Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C6 There Was a Shortage of Pills
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Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C6 There Was a Shortage of Pills
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C6 There Was a Shortage of Pills

It was evening now. There were already many disciples of the Lin Family doing all kinds of training in Martial Arts Practice Field. However, there weren't many people in the place where the five hundred kilogram and five kilogram stone chains were placed, because most of them had already reached Tempered Body 5th Layer and above, so no one needed to use these stone chains to train.

In order to fool others, Lee Shaoyu did not touch the five hundred kilograms of stone on the ground. Instead, he randomly found a five hundred kilograms stone lock and started carrying out weightlifting training. Although this training method was very primitive, it was indeed very effective.

The disciples of the Lin Family in Martial Arts Practice Field all looked at Lee Shaoyu as if they were looking at a monster. They did not understand why this Lin Qingyu had suddenly become so diligent. One should know that Lin Qingyu usually read and drew at the door of his room at this time of the day.

"It must be because of the competition in the sect next month. I have to work hard."

"Humph. What's the use of hugging Buddha's feet at the right time?"

"Let him practice. Watch me kick him down when the competition comes."

The people around started to discuss quietly, but none of them were optimistic about Lee Shaoyu. All of them were mocking him.

Lee Shaoyu trained for a while and felt that he could not go on like this. With such a large group of people surrounding him, he could not fully focus on training. If his strength was exposed ahead of time, how could he give these disciples of the Lin Family a big surprise?

After putting down the stone lock, Lee Shaoyu deliberately pretended to be very tired and then left the Martial Arts Practice Field while panting heavily. He went straight to the warehouse at the back of the Lin Castle.

"I knew it. How could he suddenly change his temper?"

"Haha. He only trained for a few dozen times and he was already so tired that he looked like a bear. He is just a piece of trash."

After Lee Shaoyu left, there was a burst of laughter from Martial Arts Practice Field, but Lee Shaoyu was too lazy to pay attention to it. In this world, only the strong deserved respect, even if Lin Qingyu was the son of the Lord of the Castle. Because he was weak, he could only accept endless ridicule.

"Uncle Feng."

Lee Shaoyu ran to the warehouse and found Lin Feng, who was in charge of managing the warehouse. He was a very shrewd middle-aged man, and Lin Zaitian trusted him deeply.

"It's Young Master Yu. What brings you to the storehouse?" Lin Zaitian asked.

Lin Feng sat on a chair and looked at Lee Shaoyu indifferently. He didn't even stand.

"Uncle Feng, I want to borrow a few pieces of black dust iron."

Lee Shaoyu didn't mind at all. He knew that Lin Feng didn't care about Lin Qingyu at all.

"What do you want Black Dust Iron for?" Lin Qingyu asked. Do you want to learn how to forge weapons?"

Lin Feng looked at Lee Shaoyu in confusion. Besides asking him for ink and paper, Lin Qingyu had never asked for anything that had anything to do with cultivation.

Black Dust Iron was a very common material for forging weapons. Other than being very heavy, it didn't have much value. It was usually used by apprentices who learned how to forge weapons. They didn't know what Lin Qingyu wanted to do.

"I do want to learn how to forge weapons. You see, I'm not that good in martial arts. I might as well learn some tool refinement techniques."

Lee Shaoyu lied. Anyway, it made sense.

"That's good. Anyway, you like these strange things. If you can really learn how to forge weapons, it will be the fortune of Lin Castle."

Lin Feng nodded slightly. He looked at Lee Shaoyu with praise. If Lee Shaoyu really wanted to learn how to forge weapons, he would be of great help to Lin Castle in the future. It was better than studying and painting all day long.

"How much do you want?" Lin Feng asked.

"Two thousand pounds. I'm just practicing." Lee Shaoyu thought for a moment and said.

Two thousand pounds of black dust iron was not much, because this kind of mineral was quite heavy. A brick sized ore was a thousand pounds.

"Since it's for practice, I'll give you some leftover materials for refining weapons. Anyway, it's the same."

