Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C4 Failure to Pretend to be an X
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Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C4 Failure to Pretend to be an X
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C4 Failure to Pretend to be an X

Lee Shaoyu didn't dare to waste any time. Instead, he took the time to memorize the cultivation technique recorded on the monument. He couldn't keep the monument here and watch his cultivation.

In the past, Lee Shaoyu didn't like memorizing books, and his memory wasn't very good either. However, when he was recording the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture cultivation technique, Lee Shaoyu suddenly realized that his brain was like a cheat. It was simply photographic memory.

Perhaps this was the benefit of transmigration. Lee Shaoyu didn't think too much about it. He just wanted to memorize the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture as soon as possible. This was his trump card in the martial world in the future.

Wait. After Lee Shaoyu finished recording, the stone tablet turned into a ray of light and shot into the sky, causing Lee Shaoyu to feel a sense of loss.

"Alright, let's start cultivating!"

Lee Shaoyu automatically abandoned the original body tempering technique and started cultivating the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture he had just obtained. As he circulated the heart technique of the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture, he waved the stone lock in his hand. Lee Shaoyu could feel that as he swung the stone lock, the power would increase a little, but it was very weak.

Because of the foundation of the Body Tempering Art, Lee Shaoyu had directly cultivated to the second level of the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture, and it was growing at a slow speed.

My life is really tough. I clearly transmigrated here, but I still have to do these hard work. It's so good to see the main characters in those novels. With the help of the system, I can just pretend to be cool and kill two people to level up. That's what it feels like.

However, Lee Shaoyu had no choice but to train hard. Luckily, Lee Shaoyu liked sports, so he didn't feel that it was too hard to train now. Lee Shaoyu knew that it was impossible to expect a pie to fall from the sky. He had worked hard to get it.

One thousand practice with the stone lock. That wasn't just for fun. Even though Lee Shaoyu was optimistic, after five hundred and eighty practice sessions, he couldn't take it anymore. He sat to the side and prepared to take a rest.

"Oh, Third Brother, you can't slack off during cultivation. Otherwise, I'm afraid you won't even have dinner."

After Lee Shaoyu rested for a while, a young man in blue walked over and said to Lee Shaoyu.

Lin Qingyan, Lin Zaitian's second son, liked to bully Lin Qingyu. He could be said to be Lin Qingyu's sworn enemy. However, his cultivation base had already reached the sixth level of the Body Tempering Stage realm. Lin Qingyu was no match for him at all.

Behind Lin Qingyan were a few young men from the Lin's. They were all Lin Qingyan's usual friends.

"So it's Liu. I was slightly injured today, so I'm a little tired. I need to rest for a while."

Lee Shaoyu looked at Lin Qingyan and said. Lin Qingyan and Lin Zaitian looked very resolute, but Lin Qingyu looked like a weak scholar. No wonder there were rumors that Lin Qingyu was not Lin Zaitian's biological son. He did not look like him.

"Haha, you seem to be able to finish it without getting hurt. Let Liu supervise your training today."

Lin Qingyan's right foot gently tapped on a stone lock. The stone lock flew up. Lin Qingyan played with the stone lock like a toy, then threw it to Lee Shaoyu.

It was a stone lock that weighed about a thousand pounds.

Normally, only those at the fourth level of the Body Tempering Stage realm or above would use a thousand kilograms stone lock to train. A third level Body Tempering Stage like Lee Shaoyu usually used a five hundred kilograms stone lock to practice, and Lin Qingyan did this to embarrass Lee Shaoyu.

Lee Shaoyu stood on the spot and looked at the stone lock flying towards him. He kept thinking about whether he should accept it or not. If it was him in the past, then he definitely wouldn't be able to take it with his strength.

But now that he had transmigrated, he had brought along a cheat that the aboriginals could not imagine. Perhaps he would be able to take it with a shake of his body. At that time, he would definitely be able to make these people stare in bewilderment. Then, perhaps Lin Qingyan would become his loyal little brother in the future.

Receive! The plot of a novel is usually in this direction. Now that I have the legendary aura of a main character, how can I be afraid of them?

It was just a matter of time. In an instant, Lee Shaoyu reached out his hand and grabbed the stone lock. At the same time, he didn't forget to peek at the reactions of Lin Qingyan and the others.

As I expected, they were all stunned. Once I show my strength, they will all submit under my feet! Lee Shaoyu could even imagine Lin Qingyan kneeling in front of him. A trace of a smile could not help but appear at the corner of his mouth.


Lee Shaoyu felt something was wrong as soon as he grabbed the stone lock. The stone lock weighed a thousand kilograms and was thrown over by Lin Qingyan. Its weight was enhanced by its speed. It weighed two thousand kilograms. How could Lee Shaoyu, who was only at the Third Layer of Body Tempering, catch it? He was directly taken out by the stone lock. After running a few steps forward, he fell down like a dog eating sh * t.


Lin Qingyan and a few other disciples of the Lin's burst into laughter, and they looked at Lee Shaoyu as if they were looking at a fool.

"Third brother, are you stupid? How dare you take the stone lock that I threw out?"

Lin Qingyan laughed so hard that tears almost came out of his eyes. He sneered at Lee Shaoyu.

