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C3 Ability Awakened

"Alright, hurry up and leave, or else Father will scold you again." After Lin Xiaoxuan finished bandaging, Lee Shaoyu said to Lin Xiaoxuan.

If there was anyone in Lin Castle that Lin Qingyu cared about, Then there's only Lin Xiaoxuan. In Lin Qingyu's memory, there was only hatred, including his parents. Lin Qingyu had never seen his mother since he was born. There was even a rumor that Lin Qingyu was not Lin Zaitian's biological son.

Lin Qingyu had asked about it before, but Lin Zaitian never mentioned Lin Qingyu's mother. The disciples and servants of Lin Castle did not dare to talk about it either. This caused Lin Qingyu to be very isolated since he was young. Slowly, he abandoned his cultivation of martial arts and focused on studying and painting.

"In fact, my father was very concerned about Qing Brother Yu. He just looked very strict on the surface. The Golden Sore Medicine was given to me by my father. " Although Father didn't say anything, I know he wanted me to give it to you. " Lin Xiaoxuan blinked at Lee Shaoyu and ran away.

Lee Shaoyu smiled. Maybe this was the so-called "tiger does not eat its own child," but what was the use of the person who did not know?

Lee Shaoyu calmed himself down and prepared to start his cultivation. Since he had come to this world, he had to adapt to the rules of this world first.

Lee Shaoyu only knew that the world he was in was called the Heavenly-sword Continent. There were many cultivation sects on the continent, and they were divided into more than ten provinces. The province where the Lin Castle was located was called the Dongxuan State. The Lin Castle was considered a medium-sized power in the Dongxuan State, and it was the strongest in a radius of thousands of miles.

It was said that there was a stronger cultivation sect, Taixuan Sect, tens of thousands of miles away. However, Lee Shaoyu didn't know because Lin Qingyu had never been there before. Moreover, Lin Qingyu didn't really care about cultivation, and he had never read any books about cultivation.

Currently, Lin Qingyu was in the most basic cultivation realm, the Body Tempering Stage realm. This realm was divided into ten levels, mainly to train his body. Only by training his body to a certain extent would he be able to cultivate to the next realm.

There were a total of nine cultivation realms in Heavenly-sword Continent. From low to high, they were: Body Tempering, Origin Guidance, Elemental Core Stage, Qi-sea, Spirit Gathering, Spiritual Void, Flight, Void Shattering, and Immortal Spirit. According to the legends, above the Celestial Stage realm, there were nine cultivation realms. There's another realm. That was immortality, but those who could reach that realm were as rare as phoenix feathers or phoenix feathers.


Lee Shaoyu couldn't help but look up at the sky. Just like Earth, there were legends about immortals in this world. Then, did immortals really exist? If it really did exist, was his encounter related to immortals? If they really had something to do with immortals, then... Had he gotten something else?

What was he thinking so far away for? It was better to go through this hurdle in front of him first. As Lin Qingyu did not pay much attention to cultivation, his current physical strength was not much different from his previous physical strength. A thousand times raising the stone lock was enough for him to endure.

Thinking of this, Lee Shaoyu began to try his best to recall a technique that Lin Qingyu had once practiced called the Body Tempering Technique. After all, he had just transmigrated and had not fully integrated with his body. Many of his memories were very vague.

According to the description in his memory, he had to continuously circulate the Body Tempering Technique during the lifting of the stone lock in order to have the effect of training. Otherwise, it would be a waste to lift it up.


Just as Lee Shaoyu was trying hard to recall, he suddenly felt a dizziness in his head. A pain came from between his brows. It was as if something wanted to come out from between his brows. It almost cracked his head.

In the next moment, a strange sword-shaped mark appeared between Lee Shaoyu's brows. The pain in Lee Shaoyu's head also lessened a lot and slowly calmed down. The sword-shaped mark emitted a hazy light. An invisible light suddenly pierced through the sky.

Lee Shaoyu came to the pond and looked at the strange mark on his forehead. He had a strange feeling in his heart. Could it be that he had transmigrated and gained another mark with his special ability?

Wasn't this a bit too miserable?

What was that?

Lee Shaoyu suddenly sensed something. He raised his head and looked up into the sky. He saw a light spot suddenly appear in the sky and land in Lee Shaoyu's direction.

"Oh my god! Could it be another meteorite?! Could it be that I just transmigrated and have to be smashed to death again?!" Lee Shaoyu could not help but feel fear in his heart. This scene was too similar to before.

"Forget it. If I die, then so be it. Anyway, I can't avoid it." Lee Shaoyu simply closed his eyes and waited to die. Anyway, no matter how hard he tried, he had to chase after him. He decided not to run away.

After a long time, Lee Shaoyu did not feel any discomfort. He slowly opened his eyes.

There was no meteor, but a glowing stone tablet appeared in front of him.

Lee Shaoyu remembered very clearly that there was no stone tablet in the Lin Castle's Martial Arts Practice Field. This stone tablet must have just appeared.

Lee Shaoyu looked around. There was no one around. It was lunchtime, and he was the only one who was not allowed to eat.

Lee Shaoyu curiously reached out his hand to touch the stone tablet, but his palm easily passed through the stone tablet. He didn't touch anything.

A shadow!

This was not the real stone tablet, but the shadow of a stone tablet.