Lin Feng entered the warehouse and took out a small package. Inside was some scattered black dust iron, which was exactly two thousand catties.

"Alright, thank you, Uncle Feng."

Lee Shaoyu nodded and took the small bag from Lin Feng's hand. He then walked towards his room in a flash. It was too heavy.

"Do you need someone to deliver it to you?" Lin Feng shouted from behind.

"No need. I'll walk slowly." Lee Shaoyu shook his head and staggered to his room. This was also a form of training.

After returning to his room, Lee Shaoyu found sewing cloth and made four small sandbags filled with black dust iron. Each sandbag weighed 500 pounds.

Lee Shaoyu tied the four small sandbags to his legs and arms. Then, he waved his fist and realized that he was ten times slower than usual. However, this was exactly what Lee Shaoyu wanted. He had to adjust his body to this weight first.

In order to not attract other people's attention, Lee Shaoyu tied these sandbags and sneaked out from the back door of Lin Castle. He ran on the back mountain to train.

The back mountain road was led by Lin Qingyu's memory, so Lee Shaoyu was very familiar with it. However, he carried a weight of two thousand kilograms. It would be much slower for Lee Shaoyu to run on this lap. By the time he came back from the back mountain, it was already past dinner time.

"I'm really unlucky. I didn't even have dinner on the first day I came to this world."

He dragged his tired body back to his room. Lee Shaoyu laid on the bed. The sandbags on his body were still there. He wanted to get used to this condition as soon as possible.

Knock, knock, knock!

There was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

"Third Young Master, the castle master asked us to leave some food for you. Do you want to eat it now?"

"Hurry up and bring it to me."

Lee Shaoyu immediately sat up when he heard that he had something to eat. Even though he had eaten quite a few Body-Solid Pills today, he could not resist the hunger in his stomach. He had never tasted the delicacies of this world.

Soon, four dishes and one soup were sent to Lee Shaoyu's room. The fragrance of the food made Lee Shaoyu drool.

Four dishes, two meat and two vegetables, Lee Shaoyu directly grabbed a chicken leg and started chewing. The chicken meat in this world was much more delicious than the chicken meat on Earth. After all, the chickens here were not fed with feed.


Lee Shaoyu swept away all the dishes on the table like a whirlwind. He even ate six big mantous before wiping his mouth and praising from the bottom of his heart.

"Third Young Master, you really can eat today. It's as much as your appetite for the past two days."

A servant who brought food said to Lee Shaoyu with his eyes wide open.

"Haha, I'm a little hungry today, a little hungry..."

Lee Shaoyu then remembered that there was someone watching from the side. He felt a little embarrassed.

After the servant finished cleaning the dishes and left, Lee Shaoyu once again ran to the Martial Arts Practice Field. He raised the five hundred kilogram stone lock on the ground and practiced at night.

"Heavens, what's wrong with this child, Qingyu? Why does he look like a different person today?"

A beautiful middle-aged woman wearing purple clothes stood beside Lin Zaitian. She looked at Lee Shaoyu who was training and said in a low voice. Lin Zaitian had three wives in total. This was the second wife, Wang Susu, and Lin Xiaoxuan's mother. Lin Qingyu's birth mother was said to be the third wife, but she disappeared after giving birth to Lin Qingyu.

"You think so too? I also feel that this child, Qing Yu, has changed. I wonder if he woke up from his fall today. However, it is a good thing that he could have such a change. This child has already wasted too much time. "

Lin Zaitian sighed and said.

It is a good thing, but it is not good to cultivate without sleep. It will tire your body out. "

Wang Susu shook her head and said.

"It's fine. I got someone to give him a bottle of specially made Body-Solid Pills today. Apart from strengthening his body and regathering his energy, it also has the effect of nourishing his body and mind. He will be fine. As long as he is willing to work hard, I naturally have to fully nurture him."

Lin Zaitian said with a smile.

"So many years have passed. Are you still feeling guilty about what happened to your brother? It's time for you to come out."

Wang Susu looked at Lin Zaitian and said.

