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C3 Running away!


After six years of suffering, I was granted my own room but wasn’t anything good, but at least I didn’t sleep on the floor anymore. They didn’t have any mercy; they just wanted me to be relaxed and clean when I came to their own rooms. My brother Derek or my highness as he commanded me to call him because he ruled the kingdom of our pack after my father's death and became the king or our pack but not the Alpha king of all Alphas was a king and strong one actually.

On that day, it was my birthday— actually, I totally forgot that I was finally going to turn 18. Even so, I didn’t dare to run away because I had no place to go, but I was thinking about finding my past or my parents.

I even thought about living in the forest, the place that my parents had left me alone back then.

My brothers told me the whole story and how the king Valdo found me alone when I was just two years old alone.

King Derek called me to his room early that day, I rushed to his. I knew what he wanted from me, but I was hoping to stop that soon.

That day he sent me with one of the maids, a transparent baby doll. I was totally shocked. I refused to wear it and just went to his room with my dirty clothes on me. My body was growing up, and I knew that someday he might think of sleeping with me.

And that was over my dead body.

And that was my final decision. I decided to go and face both of them, not just the king Derek.

I barged into his room without knocking. He has dressed actually not naked, thank goodness.

He smiled softly to me, and that was weird. He stood up from the bed and came close to me, without yelling, he kissed my cheeks “happy birthday, baby.”

I trembled, “what?”

He moved his fingers to my neck and slowly closed the door behind me “it’s your birthday. Why didn't you wear what I sent you?” his voices were in a sweet tone, which was totally strange as if something hit his head and was someone else.

But no, I wouldn’t change my decision.

I pulled myself away from him. “I will never wear a baby doll! Ever. And now it’s your turn to listen to me.” I said rudely and bravely.

He nodded and smirked, then simply said, “go ahead. I am listening to the baby.”

I pointed my finger to him “first! Stop calling me, baby. “I said sternly.

He was going to cut me off, but I shook my head, stopping him. Then I continued, “second, I won’t ever suck your dick ever again. I am not afraid of you anymore.”

He clapped his hands and laughed, “seriously? So brave of you! Did you forget who I am?”

I raised an eyebrow and crossed my arms over my chest, “no, your highness. And if you want to kill me, then go ahead. But I won’t let you touch me ever again.”

He stood up, and I didn’t move a budge or blink as I used to do before. Somehow I felt so strong that moment.

He narrowed his brows and leaned to my face staring at me “are you insane? Do you have a fever or something? And who said that I asked you to come here to suck my dick?”

I asked, “Then why did you—”

He slapped my face suddenly, making me hit my head to the wall then fall down to the floor, he roared “to fuck you! From now on, your body is mine. I didn’t fuck any girl since you have started growing up. You are fucking mine. Me or never.”

I gulped nervously, rubbing my face, then I laughed hysterically “you will never touch me again. Ever.”

And before he could make a move, I was out of his room running with all my strength as if I was a plane flying.

I didn’t stop; he didn’t dare to follow me. He knew that his secret could stain his reputation as a king of the pack. Even so, I was disowned by my all pack, but they won’t accept their own king and his brother using my body.

Especially for the other kingdoms, I was their own little sister. I was a princess. A war between kingdoms could start just because of that reason. Alphas won’t accept something like that.

I ran until I found myself losing the ability to breathe, the darkness was filling the place. It was the forest where I had come from. I leaned to a tree then I fell asleep from exhaustion.

Until I heard a few voices next to me. I pretended that I was sleepy.

“who is that girl?” someone said firmly in a deep voice. But my heart started to beat hurriedly. His scent pushed me to open my eyes.

Without even looking at him, I just knew it. It was my mate. But could he accept me? Was he the king that my dead father, who adopted me, told me about? Or he could be only poor beta or omega!

Once I opened my eyes, I found a look of wolves surrounding me. But he wasn’t one of them. I stood up, and one of them yelled, “her eyes—” they all stepped back as if they were afraid of me.

And then I bumped into a charming Alpha. My mate. He stared at me as if he knew it. Our hearts raced, and because we were mates, both of us heard the beats louder than others.

“Who are you?” he said in a tender voice.

I smiled slightly, “I am pink.”

He placed his hands on my face and shook his head, “no, you are my mate.”

And by that, everything in my fate started to change— and the new Chapter of my story began on— because he was ‘The Alpha king and I belonged to him.’

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