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C8 My Balls Are Broken

Lin Zaitian arrived in front of the sandbag that Lee Shaoyu threw down without batting an eyelid. He reached out his hand and touched it gently. A strange light flashed across his eyes.

Black Dust Iron!

He was afraid that Yu's realm was about to reach Tempered Body 7th Layer. His concealment was really deep. Yan Er was really unlucky. She had been tricked by this brat.

The corner of Lin Zaitian's mouth curved slightly, then he walked back.

"You brat, you tricked me!"

Lin Qingyan had already guessed part of the truth. He could not help but feel annoyed and said coldly to Lee Shaoyu.

"What do you mean shady? I am just keeping a low profile. But who told you to be so blind and keep angering me?"

Lee Shaoyu shrugged and said.

"I will fight you to the death!"

Lin Qingyan roared and jumped up. He jumped about two meters high and swung his leg at Lee Shaoyu.

"Go back!"

Lee Shaoyu felt his body was as light as a swallow and his movements were much faster. Lin Qingyan's movements were full of flaws in his eyes. He turned his body slightly to the side. Lee Shaoyu directly kicked Lin Qingyan sideways, and ruthlessly kicked Lin Qingyan's crotch!


Lin Qingyan was sent flying by Lee Shaoyu's kick. He fell heavily onto the arena and rolled on the ground with his hands covering his lower body.

Even though he was at Tempered Body 6th Layer, he hadn't practiced much in his lower body. Lin Qingyan felt his balls break under this kick, and he instantly lost his combat strength.

When the male spectators saw this scene, they felt their bodies tremble for no reason. Subconsciously, they tightened their grip on their lower bodies.

"This... What kind of body is this!"

A Lin Clan elder could not help but be a little angry. Attacking people's underhanded methods was simply a shameless method that was not ashamed of by medicinal Cultivators.

"Truly despicable!"

A female disciple spat out lightly, her face turning red from embarrassment.

For a moment, the spectators below the arena were also discussing animatedly. Most of them were criticizing Lee Shaoyu.

"Can we still fight?"

However, Lee Shaoyu didn't blush at all, as if nothing had happened. He directly walked to Lin Qingyan's side and asked while looking at him.

"You are shameless."

Lin Qingyan was in so much pain that beads of sweat were dripping down his forehead. At this moment, he didn't have the strength to fight. All his attention was on whether his balls were broken or not.

"As long as I can win, I don't care if I'm shameless or not. Believe it or not, I'll give you another kick now so that you can really taste the feeling of having your balls broken on the ground."

Lee Shaoyu squatted down and whispered into Lin Qingyan's ear. He naturally could not say such words in public anymore. Otherwise, he would be pointed at by thousands of people.

"Aiya, I'm really sorry, Liu. I haven't practiced the Boxing, so I just casually kicked him. " That's why this accuracy isn't good. A moment of failure, a moment of failure... "

Since Lee Shaoyu had squatted down, he naturally had to put on a good show. He pretended to support Lin Qingyan and said loudly on purpose.

When everyone heard this, all of their faces turned black. This was still considered a mistake. If it was good, then wouldn't it really break Lin Qingyan's balls with a kick? However, it was true that Lin Qingyu had never practiced the systematic fist technique before. There was some truth to it, and they could no longer blame Lee Shaoyu for it.

"Don't come over! I admit defeat!"

Lin Qingyan had a shadow in his heart. He was really afraid that Lee Shaoyu would give him another kick. He immediately moved his body from the ground, not letting Lee Shaoyu get close to him.

"In that case, thank you for your gift, Liu."

Lee Shaoyu smiled and jumped off the stage. He found a bag and packed all the 100 bottles of Body-Solid Pills. He picked up his sandbag and went back to his room.

Only the people from the Lin's Clan were left in a daze in the combat arena. Was this still the Lin Qingyu they knew in the past? It was as if he was a completely different person.

"In the heavens, this child, Qing Yu, is really talented. However, it's possible that his heart has grown a little distorted. You have to help him sort things out properly, otherwise, he'll probably become a calamity in the future."

After most of the people had left, the three elders of the Lin Clan found Lin Zaitian. One of them said to Lin Zaitian in a deep voice.

"Second Uncle, I understand. I will go and talk to him today."

Lin Zaitian nodded slightly. Lee Shaoyu's performance today was like a completely different person, which made Lin Zaitian worried.

However, all of this had nothing to do with Lee Shaoyu. Lee Shaoyu was currently looking at the hundred bottles of Body-Solid Pills in front of him in his room and laughing foolishly. With these hundred bottles of Body-Solid Pills, his realm should be able to cross another level and reach the fourth level of the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture.

Compared to the medicinal Heavenly-sword Continents in the Heavenly-sword Continent, his advantage now was that he had the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture. He didn't need to slowly cultivate like other medicinal Cultivators. As long as he had enough medicinal Pills to support him, his Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture would be able to make rapid progress.

