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C1 pink!


"Who is that newborn girl?" The king knelt to the two years old girl and carried her to his chest.

"Nobody knows your majesty, I guess her parents abandoned her, or maybe got killed." The king's best friend assumed.

But when the girl opened her eyes, the king and all his men cemented, the king gulped nervously and commented, "she's—. Her eyes are pink! Who is she!"

That's' when the wise old man blurted out, "She belongs to the king."

The king turned his head slowly. "I am the king!"

The older man raised his head and said louder, "She belongs to the Alpha king of All the kings, she will be our Queen someday. Her future says so,"

That's when the king decided to adopt her. Nobody really knows if he did that on purpose or that pink-eyed girl's smile melted his heart.

Whether The king was right or wrong, he died, and the girl abandoned, disregarded, abused.

They didn't expect that — she Belongs to the Alpha king!


"Dad, give me a piggyback." I jumped over my dad back while he was talking with some alphas.

"stop doing that pink! We are in the middle of a meeting." My elder brother, prince Garett yelled at me.

I shrunk a bit, but I didn't care about his words much because my dad growled, "Garett, don't ever talk to your little sister this way, ever." My dad said sternly to Garett.

I stuck my tongue out of my mouth, teasing Garett, and my dad flipped me to his back "baby pink, I will just give you a piggyback, and we will play all day tighter, but now I need to finish my meeting. Could you wait for me?" my dad, the king Valdo, asked me gently.

I loved him so much, I didn't have much time to meet my mother. He had told me that she died when I was so young. I didn't get it back then, maybe because I was just 18 years old.

I nodded politely, "yes, dad, I can wait. But I want to ask you something. I want to start training with…" I didn't have the time to finish my words.

My dad frowned and pulled me to his lap, then cupped my cheeks "pink, you are a princess, and one day you will be a queen. You don't have to practice on your powers as alpha. Because all of the werewolves on the pack and in our kingdom and even all over kingdoms will have to protect you one day." My dad told me and placed a soft kiss on my cheeks.

I just nodded, all I got from his words as I was a princess, and all I had to do was have fun, and my elder brothers and the pack should protect me.

My other elder brother Derek said in an annoyed tone commenting on my father's words, "Your highness, you are spoiling her so much. She needs to get regular training."

My father just roared and threw Derek with deadly gazes "she's your little sister, remember those words. You have to promise me that you will take care of her after my death." He stared a while at Derek, who stared back in confusion diverting his eyes to my brother Garett. Then both said in the same breath, "sure father, we will obey your wish. Pink is our little sister and our little princess. We will take care of her and protect her in our lives."

And by that, my father stood up and placed me down, his face was so pale, and he didn't look okay. I got worried, I was so attached to him. He was everything to me.

"Daddy, what's wrong with you?" With that, I started to cry, he said, faking a smile, "I'm fine, baby, don't worry."

And it was only me who felt the pain in his chest; I thought that he was so sick. Something was wrong.

I screamed, "No, daddy, you are not okay." I sobbed and shook his hand, looking at all the Alphas around my elder brothers and us, but they all pushed me suddenly when my father fell down to the floor.

I stood in the back crying heavily, no one told me anything, no one cared to comfort me, and they just announced the king of the pack death coldly to me as if I didn't belong to that castle.

As if I was a mature person could understand the loss of her father.

That's when everything turned upside down; I ran to my elder brothers "My dad… Died?" I wanted any of them to hug me and pat over my shoulder to say something.

No, they didn't keep their promises; they have changed entirely in just less than five minutes. Garret pushed me to the floor aggressively, "he is not your father! You are nothing. You are adopted. Abandoned like dog shits in the forest. You are not a princess."

And by that I couldn't hear anymore, I felt disregarded, disowned by my elder brothers. They are supposed to protect me.

I screamed while running out to my room, "liarssssss, liarssssssssss."

I was just 18 years old, and the suffering started so early. But they didn't lie about that part. Because I figured out by the time that all the packs and the kingdom knew that I was adopted by the king.

And for them, I was unwanted.

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