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Supreme Cultivation System :The Last Survivor/C9 The Only Thing That Can't be Broken Is Speed
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C9 The Only Thing That Can't be Broken Is Speed

"Yes, Father!"

Lee Shaoyu was delighted. He had finally come into contact with the so-called martial skills in this world, and he didn't even need to waste his mission points.

Following behind Lin Zaitian, Lee Shaoyu turned and turned, and arrived in front of a single courtyard. There were four Yinyuan Stage Lin Castle disciples guarding the entrance, and it was obvious that this was an important place.

"Greetings, Lord, Third Young Master."

The leading Lin Castle disciple bowed to Lin Zaitian and Lee Shaoyu and led them into the courtyard.

"Alright, let's go. Qingyu is currently at Tempered Body 6th Layer. I'll take him to pick some martial skills."

After arriving at the entrance, Lin Zaitian waved his hand at the disciple of Lin Castle and said.

"Yes, Lord. Your subordinate will take his leave."

"Let's go in."

Lin Zaitian gently pushed open the door and walked in. Lee Shaoyu followed closely behind and saw an elder of the Lin's.

"Qingyu greets Fourth Grandpa."

Lee Shaoyu quickly greeted him. This elder was one of Lin Zaitian's uncles. His name was Lin Chaoqun, and he had been managing the library in Lin Castle. He had a very high position in Lin Family.

"It's in the sky and Qingyu. Why are you so free to come here today? Qingyu, have you reached Tempered Body 6th Layer?"

Lin Chaoqun, who was originally lazily lying on a rattan chair, suddenly sat up. He had been managing the library, and he had not heard of the battle today, so he was shocked all of a sudden.

"Yes, Fourth Uncle. Qingyu has already reached Tempered Body 6th Layer. According to tradition, he should be able to learn a few martial techniques. So I brought him here."

Lin Zaitian was also very satisfied with Lin Chaoqun's reaction. Lin Qingyu had gotten rid of the title of trash. As a father, his face was glowing. Moreover, at the same age, none of the disciples of the Lin's Clan had reached Tempered Body 6th Layer. This was no longer a simple way to get rid of the name of trash. It could even be called a genius.

"En, not bad, not bad. How long has it been since I last saw such an achievement? In the future, I will definitely become a great figure. It might even be able to bring our Lin Family to a higher level."

After Lin Chaoqun received confirmation, he was full of praise for Lee Shaoyu. He personally brought Lee Shaoyu to pick the ancient books.

"According to the clan rules, you can choose a martial skill, a footwork technique, and a Pupil Technique cultivation technique for free. Of course, they are all yellow rank. However, even if it is a martial skill of the same rank, due to the difference in emphasis, its power is also divided into strong and weak. Therefore, you have to choose carefully. " After you start to contribute to the clan and obtain a certain amount of medicinal Contribution Values, you can then exchange for more and more profound cultivation techniques. Take a look for yourself. "

Lin Chaoqun brought Lee Shaoyu to the front of a bookshelf and said to Lee Shaoyu.

Lee Shaoyu casually picked up a martial technique book. It was the Stone Splitting Fist's manual. There was a piece of paper next to him. It was a brief introduction of the Rock Breaking Fist. The Rock Breaking Fist was a powerful Boxing. It took a tough and fierce path. If one trained it to the extreme, it would be enough to crack a rock.

However, Lee Shaoyu put the Rock Breaking Fist down after taking a glance. There were too many flaws in this kind of powerful Boxing, and Lee Shaoyu did not like it. What he liked was the kind of martial skill that was fast and explosive. Once he seized an opportunity, he would be able to deal a fatal blow.

He remembered that there was a line in the movie that suited Lee Shaoyu's taste very well. In the world of martial arts, there was nothing that could not be broken, only speed that could not be broken! Modern fighting focused on three words: fast, accurate, and ruthless. He believed that this theory was also applicable in this world.

After flipping through several martial arts manuals, Lee Shaoyu was not very satisfied. This was because most of the martial arts techniques were focused on explosive strength, and they were neglected in terms of speed.

"Eh, this is?"

Lee Shaoyu's eyes, which were wandering on the bookshelf, were suddenly attracted by a martial skill. It was a somewhat damaged yellowed book. There was clearly dust on it. Clearly, no one had touched it for a long time.

Lee Shaoyu picked up the book and gently wiped the dust off the cover. The words "Hidden Edge Sword" were written on it. After Lee Shaoyu opened it, he found that it was an extremely sinister and vicious sword skill. Instead of using it to attack the enemy, most of the moves were used for sneak attacks. Every move was a killing move, and it was all about killing with one strike.

Lee Shaoyu suddenly understood why no one chose this book. Firstly, the book itself was incomplete, and the sword technique was incomplete. Secondly, this sword technique was too sinister, and it was somewhat biased towards evil. Usually, it would be shamed by those self-proclaimed righteous Cultivators. Therefore, Cultivators were extremely rare.

However, Lee Shaoyu did not care about these things at all. It would be fine if he could always be a Young Master of Liberty in Lin Castle. However, it was obvious that Lin Castle was just a relay station in his life. As long as he could survive, he would not care about justice and evil.

After selecting his martial skills, Lee Shaoyu went to the movement technique storage area. For Lee Shaoyu who pursued speed, movement techniques were more important than martial skills, so Lee Shaoyu was very strict in choosing movement techniques.

However, in the books in Lin Castle, most of the movement techniques were focused on dodging techniques and strange unpredictability. No one really paid attention to speed, which made Lee Shaoyu a little disappointed.