In a short 10 days, he had advanced from Tempered Body 3rd Layer to Tempered Body 6th Layer. In fact, he was even faintly about to break through to Tempered Body 7th Layer. What he relied on was the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture. So it turned out that even if Lin Qingyu cultivated the Tempered Body Technique with the help of medicinal Pills, it was mainly focused on cultivation and supplemented by medicinal Pills. Hence, his advancement wouldn't be too fast.

However, the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture was mainly focused on medicinal Pills and supplemented by cultivation. This was sufficient to show how powerful this technique was.

First pouring a bottle of medicinal Body-Solid Pills into his mouth, Lee Shaoyu began to silently circulate the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture to refine the medicinal strength within the medicinal Body-Solid Pills. When the medicinal strength was almost completely refined, Lee Shaoyu directly took the four sandbags and started training in the room. He wanted his body to absorb the medicinal strength as soon as possible to achieve the effect of improving his constitution.

However, this process of forcefully improving one's physique was also very painful. Lee Shaoyu could clearly feel the bone piercing pain coming from every inch of his flesh and blood. That was because the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture was using this medicinal strength to forcefully destroy and reform Lee Shaoyu's body. Lee Shaoyu could even see traces of cracks appearing on his skin.

Everything had to be paid a price. It was impossible to increase one's cultivation speed without paying any price. However, in order to increase one's strength as soon as possible, Lee Shaoyu could endure this pain. Only after repeated tempering could his body become stronger.

"Yu, are you there?"

Just as Lee Shaoyu was concentrating on his cultivation, Lin Zaitian's voice came from outside the door.

"Father, I am cultivating. Please wait a moment."

After Lee Shaoyu circulated the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture again, he tidied up the room a little before opening the door.

"Let's talk in your room."

Lin Zaitian looked at Lee Shaoyu with a hint of worry in his eyes. He then walked into Lee Shaoyu's room.

Lee Shaoyu closed the door and followed behind Lin Zaitian without saying anything. Lee Shaoyu knew that the next round of questioning was about to begin. He had to think about how he should answer.

Lin Zaitian sat on the chair and kept tapping his fingers on the table. He seemed to be sorting out his words and did not know what to say.

The room fell into a depressing silence. Only the sound of Lin Zaitian's fingers tapping on the table echoed in the room.

"Sit down and talk."

Finally, Lin Zaitian broke the silence and signaled Lee Shaoyu to sit beside him.

"Yes, father."

"Yu, when did you break through to the Sixth Layer of Body Tempering?"

Lin Zaitian stopped tapping on the table and asked Lee Shaoyu with his back facing Lee Shaoyu.

As expected, he had come. Luckily, Lee Shaoyu had already thought of an excuse.

"In fact, I have already broken through to Tempered Body 5th Layer. It's just that I didn't want to get involved in the dispute. That's why I have been hiding my strength. Recently, I have faintly felt that I have broken through to Tempered Body 6th Layer. Therefore, under my recent diligent cultivation, I have succeeded in one fell swoop."

Lee Shaoyu said in a deep voice.

These years, it has indeed been hard on you. ... You have endured enough. " However, since you have such talent, why didn't you show it earlier? It would be good for me to fight for cultivation resources for you. "

Lin Zaitian did not doubt it. After all, the truth was right in front of his eyes. Apart from deliberately hiding his strength, he did not doubt it. The rest of the story is hard to say in the past.

"Haha, I don't really care about these external objects. What I value more is my inner cultivation."

Lee Shaoyu smiled calmly and tried his best to show his indifference.


However, Lin Zaitian almost spat out a mouthful of water when he heard that.

"You don't care about anything else? Today, you tricked Lin Qingyan with a hundred bottles of medicinal Body-Solid Pills, okay? At that time, those medicinal Body-Solid Pills' eyes were all shining, okay? s.

"Father, are you alright?"

After all, he still wanted to get more benefits from his father.

"I'm fine, I just choked..."

Lin Zaitian calmed down his complicated feelings. It seemed that he knew too little about his son. He had thought that Lin Qingyu was a loner, but now he realized that his son was a scheming person. He was a typical cynical person. He did not look like an eight year old child.

"Yu, maybe your father did not care enough about you in the past, which caused your growth to deviate. But you have to remember one thing. You are an upright and upright Cultivator. Don't use those dirty tricks again in the future."

Lin Zaitian said to Lee Shaoyu earnestly.

"Alright, I will remember it."

Although Lee Shaoyu was unhappy, he didn't dare to show it. If he wanted to fight for more benefits, he had to be obedient.

"Ok, just remember. Since you have already reached Tempered Body 6th Layer, it's time for you to learn a martial skill. Only then can you display your full strength."

Lin Zaitian said in a deep voice.

"Originally, I also wanted to mention this matter to my father, but I have not had the time yet. It is indeed time for me to learn a martial skill to protect myself."

Lee Shaoyu was waiting for Lin Zaitian to say this. Although he could use mission points to exchange for high-level martial skills, with his current strength, he was unable to fully utilize the power of the martial skill, so it was somewhat useless.

Most importantly, Lee Shaoyu did not know what this Mission Point and Contribution Value were obtained from, so he did not dare to use them easily.

"Alright, then follow me to the library and choose the martial skills that you like."

Lin Zaitian stood up and said to Lee Shaoyu.

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