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Lee Shaoyu snorted coldly and turned around, ignoring Lin Qingyan. He walked straight to his room.

"Stop! What kind of attitude is this? Can't you hear Liu talking to you? "I noticed that you've been getting more and more arrogant recently. You don't take Liu's words seriously. Are your bones itching again?"

Lin Qingyan felt humiliated when he saw Lee Shaoyu ignore him. He roared at Lee Shaoyu.

"What kind of attitude can I have? I just don't want to hear a few mad dogs bark. I want peace."

Lee Shaoyu said without turning his head. He wanted to further infuriate Lin Qingyan so that he could get what he wanted.

"What... what did you say?"

Lin Qingyan did not react for a moment. He did not expect Lin Qingyu, who had always been obedient to others, would actually dare to resist him and call him a dog today.

"I said I don't want to hear a few mad dogs barking here. There are really all kinds of people nowadays. I have to find a place to scold them."

Lee Shaoyu turned his head and spat on the ground. He said to Lin Qingyan.

"You... How dare you call me a dog! I want to challenge you!"

Lin Qingyan was angry and anxious. Today, this Lin Qingyu seemed to have changed into a different person all of a sudden. It made him unable to help but feel nameless anger in his heart. He had to teach this brat a good lesson.

"Challenge me? Do you have the nerve? All these years, you have been bullying me relying on your high realm. Do you really think that I am a pushover that can be bullied?! "You're just a trash that only knows how to bully the weak!"

Lee Shaoyu saw that the fish had taken the bait and continued to add fuel to the fire. The two people's quarrels also attracted quite a number of Lin Clan people. They were almost surrounding the two people, but no one said anything. Everyone was waiting to watch the show.

"Good, how dare you! I officially challenge you today. According to the Lin Family rules, you must accept it!"

Lin Qingyan gritted his teeth and said. What he said was the truth. In order to motivate the disciples in the family, there were rules to challenge the family. However, most of the disciples of the same realm challenged each other. This was the first time that a high realm challenged a low realm.

"You can also talk about the rules of the family. However, the clan rules state that the challenged can put forward a condition as a wager. If the challenger can't satisfy it, he can refuse the challenge."

Lee Shaoyu shrugged and said.

Ha, this is a joke. Can't I satisfy the condition you can make? "I have everything you have," Lee Shaoyu said. I have everything you don't have. What do you want to bet on?"

Lin Qingyan was so angry that he laughed and said to Lee Shaoyu.

"100 bottles of Body-Solid Pills. I'm afraid you won't be able to take out more."

Lee Shaoyu said casually.

"A... a hundred bottles?"

Lin Qingyan couldn't help but be slightly surprised. Even if he was at the sixth level of the Body Tempering Stage realm, he could only get five bottles of Body-Solid Pills every month. These hundred bottles were equivalent to a year's worth of Body-Solid Pills. He really couldn't take them out.

"You're deliberately making things difficult for me. If I can't take them out, can you take them out? If you can't even take it out yourself, this bet won't be valid at all."

Lin Qingyan seemed to have suddenly thought of something and pointed at Lee Shaoyu.

As long as you can take it out, I'll bet my hand! If you can't take it out, get the hell out of here!"

Lee Shaoyu looked at Lin Qingyan coldly and slowly raised his left hand.

"Good! Lin Qingyu, this is what you said. Don't regret it. Everyone here will be my witness! "

Lin Qingyan was so angry that his nose was crooked. He pointed at Lee Shaoyu and almost jumped up. Then, he began to gather Body-Solid Pills for his friends.

"Yu, don't mess around! Quickly apologize to your second brother!"

Lin Zaitian appeared at the right time and said sternly to Lee Shaoyu. He wanted to suppress this matter.

"Father, don't stand up for this kid. I must teach him a good lesson today, a lesson he will never forget for the rest of his life!"

Lin Qingyan saw that Lin Zaitian wanted to suppress the matter and immediately jumped out.

"Apologize? Why should I apologize? Is it my fault that I have been bullied all this time? I've had enough!"

Lee Shaoyu pretended to shout hysterically. In fact, he was already very happy in his heart. Even if he did not expose his strength today, he would still let others know when it came to the internal competition. But now that he could get a hundred bottles of Body-Solid Pills, why not?

"Yu, are you crazy?"

Lin Zaitian shouted angrily at Lee Shaoyu. Now, he seriously suspected that Lee Shaoyu broke his head the last time he fell. His entire person had become abnormal. He regretted not checking Lee Shaoyu's injuries at that time.

"100 bottles of Body-Solid Pills have been gathered. I don't care if he's really crazy or fake, I must beat him until his mother doesn't recognize him today!"

Lin Qingyan was already filled with anger at this moment. He directly walked over with a few lackeys. Each of his lackeys carried a pile of Body-Solid Pills in their arms.

"Good! Since you can take out these Body-Solid Pills, I will naturally agree to fight you!"

Lee Shaoyu placed his hands behind his back and looked at Lin Qingyan coldly with an arrogant expression. He had already made up his mind that he would beat Lin Qingyan until his mother didn't even recognize him, which was also Lin Zaitian's eldest wife, Liu Cuicui.

"See you at the combat arena!"

Lin Qingyan snorted coldly and turned around to lead his followers to the combat arena. Then, a large number of people followed him. They really didn't understand. What was going on today?

"Yu, what are you doing? If you lose, even my father won't be able to protect your arm."

Lin Zaitian came to Lin Qingyu's side and glared at Lee Shaoyu.

"Just wait and see."

Lee Shaoyu didn't explain. He turned around and walked towards the fighting arena.

The martial arena was where the Lin Family members usually sparred. There were four rings in a wide courtyard. The annual clan competition was also held here.

