quite satisfied with this identity.

Although the name was different from his original name, Lee Shaoyu quickly accepted it. The original name was just a code name. In that case, he would be called Lin Qingyu from now on. Anyway, it was the same. As long as he could change his fate, it would be fine.

After obtaining his memory, Lee Shaoyu naturally remembered why Lin Qingyu would fall to his death. The reason was because he climbed the tree to grab the bird's egg and fell. Coincidentally, his head hit a protruding rock and he fell to his death.

"You're really unlucky, but you can't blame others. It's your fault that you don't cultivate normally. Otherwise, you wouldn't have fallen to your death so easily." Lee Shaoyu muttered to himself, "In the future, let me complete your unfinished mission for you. You have a lot of beautiful women and control the power of the world."

"Brother Yu Qing, let's go back quickly. Otherwise, Father will find out and punish us again." No matter how Lin Xiaoxuan looked at Chen Lei, there was something wrong with him. She pulled Lee Shaoyu's arm and left.

"Okay, okay..." Lee Shaoyu was still not used to the name Lin Qingyu. He was pulled by Lin Xiaoxuan towards the direction of Lin Castle. At the same time, he slowly combed through Lin Qingyu's memories along the way.

The lord of Lin Castle was called Lin Zaitian. He had three sons in total. His eldest son, Lin Qingze, was ten years old. His second son, Lin Qingyan, was nine years old. Lin Qingyu was his third son, and he was exactly eight years old this year. Lin Xiaoxuan was Lin Zaitian's only daughter, and she was deeply loved by Lin Zaitian. She was the apple of Lin Family's eye.

However, because Lin Qingyu didn't like to practice martial arts and only liked to read and paint, he wasn't liked by Lin Zaitian. Big brother and second brother also looked down on him, so his status in Lin Family was very low. On the other hand, Lin Xiaoxuan and Lin Qingyu were very close, and the two of them had the best relationship.

It was obvious that trash was trying to make a comeback!

Lee Shaoyu could not help but laugh in his heart. This was a plot described in many novels. Under normal circumstances, he, who had replaced the main character, would definitely have some golden finger skills to reverse the situation. At present, it would depend on how he found his golden finger.

Thinking about how the meteorite that hit him was so strange, it actually chased after him like a tracking missile. Clearly, the ability he obtained should be related to that meteorite. Then, what kind of ability would he obtain?

"I want to be the strongest person in the world!"

Lee Shaoyu swore in his heart. In some of the novels, the main characters would trigger some systems after they expressed their desire for something. Lee Shaoyu decided to give it a try.

Five minutes passed, but there was no response.

"I want to be the most evil person in the world!"

"I want to be the most handsome person in the world!"

"Endure technique! Psychic technique!"

"I want the market!"

"I want to show off..."

... ""

After trying more than ten times, Lee Shaoyu found that there was no reaction at all. He was still himself.

"It seems that this isn't the activation method. I have to think of other ways." Lee Shaoyu was completely disappointed with this method. He kept recalling the novels he had read in his mind and experimented on them one by one. However, there was no legendary special ability that had been activated.

"This doesn't make sense." Lee Shaoyu gently stroked his chin. Logically speaking, he should have brought along a powerful ability when he transmigrated here. Otherwise, how could he successfully reverse the situation in this world and reach the peak of life?

Could it be that he needed a phone? A computer?

However, there was no such thing in this world. Moreover, he did not wear it. He did not bring any of it with him.

Lee Shaoyu could not help feeling dejected when he thought of this. It was as if a golden mountain was placed in front of him, but he could not touch it at all.

"Brother Yu, are you okay?" Lin Xiaoxuan looked at Lee Shaoyu with concern.

"Er, I'm fine." He looked up and saw that they had arrived in Lin Castle.

Although Lin Qingyu had many memories about Lin Castle, Lee Shaoyu, who had been living in the modern city, was shocked when he saw such a magnificent ancient building.

It was a huge house, with pavilions and pavilions built on the mountain. They were arranged neatly and neatly. There was a three-story stone tower at the door. The door was tall, and there were huge eagle sculptures on both sides of the door. The vermillion gate was more than ten meters tall. There was a green stone plaque on the top of the tower, and three bold and powerful words were carved on it - Lin Castle!

"This is the real ancient building. It is much more imposing than those ancient buildings." Lee Shaoyu couldn't help but secretly praise it, but he didn't show it on his face too much. Otherwise, it would be too easy for others to notice his flaws.

"Third Young Master, Miss."

There were four young men in black clothes standing on both sides of the gate. Each of them looked fierce and fierce, but after seeing Lee Shaoyu and Lin Xiaoxuan, they bowed one after another.

However, Lee Shaoyu also noticed a trace of contempt in the depths of these people's eyes. It was contempt for Lin Qingyu.

"Humph, just wait and see. When I awaken my ability, I will let all of you carry my shoes one by one!" Lee Shaoyu had had enough of this kind of gaze in his previous life. He did not expect that after his transmigration, his situation had not changed at all. Immediately, a desire for strength arose in his heart.

