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C8 Take her home!

King Valdo

I hastened back to the old man room to see my baby Pink—. I was so excited to take her with me. and to tell my father the good news of finding my mate finally. The wise man as well will come and live with us in my castle. I decided to protect him especially after what I have done with Derek and Garett might kill him instantly.

Once I knocked on the door and stepped in the room, I found Pink standing in the middle of the room with a puzzled mind as if she was thinking deeply. She didn’t even notice that I came back.

I hugged her from her back and leaned to kiss her neck softly. She startled a bit, I felt her heartbeats stopped. I made a mistake and I knew it. she was abused for all of her life, I shouldn’t touch her suddenly without talking to her.

She gasped “you came back!”

I rotated her body to face me “yes baby, sorry about touching you. I thought,” I paused and sighed in frustration.

She blushed and shook her head “I’m not that weak. Don’t worry.” She blurted out.

I narrowed my eyes to her confused “what do you mean?”

She chuckled lightly “nothing, I mean— what happened in my past can’t break me. I was raised and grown up as a daughter for the king Valdo so I’m strong enough.” She shrugged her shoulders.

I placed my hand over my chest, I sighed in relief “oh thank god. I thought that you will take more time to recover from abuse—” I paused.

Oops, I didn’t tell her about my power to read the past and fears.

She stuttered and stepped back a few inches from me as if she was afraid of me “what? Did you know that? how? I—”

I pulled her to my chest for a long warm embrace “I told you I will protect you. Everything ended now. I took your revenge. Don’t worry. And being with me all that matters now.” I patted her back gently.

The wise old man started talking “congratulation both of you for finding each other.

I totally forgot about him, her existence makes me forget about others as if we were totally alone.

I scrunch my nose awkwardly “oh, sorry about that. so, you are coming with us now. I hope you don’t mind. Because if you stayed here they would kill you immediately.” I explained to him.

He nodded agreeing politely “thank you, your highness, from your generously. The future is full of obstacles for both of you. But you and Pink will be the strongest ever and the bond between both of you will be unbreakable.” He said and I got curious to know our future.

I stepped closer while grabbing my Pink hand tightly “so tell me about the future. What do you see?”

He blurted out with a wide smile “everything.”

“then tell me!” I smiled.

He shook his head and grimaced “knowing the future is a curse, that’s why I made a vow to not say anything. Trust me if you did know the future then you won’t be able to think or make a decision you will leave it to your fate. And that’s the worst.” He said clearly.

And continued “so, I advise both of you, to trust each other. Love each other. Be loyal and that’s it.” he advised us. And I guess they didn’t lie when they said how wise he is. I fell in love with the man already. He was too old, but somehow I felt comfortable to talk with him.

So I decided to let it to fate, to bring us sorrow and happiness. I wanted to face my destiny with my Luna.

Pink interrupted and glared at me “my king,”

I glared back at her in a loving tone “yes my baby Pink.”

She blushed at my words “so, even if you figured out the truth, I still want to tell you everything. Could you please hear me.” she asked politely?

I didn’t want to hear it from her at that moment. But somehow I wanted to know which part she would skip.

And actually, she didn’t skip any! She even told me more. She started her words “I have abandoned my parents at the age of two. Found by my king Valdo who adopted me and spoiled me. when he died at the age of twelve, my elder brothers threw me to the kitchen to work as a maid—” she paused.

Oh please don’t say the rest. Please. I said in my mind mutely.

She made a broken smile “and they abused me sexually every day, since then. But tonight, I faced king Derek, my elder brother. I refused to sleep with him. He tried but I ran away to the forest when you found me.” she suppressed her tears from falling on her cheeks.

Then she smiled at me widely “guess what? It’s my birthday. I’m eighteen now.”

I dropped my jaw “what? It’s my birthday as well! I turned into twenty-five! What a coincidence?” I chuckled and couldn't believe it.

She made a puppy face “so do you still want me as your mate? I mean—”

I cut off her words by placing my finger to her soft lips “don’t say it, please. I fell in love with you before seeing you already. Please be my Luna.” I nervously said, afraid and worried that she might reject me.

She jumped into my chest and wrapped her arms around my neck “I fell in love with you too before seeing you. Thank you, my king.”

I whispered softly into her ears “so, are you coming with me now?”

She nodded into my chest and muttered: “in one condition.”

I pulled my head back looking at her “what condition?”

She bit her lips “to help me search for my real parents. It’s a demand not a condition. I need to know why they left me. please could you do that to me?” she begged softly with cat eyes.

I smiled “sure my baby, anything else?”

She shook her head, I felt so depressed that she didn’t ask for anything. Not cars, not houses, not clothes. She had no dreams at all. I felt sorry for her.

I grimaced “but I do have an objection.”

She blinked “what?”

“I want to get you everything you deserve, ask me for anything please.” I pouted playfully with her.

She giggled childishly in low voice “okay, my father used to give a piggyback. On the day he died, he promised to give me one and play with me. could you do that? I want to buy some dolls.”

What?! Is that all she wants!

I narrowed my eyes “I will give you a piggyback every day in my life, I will buy all the dolls for you.”

And by that, I flipped her on my back immediately without thinking twice and ushered the wise man to follow us. “Now, I will give you a piggyback in front of everyone to inform them that even me belongs to you and your demands are a sharp command. Let’s go, baby.”

We laughed and I did what I promised her, her laughter lit up my world. Suddenly I felt I still had more dreams than taking care of the werewolf’s world. I found my own dreams and hopes with her.

My men followed us, the wise man accompanied us. The cars were parked already waiting. We got inside and when we arrived at my castle, I carried her between my arms and pressed my chin to her neck teasingly “Now, get ready to lose your virginity my Luna.”

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