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C5 Chapter 5


I was glaring softly at the king without saying any other word. I loved him from the first sight. But why did he say that I’m his mate?! Does that mean he really accepted me?! But I looked so poor and stained with clothes filled with mud and sweat.

I didn’t even know his name yet, because working day and night at the castle made me away from werewolves’ normal lives. I was worst in my case, I didn’t continue my studies and didn’t get a practice so according to the king I was nothing at all ‘illiterate Luna’

My mind didn’t get the softness in the king's eyes, as if he was finally happy because he found me.

But why! He was the most powerful Alpha ever, he could reject me and find another one easily. Why me?

He pulled my hand and placed a soft kiss on my upper hand gently. I shivered a bit, but I didn’t hate his touch.

I blinked “my king, I’m so confused.”

He took off his expensive jacket and placed it on my shoulder “why my Luna?” the tender in tone made my heart flutter like a bat in the darkness. As if the sunrise early.

“I’m poor and dirty and —.” I was trying to explain with my broken tone feeling disgusted with myself.

He cupped my cheeks and looked deeply into my eyes as if he was reading my mind or my past. As if he was invading my soul by one of his powers “Pink? Right?” he asked and I nodded with a light blush.

“where is your house? Where do you live?” he asked.

And that made me feel irritable, what should I say to him? That I’m the adopted princess? Or that my real parents abandoned me years ago in the forest? Or that I was abused and forced to work as a maid!

I gulped nervously “do you want to hear the truth?” I asked him.

He smiled “sure, everything. I hate liars, remember that.”

I stepped back fiddling with my fingers nervously and taking a look around me. We were surrounded by his pack. Some of his guards, betas, and friends.

But u reclaimed myself and said what I should say, I didn’t want revenge from anyone. I just wanted to go away and start a new life that’s all. but what if he decided not to be his mate after hearing the full story.

He realized that I was spacing out for a while so he started to step forward towards me “where do you live Pink?”

I blurted out “in the royal castle.”

“good, then come with me. you don’t have to say anything. I will figure it out by myself. “he said confidently as if he already knows.

Once he grabbed my hand, I remembered that I just ran away from Derek and Garrett and they might say bad words about me. or maybe they might kill me in front of the Alpha king eyes.

I shook my head “no, I’m not going there. Please let me go. You won’t protect me. nobody likes me there. All the pack hates me.”

And by that I heard a growl and then he turned his head to his men “now everyone, inform the king of the pack that I’m coming.” He commanded them.

One of the men rushed, I didn’t know why they were in the forest at that time exactly. Where're the cars?

The king pulled me to his chest “you are my mate, my Luna. I will protect you and all the werewolves will! Got that?” he said in a serious tone.

I blinked “promise me?” I raised my finger childishly making a sign promise.

He chuckled lightly and crossed his promise finger with my delicate mine “I promise you by my life. I searched for you a lot. By the way, do you know my name?”

I shook my head in embarrassment, I felt awkward “no, sorry my king. I didn’t even know that you are the king. Sorry— I didn’t even get practice over my powers.” I apologized in several ways.

He felt sorry for me and placed a soft kiss on my uncleaned forehead “don’t be sorry. You don’t need any practice. Because you will be the queen. All of the packs and kingdoms and even me will protect you.”

And by that, I remembered my dead father's words so spontaneously I blurted out “that’s what my father king Valdo said.” I muttered.

He narrowed his brows and checked me from my toes to my hair again “your father king Valdo! Then why are you wearing—.” He paused when he smelled something fishy I guess.

Out of blue, I felt his strong hands raising me up in bridal style, I gasped but didn’t protest “you are so tiny and weak. You won’t be able to walk all that distance. I like that I’m taller than you to carry you all the way.”

I blushed and pressed my head to his wide chest “I’m not tiny, my king. You are very tall and strong.”

He laughed and he walked and his royal pack followed him. I didn’t talk at all. He was talking with his men about several things. And I guess feeling comfortable between his arms made me fall asleep for a few minutes.

I mumbled in my sleep “I miss you, daddy, my brothers didn’t protect me.” and I guess the tears rolled down my cheeks in my sleep.

That’s why I felt a warm hand wiping my tears. But I didn’t wake up. Until I heard horns and voices cheering up and welcoming the king.

That’s when I heard his voice for the first time in my life. “welcome king Valdo.”

But from noises and cheering to total silence filled the castle, they noticed me between the king's arms.

The wise old man who was my dead father's best friend, who was the only one who tried to help me but not for my sake but for the kingdom's sake actually. He tried to tell all the pack that disowning me and abusing me or even making me a maid would send that kingdom into the darkness of hell because I belonged to the king.

But because he was too old, no one believed him. They made fun of his words.

I opened my eyes to the name Valdo, mumbling “daddy, Valdo. Are you still alive? You didn’t die?”

Then I figured out that it wasn’t a long nightmare. He died and the new king was—. He placed me down on my feet. And tucked a strand of my hair to the back of my ear “I’m the king Valdo. Nice coincidence I guess.” He smiled and kissed my cheeks.

Once I heard my brothers, Garett and Derek stomping towards me, I started to shiver. I hid myself to the king Valdo back. But Derek was shameless, he pulled me to him “what are you doing Pink with king Valdo? Go back to the kitchen now.”

But king Valdo hands interrupted my brother Derek with a strong push that made him stumble a bit “take your dirty hands off my Pink now.” He said aggressively in a commanding tone.

Derek gulped and coughed “your Pink? What do you mean by your highness?”

The king Valdo entwined our fingers and raised an eyebrow to Derek and Garett “she’s my mate, my Luna and soon she will be the queen of all the Alphas.”

Oh my god! I couldn’t hear the words anymore. My vision blurred. My mind couldn’t take happiness. I just fainted.

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