Why are you bringing this up? Let's go back and rest. "

Lin Zaitian's body suddenly shook. Apparently, he was touched by something. Then, he held Wang Susu's hand and turned around, disappearing into the shadows of the building.

After completing five thousand stone locks and raising them up, Lee Shaoyu felt that he was about to collapse again. He dragged his exhausted body back to his room and ate another five Body-Solid Pills. He circulated the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture to refine the medicinal strength.

It was already late at night when the medicinal strength was completely refined. Only then did Lee Shaoyu lie on the bed and fall asleep. Lee Shaoyu understood that cultivation needed to be done step by step. It was impossible to become fat in one bite, so he still needed to rest when it was time to rest.

From then on, he would run two laps around the back mountain every day. After completing the stone lock lifting training five thousand times, it became Lee Shaoyu's daily training.

Ten days later, the bottle of Lin Zaitians Lin Zaitian gave him ran out, and Lee Shaoyu's Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture also broke through once again. He entered the third level, which was the Sixth Level Body Tempering Realm. Lee Shaoyu's strength also increased to three thousand kilograms.

However, Lee Shaoyu still held the five hundred kilograms stone lock in the Martial Arts Practice Field. However, the sandbags on his body had been replaced with one thousand kilograms. He was still playing the role of a good-for-nothing.

However, he had already finished eating his Body-Solid Pills, and Lin Zaitian did not ask anyone to bring it over. The bottle of Body-Solid Pills he received every month was not effective at all. Lee Shaoyu decided to go and see Lin Zaitian. He was not willing to waste his mission points. At the current stage of cultivation, the only thing he could do was to search for it from his father.


After lunch, Lee Shaoyu went straight to Lin Zaitian's training room. Given Lin Zaitian's status, he naturally wouldn't cultivate with his clansmen in Martial Arts Practice Field.

"It's Yu. What's the matter?"

Lin Zaitian said to Lee Shaoyu with a serious face.

Lee Shaoyu wanted to laugh. He cared a lot about his son, but he had to keep a distance from him. He didn't know what Lin Zaitian was thinking. Perhaps this was the legendary father Yan. Lee Shaoyu had never experienced this before anyway.

"My son has finished eating all the medicinal Body-Solid Pills, so I want some more."

Now that Lee Shaoyu needed someone to help him, he naturally had to lower his attitude a little.

"So fast? Have you finished both bottles?"

Lin Zaitian's eyes flashed with a trace of surprise, but it also disappeared in a flash. One must know that the bottle he gave was a specially made medicinal Body-Solid Pill. Its medicinal effect could match the amount of three bottles of ordinary medicinal Body-Solid Pills. In just a short ten days, it was equivalent to Lee Shaoyu having already eaten four bottles of medicinal Body-Solid Pills.

How could a little fellow at the Third Level of Body Tempering possibly eat so many medicinal Pills?

"You have to know that our Lin Castle's resources are limited as well. The amount of medicinal Pills each clansman can obtain is distributed according to their strength. With your Third Level Body Tempering Stage strength, you can only obtain one bottle of medicinal Body-Solid Pills every month. Although I'm the Lord of the Lin Castle and you've been working very hard recently, I can't be biased."

Lin Zaitian observed Lee Shaoyu without batting an eyelid, wanting to see something from Lee Shaoyu's body. * Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

"Okay, I understand."

Lee Shaoyu left after finishing his sentence. He didn't explain much to Lin Zaitian, but he knew that Lin Zaitian had already started to doubt his strength. He was testing him just now.

"Oh, isn't this third brother? Where did he go to find father? You don't look too good. Did you get scolded? Hahaha, you deserve to be scolded. Who told you to be a piece of trash!"

Just as he was considering how to get some medicinal Pills, He brought a few followers and ridiculed Lee Shaoyu there.

Got it! The Pill came!

Lee Shaoyu's eyes lit up. These people were ready-made medicinal Pills, right? The Pills this month had only been given out for five days. They definitely hadn't eaten much yet.

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