Lee Shaoyu quietly got up and didn't say anything. It was obvious that he had been tricked instead of pretending. He had lost a lot of face this time.

"Let's go. Let my third brother cultivate here in peace. Otherwise, I'm afraid he'll be at the bottom again in the clan competition next month!"

Lin Qingyan glanced at Lee Shaoyu and said something to his followers. Then, he walked away. They could still hear their laughter when they were very far away.

The clan competition.

Lee Shaoyu sorted out his thoughts and remembered that the competition would be held every year in the Lin's next month. It was the time when the disciples of the Lin's would show off their brilliance, and also the time when Lin Qingyu suffered the most because Lin Qingyu always won the last place.

There was still half a month before the competition. I must change everything during this period of time!

Lee Shaoyu swore in his heart. Then, without saying a word, he grabbed the stone lock on the ground and continued training. He had set his goal for five thousand times.

"It seems that Yu seems to have realized something. He has become much more diligent in his training than before." In a building in the distance, Lin Zaitian looked at Lee Shaoyu and nodded with satisfaction.

Relying on his tenacious willpower, Lee Shaoyu insisted on swinging the stone lock in his hand for 2,355 times. But his body was honest. At this moment, Lee Shaoyu's clothes were already drenched in sweat. The last bit of strength he had was exhausted.


After putting the stone lock on the ground, Lee Shaoyu finally could not hold on any longer. He laid down on the ground with his face facing downwards. He gasped for breath. Lee Shaoyu, who was completely exhausted, suddenly felt that it was wonderful to be able to lie on the ground for a while.

Not long after Lee Shaoyu laid on the ground, four servants of Lin Castle walked out from the shadows and carried Lee Shaoyu back to Lee Shaoyu's room.

"Third Young Master, this is the Body-Solid Pill that the Lord gave you." Four servants walked out of the door and a servant handed a delicate porcelain bottle to Lee Shaoyu.

The Body-Solid Pill was a type of Pill frequently used by Body Tempering Stage Pills. It had the effect of strengthening the bones and strengthening the body, and activating the blood channel.

According to the usual practice, Lin Qingyu could only get a bottle of Body-Solid Pill a month, and this month was not the time to distribute it yet. Lin Zaitian actually asked someone to deliver a bottle to him.

Lee Shaoyu instantly guessed that Lin Zaitian must have been observing him in secret. In the past, Lin Qingyu was not in the mood to cultivate, so these Lee Shaoyus were only distributed according to the usual practice. But today, Lee Shaoyu's performance was much more hardworking than before. Lin Zaitian definitely wanted to give his son a small benefit.

Lee Shaoyu directly poured out a few black pills and ate them. Right now, he had just undergone high-intensity training, and his entire body was in the state of extreme hunger. The effect of taking Body-Solid Pills at this time was undoubtedly the best.

After a few medicinal Body-Solid Pills entered his mouth, Lee Shaoyu suddenly felt a faint warm current rise up in his stomach. It flowed along his meridians and flowed into his limbs and bones. It was very numb and comfortable.

Lee Shaoyu did not continue to stay on the bed. He got up and sat cross-legged on the bed. He circulated the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture to absorb and refine the medicinal strength. If he allowed the medicinal strength to only spread out, he estimated that he could only absorb 70% of it. The remaining 30% would be wasted.

About half an hour later, the medicinal strength of the few medicinal Body-Solid Pills were all absorbed and refined by Lee Shaoyu. However, Lee Shaoyu still felt a sense of hunger in his body, so he ate three more. Lee Shaoyu did not dare to eat too much at once, because Lin Qingyu's body could not withstand too much medicinal strength at all.

After absorbing all of the medicinal strength, Lee Shaoyu suddenly felt his body was full. His entire body was full of strength. It turned out that when he was practicing martial arts, every time he went through high-intensity training, he would feel sore all over his body. However, the Body-Solid Pill in this world completely eliminated this effect. Even after high-intensity training, he was still in high spirits.

Moreover, Lee Shaoyu was pleasantly surprised to find that his Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture had broken through to the second level after this training, which meant that he had already reached the fourth level of the Body Tempering Stage.

"Indeed, only this kind of explosiveness training can increase my strength faster."

Lee Shaoyu jumped off the bed happily and kept waving his fists. He could feel the powerful force in his body, which had reached the fourth level of the Body Tempering Stage realm. Currently, Lee Shaoyu's physical strength had already reached five hundred kilograms. This kind of feeling was something that could not be experienced on Earth.


A cough suddenly rang out in Lee Shaoyu's mind, giving him a big fright.

"Can you say hello before you speak? Don't make it so sudden."

Lee Shaoyu was a little dissatisfied and shouted loudly.

"I am communicating with you. If you don't want to be treated as a lunatic or a fool, you don't need to talk at all. You just need to think about it with your head," Lee Shaoyu said.

The mysterious voice sounded in Lee Shaoyu's mind again.

"Then why didn't you tell me earlier? You only told me now."

Lee Shaoyu tried to think about it.

"So it was not the right time. Now I can finally communicate with you."

The mysterious voice sounded again. It could guess what Lee Shaoyu was thinking.

"Not the right time? So you mean the time is right now?"

"That's right. All the chosen ones from the various planes of the universe are in position. I can now explain the rules to you."

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