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C5 The Chosen Ones

"The chosen one? What do you mean?"

Lee Shaoyu asked, puzzled.

"First of all, congratulations on being chosen by the God of Destiny and becoming a participant in this trial. Currently, all ten thousand chosen ones have been assigned to Heavenly-sword Continent. I will explain to you the things you need to pay attention to and the mission reward system."

The mysterious voice didn't answer Lee Shaoyu's question, but began to explain to Lee Shaoyu directly.

Great trial? Ten thousand chosen ones? Mission reward system?

Lee Shaoyu's brain was working at full speed as he quickly analyzed the information he had received. Initially, he thought that he had transmigrated and activated a special ability. He thought that he would be able to turn the tables and reach the peak of his life very quickly. He did not expect that he would be able to give himself such a pleasant surprise.

"Ten thousand chosen ones? Are you saying that I am not the only transmigrator?"

Lee Shaoyu asked.

"Of course, but I need to correct you first. You are not transmigrators, but chosen by God. This is also a great opportunity for you. If you seize this opportunity, your dream of reaching the peak of your life can be realized."

The mysterious voice said again.

"Alright, for this goal to be realized, I'll listen to you."

Lee Shaoyu said.

"Including you, there are a total of ten thousand selected people from different planes of the universe in Heavenly-sword Continent. You guys are competing with each other. Among the ten thousand of you, only ten of you will survive. The remaining chosen ones will be killed continuously during the process of this great trial. " So your final task is to find these chosen ones and kill them one by one! "

The mysterious voice said.

"Are you kidding me? Can I quit?"

Lee Shaoyu was shocked.

"If you choose to quit, I will kill you right now."

The mysterious voice suddenly became incomparably cold.

"Don't scare me, I am a coward. But if I don't listen to you, how do you plan to kill me?"

Lee Shaoyu asked carefully.


After Lee Shaoyu asked this question, he suddenly felt a huge pain in his head. This pain did not come from his body, but from the depths of his soul. It was as if his soul wanted to split apart. However, this pain only lasted for a short moment before it faded away. If it was any longer, Lee Shaoyu's soul might be torn apart.

"This is just a small punishment for you. If you fail to complete the mission I gave you, or escape this mission, then I will kill your soul directly."

The mysterious voice said.

"Okay, I believe it, okay? But since I've been chosen, shouldn't there be some benefits?"

Lee Shaoyu no longer dared to doubt the mysterious voice. He decisively chose to give in.

"Of course, I will provide you with all kinds of powerful cultivation techniques, weapons, and cultivation resources. However, other than the original Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture being given to you for free, you have to exchange everything else for yourself."

The mysterious voice said.

Exchange? Exchange with what?"

Lee Shaoyu asked.

"Every time I give you a mission, you will receive the corresponding mission points as a reward. And I will also give you corresponding contribution points as a reward for every single thing you do in Heavenly-sword Continent. You can use these points to exchange for the corresponding items with me."

The mysterious voice said.

I can understand the reward of mission points. How do you calculate the reward of contribution points? "

Lee Shaoyu asked.

"It's very simple. No matter if you are doing justice or doing evil, I will judge you based on the influence of the incident. I will reward you with corresponding Contribution Values."

The mysterious voice said.

"So you won't interfere with my doing good or evil at all?"

Lee Shaoyu asked tentatively.

"You have ten thousand chosen ones. Apart from having the same foundation, you can only rely on yourselves for your own fortune and development. I will not interfere. I am only responsible for judging and providing you with the corresponding rewards."

The mysterious voice said.

"So I am still free?"

Lee Shaoyu asked tentatively.

"You are free for the rest of the time except for the missions I have to complete. As for how far you can go, you can only rely on yourself."

The mysterious voice said.

"I don't know your name, sir. I'll also have a name in the future."

Lee Shaoyu asked.

"You can call me God's Emissary," Lee Shaoyu said. "You can call me God's Emissary."

The Oracle said.

"Okay, God's poop," God's Messenger said. Oh, no, Lord Oracle, as a novice, aren't you going to provide me with some help?"

Lee Shaoyu said shamelessly, trying to get some benefits from God's messenger.

"All ten thousand of you have received the same amount of mission points. Each of you only have one hundred mission points. You will have to fight for the rest by yourselves."

The Oracle said.


As soon as the divine envoy's voice faded, the void in front of Lee Shaoyu suddenly trembled. A void vortex appeared in front of Lee Shaoyu. A jade pendant floated out of the void and quietly floated in front of Lee Shaoyu. The void vortex disappeared and the space returned to normal.

"This is the Chosen One's God's Chosen Token. After you drip your blood on it, you can use the God's Chosen Token to check the items and the remaining points you can exchange for. You still have a month to prepare. I will give you the first mission in a month."

After the Oracle said this, he no longer made a sound.

F * ck, this is high-tech!