A 3D projection technology?

Lee Shaoyu couldn't help but think of this technology, but he immediately rejected it. Looking at this world, it didn't look like it had developed any technology at all.

Just as Lee Shaoyu was feeling puzzled, the sword-shaped mark between Lee Shaoyu's brows started to glow. It seemed to be having a mysterious conversation with the stone tablet's shadow. In the end, some ancient marks began to appear on the stone tablet.

It was a type of text!

Lee Shaoyu looked at the stone tablet in front of him in shock. The writing was not in Huaxia language, nor was it in the modern language of Heavenly-sword Continent. It was an even older type of writing. The strangest thing was that Lee Shaoyu actually recognized it.

Lee Shaoyu didn't remember that he had learned this kind of language before. Even Lin Qingyu hadn't learned it before. However, he recognized this kind of language at first glance. Everything was very natural. It was as if he had known it since he was born. It was deeply imprinted in the depths of his soul.


Lee Shaoyu's heart shook. It seemed that all of this had something to do with the meteorite that had hit him. Although he had yet to discover what he had obtained, he had indeed undergone some changes. It was probably related to his soul.

Could it be that this is my ability?

No matter what, let's see what is written on the stone tablet first.

Thinking of this, Lee Shaoyu began to read the words on the stone tablet carefully. However, the more he read, the more shocked he became.

This stone tablet recorded an ancient cultivation method, and from the description, it seemed to be very useful.

Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture!

This cultivation method was absolutely a heaven-defying body tempering technique, able to develop the human body's potential to the limit. Compared to it, the original body tempering technique that Lin Qingyu cultivated was simply trash.

The Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture and body tempering technique were equally divided into ten levels, but the effects of the two were far inferior. The effect of the body-tempering technique was merely to continuously temper the body. Upon reaching the tenth level of the body-tempering technique, one's body would explode with a force of ten thousand jin. There was no other effect at all.

However, the first five levels of the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture could do all of this. The second five levels could still continue to temper one's body. The key was that the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture was not restricted by the Body Tempering Art. Even after stepping into the next level, one could still continue to cultivate.

Moreover, the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture also had a special heart technique that could achieve a special effect that the Body Tempering Art could not achieve.

The first five stages of the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture were similar to the Body Tempering Art. It was a continuous tempering of one's body, allowing one's body to continuously grow stronger. However, the first stage of the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture was comparable to the two stages of the Body Tempering Art, and most importantly, the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture could be directly cultivated with the help of external treasures, which could greatly increase one's cultivation speed.

Although the Body Tempering Art could also be cultivated with the help of medicinal herbs, the progress would be much slower. This was because the Body Tempering Art needed to be slowly transformed and could not be directly cultivated.

As for the sixth level, it was even more incredible. Apart from continuing to improve one's physique, there were also some mantras that could be used to treat different injuries according to the level of the mantras.

Cultivating the sixth center of gravity technique could increase the recovery speed of one's external injuries.

Cultivating the seventh center of gravity technique could increase the recovery speed of his internal injuries.

After mastering the eighth center of gravity technique, even if his arm was chopped off by his opponent, Then, he could also use his vitality to recover.

Cultivating the ninth level of heart technique was even more abnormal. As long as his head was still there, he could regenerate his body.

As for cultivating the tenth level, it was even more amazing. If he still had a drop of blood essence, he would not die!

Lee Shaoyu could not help swallowing his saliva. This mental cultivation method was really awesome. If he cultivated it, he would simply be an undying cockroach. It was indeed a heaven-defying golden finger.

However, when he saw the requirements for later cultivation, Lee Shaoyu could not help being dumbfounded. The first five levels were fine, but it was relatively easy to cultivate. However, from the sixth level onwards, the difficulty had increased a lot, and he would need to cultivate for tens or hundreds of years at a time.

As for the ninth and tenth stages, it was even more ridiculous. The rest of the cultivation time would start from a thousand years old. It could be said that one's talent was heaven-defying. If one's talent was average, it would be even further away. There were also the list of materials that could be used to assist cultivation. That was something that he had never heard of before.

"What the heck is this? To give me such a heaven-defying cultivation method but it's so difficult to cultivate. Why don't you give me some materials while you're at it?" Lee Shaoyu could not help but curse angrily.

"I'm not satisfied!"

This sentence suddenly sounded in Lee Shaoyu's mind, which gave Lee Shaoyu a shock.

"Who is it? "Who is talking? Come out if you have the ability!" Lee Shaoyu shouted.

There was no movement.

"Alright. Are you kidding me? You brought me here and didn't say anything. Now that you said that, it seems like scolding you is still useful." Lee Shaoyu was angry. He was thinking about how to scold him to vent his anger.

"Do you want to practice? If you don't, I will let the monument go back. At worst, I will find the next host when you die."

The invisible existence seemed to be able to see through Lee Shaoyu's thoughts. It said this in Lee Shaoyu's mind, and the monument in front of Lee Shaoyu was about to fly away.

"I'll practice. Can't I practice?" Lee Shaoyu hurriedly stopped it. What a joke. He had been brought here for no reason. It was not easy to obtain such a heaven defying skill. How could he let it fly away?

This was what he relied on to marry a rich and beautiful woman and walk to the peak of his life.

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