In the end, Lee Shaoyu chose a book that focused on speed. There was always better than none.

Finally, he came to the Pupil Technique book collection area. The corner of Lee Shaoyu's mouth couldn't help twitching. It was said that there were only two books in a large area of the book collection area. It seemed that the Pupil Technique was relatively rare.

He roughly looked at it. Both books had the same effect. They both trained their eyes so that they could see their opponent's movements more clearly. When trained to the extreme, they could see things in the dark. There was nothing to choose. Lee Shaoyu randomly chose a book with six pupils.

"Qingyu, are you sure you want to learn this Hidden Edge Sword?"

When Lee Shaoyu brought the three books to Lin Chaoqun, Lin Chaoqun frowned and asked Lee Shaoyu in a deep voice.

"That's right. Can't you learn it?"

Lee Shaoyu asked in puzzlement. He saw that Lin Zaitian's expression had also turned ugly.

"This Hidden Edge Sword was found by an ancestor of our Lin Family. It was supposed to be a Profound Level martial skill, but it was incomplete. It was placed in the yellow rank because it was too sinister. This can be said to be an evil martial skill. You'd better choose another martial skill."

Lin Zaitian said softly beside Lee Shaoyu.

There is no distinction between good and evil in martial arts. Only those who use martial arts can be divided into good and evil. Even if he is a righteous disciple, as long as his heart changes, he will still use his decent martial arts to do evil deeds."

Lee Shaoyu said with a faint smile. This Hidden Edge Sword was exactly what he wanted. He would not give it up so easily.

"Well said. I'm a little stubborn."

Upon hearing Lee Shaoyu's words, Lin Chaoqun's eyes couldn't help but flash with a bright light as he praised Lee Shaoyu.

"This child must have read too much. I don't know where he learned these twisted theories. Fourth Uncle, don't blame him."

Lin Zaitian said to Lee Shaoyu with a serious face.

"It doesn't matter. Just say whatever you want to say. This is the nature of a child. Alright, since it has been decided, let's make a copy."

Lin Chaoqun said with a smile.

The original version of the book still needed to be placed in the library. Lee Shaoyu could only take away the copy.

However, Lee Shaoyu was already very satisfied with this. If he wanted to exchange for it, he would have to spend 30 task points. Moreover, this Hidden Edge Sword was considered a quasi-Profound Level martial skill. This saved him a lot of effort, and his chances of survival in the first mission were much higher.

"Yu, it's good that you can cultivate diligently, but don't take the wrong path."

When he arrived outside Lee Shaoyu's room, Lin Zaitian said to Lee Shaoyu with a sincere tone. Lin Zaitian felt that he was getting more and more confused about Lee Shaoyu, and the development of the matter was getting out of his control.

"Yes, I understand. I will never bring shame to the Lin Family."

Lee Shaoyu acted like a good baby and said.

"That's good."

Lin Zaitian didn't say anything else, he just turned around and left.

"It's none of my business whether your Lin Family's reputation is tarnished or not. Once I get enough benefits, I'll just leave.

After Lin Zaitian left, Lee Shaoyu thought to himself.

There were less than five days left before the competition. Lee Shaoyu had to make good use of these five days to increase his strength by another level. He had only eaten one bottle of Body-Solid Pills. There were still 99 bottles waiting for him.

Lee Shaoyu opened the door and walked into the room. Then, he continued to take medicine and refine his body, striving to break through to the fourth level of the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture as soon as possible. As for those cultivation methods, he could only practice them in his spare time. After all, the current stage was still the realm. The higher the realm, the greater the advantage.

The time was getting closer and closer. It could be said that Lee Shaoyu did not sleep at all. Every day, he would take medicine, train, take medicine, and train again.

However, what Lee Shaoyu did not expect was that as his realm grew higher, the effects of the medicinal Body-Solid Pills became weaker and weaker. He had already consumed 78 bottles of medicinal Body-Solid Pills in 100 bottles. Only then did Lee Shaoyu feel that his Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture faintly showed signs of breaking through.

After eating two more bottles in one go, his Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture finally broke through again, reaching the fourth realm, which was the eighth level of the Body Tempering Stage realm.

s had only increased by one level. Looking at his current condition, it was impossible for him to rely on Body-Solid Pills to reach the fifth level of the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scripture, because the Xuanhuang Indestructible Scriptures wouldn't have any effect on his cultivation after the fourth level.

"The grade of Pills is too low. Looks like I have to find better Pills." Lee Shaoyu looked out the window. It was already late at night, and tomorrow was the day of the clan's internal competition. It was already too late.

Lee Shaoyu took out the Heaven's Chosen Token and looked at the price list of medicinal Pills. Yellow Rank medicinal Pills could only be exchanged for one bottle at 10 points, but their effects were all much stronger than medicinal Body-Solid Pills.

Even if it was a grade of medicinal Pills, because of the difference in the refinement materials and the craftsmanship, there were also differences. They were generally divided into three grades, low-grade, middle-grade, and high-grade.

For example, the medicinal Lee Shaoyus that Lee Shaoyu ate belonged to low-grade yellow-rank, just the lowest grade medicinal Pills. The list of high-grade yellow-rank medicinal Pills listed in the God's Chosen Order was all high-grade yellow-rank medicinal Pills. The effects were not on the same level at all.

Should I exchange or not?

Lee Shaoyu was at a loss. Originally, according to Lee Shaoyu's thoughts, he was prepared to exchange for a suitable weapon. If he used mission points, then the weapon would be ruined.

He would go to the warehouse to steal medicinal Pills!

This thought suddenly rose in Lee Shaoyu's mind.

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