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C6 Sheí»s mine!

King Valdo

She didn’t know that I was searching for her for too long. My father didn’t die. But because I was one of my kind and I have more powers than all other Alphas, my father was a legend and born with four powers. By getting old, he asked me to take his position. No one rejected the Alpha because someday I was going to take it anyway. But because I was born with eight powers that made them unique. No one ever could be better than me.

No one very born had too many powers. if you were Alpha with three powers, you take a counselor position or be a minister because of its highest power levels. But if you were born with four like my father, you have to battle with the king and who wins takes the throne and is the king.

But for me, it was something out of limits of any other Alphas. I have heard a lot about king Valdo that he was born with eight four powers and is dead. And because my father respected him as his best friend. He named me by his name as a kind of honor.

And guess what? I doubled those powers, yes, my powers after training for twenty years became sixteen but I didn’t mention that. I keep that as a secret to not scare any other of the kings of our kingdoms.

That’s why deep inside me I felt something was waiting for me. something more strong than being an Alpha king of all the kings.

But when I turned twenty-five, my instinct and my dad asked me a very weird favor.

I was checking on his health; he was leaping in his bed. I kissed his head and before leaving his room. He stopped me “maybe I’m getting an old son, but my instinct tells me that you will find your mate today. Go search for her. In the forest next to dead king Valdo pack.” And his words froze me.

Why that day? It was my birthday. But I guess even with all my powers, I couldn’t know that future.

I just left and obeyed my father and when I landed in the forest near dead king Valdo. I felt something different. If I was in my home. The scent was getting stronger in my nose. My heart was beating too fast more than normal. My feet started to hurry following the strong scent. And my men followed my pace.

Until I found the sleeping beauty, before even waking her up. Before opening her eyes. I just knew it. I found my soulmate. My mate and my Luna.

The one I kept myself virgin for her. I refused to touch any other woman for all of my life, I want everything to be perfect for her and make her for me.

Even my father didn’t ask me to choose any Luna. But he asked me and advised me to wait and someday I will find mine.

At that moment I realized why my father Said so because the feelings were unbearable to behold with one heart. It was stronger than belief. Love from first sight. I wanted to hug even so her clothes were dirty.

I wanted to kiss her face, even so, she wasn’t clean. I wanted to hug her tightly and keep her between my arms even so her body was so tiny and I might break her bones by strong embrace.

But when she looked at me, I felt all the world does not exist anymore. Something was there hidden in her broken eyes. Even so, she was different with Pink gorgeous eyes. But I know back then that her existence in my life would make me stronger. But obstacles would face us.

I couldn’t tell because no one was born with reading the future power except one old man, I have heard a lot about him. My father told me that man was king Valdo's best friend.

And actually, I wanted to meet him sooner. Especially when I figured out after looking into her eyes that she was living in the castle. One of my powers was reading the past and fears. And yes, I saw her a little princess and I saw her as a maid! I saw her forced to do inappropriate sexual things with—. Her brothers.

I knew everything when I invaded her soul by my power. It was seconds of hypnotizing her to read why she was scared from.

But what she didn’t know is that I even saw her running away after Derek wanted to sleep with her. It was kind of a relief to know that she wanted to keep her virginity. I was mad because she was forced and suffered but I was comfortable because she didn’t do anything out of her will.

I wanted to kill all of them. But I knew that she wouldn't take it. revenge back. Or any other meaning I won’t take my revenge from them by killing them. They used my baby and I want to let them suffer.

It was hard on her to go back to the castle, but I wanted to let them know. I wanted to show her that she will be protected by me. I wanted to make her happy.

And I wanted to know the truth from her mouth. To know if she really could be my loyal lovely Luna or not.

The responsibilities of taking care of all the packs were already heavy on my shoulders and as much as I wanted to support her but I wanted to support my Luna.

I admit that she was beautiful, not the most beautiful. But she was beautiful on her own. I was just hoping that she wasn’t so broken. I wanted to see if she could be recovered mentally and physically soon I wanted to see if she could be strong and face her enemies.

But seriously she surprised me.

I just felt so fucking hatred in my chest when Derek the king of the pack dared to pull her roughly and bluntly in front of me.

That was respectful actually because he did so in the presence of the king ‘me’ but I wanted to see how he will act after knowing she will be my mate.

He trembled to lose the ability to talk, but I was busy Pink. She fainted after my words. She was so fragile her heart didn’t take many surprises.

I lift her up by my arms “Derek, garret, now is not the right time. Show me the Pink room now.” I commanded them.

Then both stared at each other “take my room, my king.” And by that, an old man came along with a wide smile covered with relief. He was barely walking.

And when our eyes met, we both knew it. he bowed his head lightly “thank your wise man. I have heard a lot about you.” I smiled at him.

He nodded “I waited for you so long. To help that girl. Could you please follow me, your highness?” He offered politely and I glanced back at Derek and garrett. They wanted to stop us.

But I didn’t give them a chance “Derek, gather all the pack ministers by one hour from now. And don’t worry. You will show me a Pink room—.” I smirked.

Derek said “yes sure your highness. Her room next to mine. She’s my little sister actually. Didn’t you know that she was my adopted little sister?”

And there the lies started to flow in the air. Derek underestimated me.

I laughed and scoffed “didn’t you know that I do have eight powers, Derek? I know everything since I looked into your eyes already. Don’t worry I won’t kill you for abusing her.”

I threw him with my words and left making him run after me and beg but I shooed him by my hand and stopped him from talking. All I cared about was taking care of Pink and actually being honored to talk with the wise old man.

I was sure that they might kill him soon, so I decided to think of something to keep him alive and under my protection.

We followed the wise old man to his room. Which wasn’t something great but I guess it was better than a Pink room, I commented after I placed Pink gently on the bed “I guess even you have suffered after the death of old king Valdo.”

And before he even talks, Pink starts screaming in her sleep and cry heavily mumbling the same words repeatedly “please don’t touch me. please let me go. Please don’t touch me.”

My heart stopped beating watching her suffer this way. I tried to wake her up from her daze. But it took a few minutes. Once she opened her eyes, she hugged me tightly and cried over and over. I patted on her head softly “don’t worry I’m here now my Pink. I’m here.”

And that was the reply for what I should do to them. I rounded my fist, my men were waiting for me by the door of the room. I commanded the old man “take care of her now. Don’t leave the room. And don’t worry you will come with me.” I patted on his shoulder.

And stormed out of the room after placing a gentle kiss on her Pink forehead. She was gorgeous like an angel. I wanted to know why her parents left her and who she actually was. But all I cared about was giving Derek and garret what they deserve ‘secret punishment as they secretly abused her’

Fuck! They’re really forced their little sister to suck their fucking dicks! Where’s the fucking pleasure in that? why they hated her so much!

Or maybe they loved her?! Fuck! No way, she was born to be mine. She was my mate. I will never let her go ever.

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