When Lee Shaoyu arrived at the martial arena, Lin Qingyan had already occupied one of the rings. Three elders of the Lin's Clan sat on the viewing platform as judges. On the table were 100 bottles of Lin Qingyans brought by Lin Qingyan.

"Qingyu, if you change your bet now, there's still time."

A clan elder on the battle arena said in a deep voice. Because there was no precedent of a clan battle hurting one's body, this clan elder asked again. In his opinion, Lin Qingyu was simply no match for Lin Qingyan.

"There's no need. If I lose, I'll just give this hand to him."

Lee Shaoyu shook his head, and then strode onto the arena.

"Lin Qingyan challenges Lin Qingyu. The competition begins!"

The elder asked the same question. Since Lee Shaoyu insisted, he naturally wouldn't say anything.

"I will take your hand today!"

With that, Lin Qingyan rushed over and punched Lee Shaoyu in the face. His momentum was heavy and his speed wasn't slow either.

In Lee Shaoyu's previous life, he was a master of loose boxing. He had also come into contact with Kung Fu and Taekwondo, so he had a certain level of combat power. However, Lee Shaoyu was not in a hurry to attack. Instead, he quietly observed Lin Qingyan's fighting style.

Ever since he came to this world, Lee Shaoyu had not fought with anyone. As for Lin Qingyu's memory, he could only take a beating. Therefore, Lee Shaoyu took this opportunity to familiarize himself with the fighting style of the Cultivator.

Lee Shaoyu moved slightly to the side and dodged Lin Qingyan's punch. However, Lin Qingyan also changed his move very quickly. He changed his fist into a claw. With a flip of his wrist, he quickly grabbed at Lee Shaoyu.


Lee Shaoyu's body was tied with a weight of four thousand kilograms. His ability to move was greatly restricted. He was unable to dodge this attack, so he could only raise his arm to block it.

What a great strength!

This was the first time Lee Shaoyu had fought with someone, and he could not help but be shocked when he felt the several thousand kilograms of strength coming from Lin Qingyan's palm. Fortunately, he was already at Tempered Body 6th Layer, or else this claw would have broken his bones.

Every advancement in the Body Tempering Stage realm could not only increase one's strength, but also increase one's body's ability to resist attacks. A Cultivator at the Tenth Layer of Body Tempering could make one's body as hard as a rock, and ordinary weapons would not be able to hurt them.

Lin Qingyan's claw actually did not cause any harm to Lee Shaoyu. A trace of doubt flashed across his eyes, but he did not think too much about it. He just thought that it was because he did not use his full strength.

Slap! Slap! * Pa... *

Lin Qingyan kept swinging his fists. The Boxing was executed smoothly and smoothly, and its might was even stronger than before. It forced Lee Shaoyu to constantly dodge and block, and he didn't have the strength to fight back at all.

Rock Cracking Fist!

Lee Shaoyu recognized the Boxing skill that Lin Qingyan was using based on Lin Qingyu's memory. It was the Yellow Rank martial skill of Lin Castle, Rock Splitting Fist. It was most suitable for Body Tempering Stage Cultivator, and could fully unleash its power.

It was said that when the Rock Cracking Fist was cultivated to the limit, its power was enough to split open a rock. However, Lin Qingyan wasn't mature enough, but breaking a brick shouldn't be a problem. However, Lin Qingyu had always been at the Third Layer of Body Tempering, so he had never cultivated any Boxing. Lee Shaoyu could only rely on his scattering techniques to constantly defend and dodge.

"What kind of martial arts and footwork does this Qing Yu use? Why can't I understand it? Does our Lin Family have this kind of martial arts?"

An elder of the Lin Clan asked the elder beside him.

"I've never seen this before, but judging from his nimble movements, it's very simple and effective."

The elder shook his head gently and said.

Under Lin Qingyan's powerful attack, Lee Shaoyu was forced to retreat. He had already taken a few punches from Lin Qingyan. Although Lee Shaoyu had tried to minimize the damage, it still hurt.

"Stop! Wait a moment!"

Lee Shaoyu had almost finished his observation. His body was not moving well, which had caused him a lot of trouble. He planned to take off the sandbag.

"What's wrong?" he asked. Are you scared now? It's too late to beg for mercy?"

Lin Qingyan was slightly stunned, but he still stopped his attack. He had not taken Lee Shaoyu down for such a long time, which made him, a Sixth Level Body Tempering expert, somewhat annoyed. Many spectators were also confused, not understanding what Lee Shaoyu was trying to do.

They had no idea what was going on with their third brother. Why did he become so patient today? If it was in the past, he would have been able to make Lin Qingyu lose his combat strength with just two punches.

"Afraid? Your level isn't enough for me to be afraid. I only took off a few clothes."

Lee Shaoyu snorted coldly and ran to a corner of the arena alone. Then, he sat on the arena and began to remove the sandbags tied to his body.

"What is it? Do you think you can beat me by untying a few sandbags? " I want to see what else you can do. "

Lin Qingyan stared at the sandbag in Lee Shaoyu's hand and said coldly.

Lee Shaoyu took off all four of the sandbags and threw them off the stage. He felt much more relaxed now.


The sandbags fell onto the ground. With a dull sound, they smashed into the ground and created a huge pit.

"What a heavy sandbag!"

"Does Qingyu always carry such a heavy thing?"

There was a burst of exclamation from below the arena. It was common to use sandbags to carry weight, but no one had ever used such heavy sandbags before.

"You've always been hiding your strength!"

Lin Qingyan was shocked when he saw the sandbags fall to the ground. He had already estimated the weight of those sandbags. In other words, Lee Shaoyu's realm was definitely not at Tempered Body 3rd Layer.

"The show has just begun. Come on!"

Lee Shaoyu stretched his body. The bones in his body were cracking, and his aura had changed.

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