Lee Shaoyu looked at the jade token floating in front of him and thought about the void vortex that appeared in front of him. He could not help but feel a lingering fear in his heart. Who was the one controlling all of this behind the scenes? What was their goal?

None of this was known.

However, since they had set foot on this pirate ship, it was impossible for them to continue. They could only walk forward step by step, not for anything else but for their own survival.

Lee Shaoyu took the God's Chosen Token in front of him. He grabbed a small knife on the table and cut his finger. A drop of blood dripped onto the God's Chosen Token and instantly disappeared from the token. He instantly felt that his blood was connected to the God's Chosen Token.

"Activate the God's Chosen Token."

The moment the drop of blood recognized its owner, a huge amount of information automatically imprinted itself into Lee Shaoyu's mind. Lee Shaoyu also understood the use of the God's Chosen Token. As Lee Shaoyu gave the order, the God's Chosen Order began to shine. Eight books emerged from the God's Chosen Order and revolved around Lee Shaoyu.

Lee Shaoyu's eyes swept across the covers of these books. On the covers were various cultivation methods, martial arts techniques, Arcane Art techniques, Pills, spirit artifacts, materials, and auxiliary techniques. The last book was written in a notebook.

Taking out the notebook, Lee Shaoyu opened it and took a look. On it was Lee Shaoyu's personal information.

The chosen one was Lee Shaoyu, who replaced the third young master of Lin Castle, Lin Qingyu. Currently, 100 novice mission points. No major events, no medicinal Contribution Values, no exchange records.

It was only this simple. A sentence.

It seemed like it was used to record Lee Shaoyu's personal information and his points after he came to Heavenly-sword Continent.

Putting the record book back, Lee Shaoyu took the cultivation method category back. He opened it and saw that there were tens of thousands of cultivation methods and points needed to exchange for them. He found that the classification was the same as the classification of the medicinal Heavenly-sword Continents in Heavenly-sword Continent.

The cultivation method was divided into four levels: Heaven, Earth, Xuan, and Yellow. Among them, Yellow rank was the cheapest. One book only required ten exchange points, Profound Level required a hundred exchange points, Earth rank required a thousand exchange points, and Sky-rank needed ten thousand exchange points.

So dark!

Lee Shaoyu looked at the martial arts and Arcane Art types again. They were also divided into four levels, just like the cultivation techniques, and each level was more expensive than the other.

As for the spirit artifacts, they were divided into many levels. They were divided into ordinary weapons, elite soldiers, spirit artifacts, Royal Armaments, Saint Weapons, and Immortal Weapons.

Ordinary weapons were relatively cheap. They only needed one exchange to exchange for ten elite soldiers, one hundred exchange for spirit artifacts, one thousand exchange points for Royal Armaments, and ten thousand exchange points for Saint Weapons. As for Immortal Artifacts, they required a million points. It could be said that they were the most valuable items among all items.

Lee Shaoyu briefly read through it and then put away the Heavenly Selection Token. The items on it were indeed very attractive, but Lee Shaoyu could not afford to exchange them now. As for the poor 100 mission points, he had to think carefully before he could use them.

Everyone had 100 task points. In other words, everyone had the same starting point. It all depended on how he used them. How these task points were used would directly determine the success or failure of the first mission.

Low-rank cultivation methods, medicinal Pills, and other things could also be obtained by Lee Shaoyu in Lin Castle, so he was not in a hurry to exchange for them. Materials and the like were completely useless in the early stages, so he could also directly abandon them. The only things he could choose were martial arts secret arts and spirit artifacts. But he had to consider carefully what he should choose. He couldn't be blind, or else he might end up in an irrecoverable place.

Since the oracle had said that everyone had the same starting point, it meant that all the indigenous residents who were chosen to be chosen should be disciples of a major power like Lin Castle. All the major powers above the Heavenly-sword Continent were divided into five levels. The Lin Castle was only considered the lowest level of power. It only had a radius of a few thousand miles, and could only be considered as one of the four major powers.

The Lin Castle was under the jurisdiction of a major sect, the Taixuan Sect. The Taixuan Sect belonged to a third level power and controlled ten fourth level powers.

Above the Taixuan Sect was a second level power, the Jinzhong Sect. It occupied an area of hundreds of thousands of miles, and controlled ten third level powers.

The Xuandao Sect of Dongxuan State belonged to a first-grade power. It ruled a province and controlled ten second-grade powers under its command.

As for the small sects within the territory of the Lin Castle, they were the lowest level power in the entire continent. They were called the lowest level power, which meant that they were unqualified.

This pyramid-like system reflected the rule that the strong were respected. Therefore, the Cultivator all wanted to climb to the top of the pyramid.

They wanted to obtain more in Lin Castle. I must display more extraordinary qualities, and this opportunity will be the Clan Competition in half a month's time. I must use this half a month's time to enhance my combat strength to the maximum!

Lee Shaoyu walked out of the door and arrived at the Martial Arts Practice Field. There was not much time left. He had to seize every moment to cultivate.

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