She Belongs to the Alpha King/C9 First day alone!
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She Belongs to the Alpha King/C9 First day alone!
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C9 First day alone!

King Valdo

I hurried immediately inside the castle, I was so happy that I found her and wanted to tell everyone. But I wanted to make her take a shower first before introducing her. To clean herself and wear some new clothes. Take a nap and relax to be able to start a new life with me.

But I guess what I did want kind of stupid, I didn’t think she might feel that way.

I walked immediately to my room. I placed her down on her feet then I smiled “here we go, it’s my room. So now take a shower, I will bring you some new clothes to—”

Before I could have finished, she lowered her gaze to the floor in embarrassment “sorry for making you feel ashamed of my dirty looks.”

What! I didn’t mean that! seriously.

I dropped my jaw like an idiot, I pulled her to my chest “oh my baby Pink, you misunderstood. I just want you to be ready and relaxed. Because celebrations will take a long day and night.” I mentioned.

She raised her face up and stared at me in curiosity “celebrations?!”

I moved my fingers softly to her neck, I nodded “yes, for finding you, my sweet mate. So—” I winked at her.

She blushed “so, you are not taking my virginity now?!” she asked.

I chuckled “are you serious? I wish but I can’t! first, because you are not ready for that yet. You suffered in your life a lot and I really want you to be healed totally first. I will never force you for anything. Remember that.” I explained to her.

She bowed her head to me slightly, I couldn’t know why she did that. but then she said “thank you for accepting me, your highness. I am really so glad that I have found a mate like you. I don’t really deserve your kindness.”

And once she finished her words I couldn’t bear any more. I pulled her chin up and stroked her peck lips with my mouth in a hungry way filled with passion and love. I felt our heartbeats drumming and racing each other. She kissed me and wrapped her arms around my neck. We both suffered to take our breaths that’s why we pulled back.

She bit her lips and I started yearning to continue. But she placed her small hands on my chest to stop me. “we still have a long celebration day. Remember? Please find me something appropriate to wear.” She said to me.

Then she dragged her feet slowly as if she was hesitating. Then she turned her head to me “where’s the shower room?” she raised her brow but somehow seductively.

I pointed my finger to her to the way, she mouthed thank you. Then she stood glued in her place “um, could you please hurry up and get me something to wear. Because I want to take a shower with you.”

And then she ran to the showroom immediately blushing like a bloody red tomato.

I couldn’t move after what she had said! What? Together! Does she really mean it! naked me and her?

I stormed out of the room and yelled to the maids “find me the best dress ever for the new queen, I have found my mate. My Luna. Start the celebrations now and tell everyone in the kingdom,” I excitedly said and everyone in the castle already heard the news from my men.

I snapped to one of my best men ever and he was actually my beta best friend “tell my father that I have found her. Get ready everyone. I want everyone to celebrate with me tonight.”

They all smiled, they were so happy for me. Yes, being the Alpha king of all kings without having a mate was something bad actually. They wished I could find her soon to be mated that kind of settlement. Having kids for the king always makes the kingdom safe without fearing from struggling with wars over the throne.

But I was admired actually of all the wolves, I was strict but kind with every one of my packs unless they didn’t break the law or were attacked by way or another to the rogue kingdom.

Rogues are the killers and bloody kind of wolves that are not actually belonging to us. They lived far away and we disowned them a long time ago. Especially after the last war that has taken place fifteen or sixteen years ago. Many of them were killed or sent to long life jail.

The maids hurried to me and handed me some clothes. They wanted to help Pink. But I didn’t want any interference for that moment. She said she wants me to join her in that shower.

So I hurried to my room, I was stopped by the door by the hand of my father “son, congratulations. Where’s she?”

I hugged my father happily “she’s Pink. She’s so pretty and I do love her so much. Father, thank you.”

He chuckled lightly “okay, calm down, I can’t understand any word from you. I will go downstairs and prepare for the mating party and talk with the wise old man. I have heard that you insisted on making him come with you.”