The fate of his previous life, in this life, he must change it!

As Lin Xiaoxuan walked into Lin Castle, Lee Shaoyu relied on his memories to search for a room that belonged to him. Even if Lin Qingyu didn't achieve his goal, he was still the son of the Lord of the Castle. He still had a small courtyard that belonged to him.

"Qingyu! Where did he run off to if he didn't cultivate properly at home?"

Just as Lee Shaoyu was about to follow Lin Xiaoxuan back to his room, a dignified middle-aged man dressed in embroidered clothes called out to Lee Shaoyu.

Lin Zaitian!

Lee Shaoyu looked at the middle-aged man and immediately remembered who this man was. He was the lord of Lin Castle, Lin Qingyu's father, Lin Zaitian. In Lin Qingyu's memory, Lin Zaitian was only disappointed in Lin Qingyu.

"Greetings, father." Lee Shaoyu could only greet Lin Zaitian in Lin Qingyu's usual way. After all, his current identity was Lin Qingyu.

"Father, I was the one who dragged Qing Brother Yu to play with me at the back of the mountain for a while." Lin Xiaoxuan ran to Lin Zaitian's side when she saw this. She grabbed Lin Zaitian's sleeve and started flirting with him.

"Xuan Er, your third brother's cultivation base is at the bottom among the disciples of the family. You are not allowed to mess around like this in the future." Lin Zaitian immediately showed a doting expression when he faced Lin Xiaoxuan. He gently stroked Lin Xiaoxuan's head and said.

"Alright Xuan Er, you can go back first. I have something to tell your third brother." Lin Zaitian sent Lin Xiaoxuan away and then glared at Lee Shaoyu.

Lin Zaitian's gaze was like a knife. Lee Shaoyu's heart trembled. According to Lin Qingyu's memories, Lee Shaoyu knew that today was not a good day.

"Humph, when I awaken my ability, I will surprise you!" Lee Shaoyu thought to himself.

"Qingyu, come with me." Lin Zaitian flicked his sleeves and turned around to leave. Lee Shaoyu could only follow behind.

After passing through the three courtyards, Lin Zaitian brought Lee Shaoyu to the Martial Arts Practice Field of Lin Castle.

"Qingyu, what realm have you reached now?" Lin Zaitian asked Lee Shaoyu without turning his head.

"Father, I have just reached the Third Layer of Body Tempering." Lee Shaoyu imitated Lin Qingyu's usual tone.

"Tempered Body 3rd Layer! "Do you know that your brothers have reached Tempered Body 5th Layer at your age? Right now, your big brother is about to break through to Tempered Body 10th Layer!" Lin Zaitian's voice carried a trace of anger.

"I know." Lee Shaoyu replied.

"Since I know, I should work harder!" Lin Zaitian suddenly turned around and stared at Lee Shaoyu with a pair of blade-like eyes.

"Yes, I understand." Lee Shaoyu lowered his head and said.

Work hard? I am a transmigrator. I am different from that useless son of yours. When I awaken my ability, I will be able to use a cheat. It is only a matter of time before I surpass you.

However, Lee Shaoyu only thought about it. He did not dare to say it now.

"How many times have I told you? Reading can be treated as an interest to nurture, but you must not neglect your cultivation of martial arts. After all, only when you are strong enough can you obtain sufficient respect!" Lin Zaitian said coldly to Lee Shaoyu.

"Yes, I understand." Lee Shaoyu could only nod his head in agreement. Otherwise, what else could he say? After all, he was still a piece of trash, and he could only admit defeat with his small physique.

"Today, I practiced lifting the stone lock a thousand times. Otherwise, you are not allowed to eat or sleep!" Lin Zaitian flicked his sleeves and left after saying this. He did not look at Lee Shaoyu again.

He thought that he would live the life of a young master from a wealthy family. It seemed like there was some difference between what he expected and what he wanted. He did not expect that this trash would be hated to such an extent.

Lee Shaoyu walked to a stone lock and could not help sighing in his heart. Ever since he entered the Lin Castle, Lin Zaitian had never asked about the injury on his head. It seemed that he was really too unambitious.

"Qing Brother Yu." Lin Xiaoxuan came out from a corner after Lin Zaitian left. She tiptoed to Lee Shaoyu's side.

"This is the best medicine for golden sores. Let me apply it for you." A Jade Bottle appeared in Lin Xiaoxuan's hand. The label of the golden ulcer medicine was pasted on it.

"Alright. Thank you, Little Sister Xuan Er. Little Sister Xuan Er treats me the best." Lee Shaoyu sat on the stone lock and let Lin Xiaoxuan apply the medicine for him.

Lee Shaoyu did not want to die from excessive blood loss when he just transmigrated. That way, he would become the most unlucky transmigrator in history. At that time, he would have to let his "peers" laugh their teeth out.

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