I nodded “yes, please. I will go now and check on her. You will love her.”

My father patted my cheeks with a wide smile covering his face “sure, I will. I have seen her a long time ago before the death of my best friend king Valdo. With her Pink gorgeous eyes and her wide lovely smile. We will be waiting for both of you in the ballroom eagerly.” My father said to me and walked away.

I stepped inside my room again, hesitantly, I coughed by the shower room “Pink, I got you the dress and shoes and—.”

I didn’t hear any noises at all, or even the water splash. I felt so worried. I barged into the shower room to find her sitting on the edge of the small chair near, she scratched the back of her neck “sorry, I have been waiting for you. I couldn’t open the water. It needs a huge strong hand.” She said.

I laughed “oh god, you are so tiny. It’s okay, I will open it for you. Take your shower now.” I said and I decided to get out and don’t bother her.

But she pulled my hand and coughed “please join me. I want to.” I looked at her fondly, my heart was excited as well. But I was shivering maybe more than her.

I didn't know how to treat her softly after all. I was a virgin like her. And maybe because my body was way stronger than her, I might hurt her from my roughness.

I nodded “okay, but I have to warn you that I was keeping myself or my mate and you. So I’m a virgin. I might be rough. So if you wanted me to stop even at a kiss just please tell me.”

She didn’t wait until a second, she started to take off her dress slowly avoiding eye contact with me. and I struggled to breathe.

Oh, fuck! I guess we might be late for the mating party!

I took off my clothes in just a blink of an eye, leaving nothing on me and on her. I carried her by my strong grip inside the bathtub after filling the tub with lukewarm water. I got inside with her and pulled her to my chest, she was staying away from me. She was gorgeous and shy, but I guess she wanted to rush things like me. She wanted to start over a new life with me.

The good thing that she trusted me and didn’t hate my touch. At the beginning, she was startling a bit and blinking with every touch of my hands while cleaning her. I didn’t push her to look at me. I didn’t want to make love to her momentarily. I wanted that shower to be just a start to break the ice that’s all.

I found myself sticking my hose brushing her neck, I couldn’t hold myself from her adorable scent anymore. It was something spontaneous out of my limits and my control.

I went down kissing her neck gently and tickling her soft spot back to her ear.

Then she got used to my touching. She raised her head to me finally, she bit her lips giving me permission to kiss her. And I did it without hearing a stop word from her tiny mouth.

The kisses went fast and wider; we both were thirsty for each other. It was something unexpected but delicious. As if we used to be tighter before.

I pulled my head back, to wash our bodies. I didn’t go further to not scare her. I wanted her to take much time. To accept me as her mate.

“I love you,” I whispered into her ear in a lovely tone.

She replied, “I love you too.”

I pecked her lips softly “now let’s wear our clothes, we still have the mating party. Then— we have the rest of our lives to have each other.” I winked to her then I took a towel from the shelves and started drying her body. She was too quiet.

She coughed “but I want you now.”

I thought I was imaging, I rubbed my ears.

Then she repeated, “I want to be mated to you now Valdo.”

No! That wasn’t an illusion.

I stared deeply into her eyes “do you really mean that? Are you ready? I could be rough and—”

She cut off my words by touching my dick softly. She was shivering but she wanted to make a move. I was the cower I guess. But still happy.

I was just afraid to hurt her somehow. What if she felt pain and then sore or cried or—? I know that was normal but maybe because I loved her so much that’s why I cared. Compared to me, she was almost half of my body. Seriously so small. But her boobs and her small ass and everything on her body was yummy.

I just wanted to lay her down on the bed and lick all of her body from her tiptoes to her hair for long.

And that means we won’t be able to go down and meet the packs for three to seven days. Yes! I wanted to eat her and please her in bed for a long time and satisfy her.

My dick was as hard as iron, she bit her lips “so?”

I shrugged my shoulder and chuckled “so, I guess we are both ready.” Then I carried her between my arms to the bed and started our first mating day together.

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