She, his enigma/C1 Ellaya
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She, his enigma/C1 Ellaya
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C1 Ellaya

"I plead guilty."

"Ms Stone, are you sure you don’t want to say anything in your defence?"

" I... Ellaya Stone accept the crime I have done. I worked in Ruan corporation as a personal assistant of Mr Ruan for two years. I stole confidential data to sell to the M&D group causing the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars for the company. I also accept the crime of giving slow poison to Mr. Alex Ruan causing him into a comatose state. "

Accepting all the crimes proudly, she looked straight into the man’s deep eyes sitting opposite her with no expression. A mocking smile appeared on her angelic face. The man's face darkened little by little.

"Ms Ellaya Stone sentenced to life imprisonment."

She extended her hand with a smile on her face to be handcuffed and walked with two cops.

Laya …

A shout echoed in the room as well built and an extremely handsome man sat on his bed from his sleep.

This dream again, It had been four years but not even a single night he had not woken up without this dream. Those eyes were still proud but a hint of sadness looked straight into his soul not only his eyes, that smile as if mocking him for the fight he won but the battle he lost.

He grasped his head with both hands in frustration, getting up from the bed he lit a cigarette and walked straight towards the balcony.

At the same time in a dark alley, several men were lying on the ground in a pool of blood with eyes piercing injuries on their bodies shrieking in pain. A cylinder silhouette leaning against the wall lit a cigarette, smoking elegantly with one hand and tapping arrythmic on the wall with another hand, a man was screaming for mercy under her feet. Kicking the man under her feet she ambled.

She halted her movement and looked back.

"Tell him I am back"

She left the scene elegantly like a chitta in his hunt.

The night was calm and dark but it was still much brighter than the darkness of his heart. His eyes were gazing at the moon but the image of a beautiful face kept running in front of his eyes. The cigarette turned into ashes burning some of the flesh of his finger but still erring to bring the dazed man back to his senses.

A cylinder and beautiful arm held his waist slowly from behind bringing him back from his trance.

"You are awake."

Her voice was as sweet as her personality. He untangled her hands and turned back


"Why are you not sleeping?"

"I had a nightmare."

He did not ask anything further and turned to return to his room. She jogged faster than him and held his waist from behind.

"I saw her …I saw her in my dream …again …"

"She returned and stabbed a knife in my heart to take her revenge."

Clasping him tight she sobbed in a low voice.

"It is just a dream even if she comes back I will protect you."

"Iden it has been four years but you still couldn’t sleep. And every night I wake up from the nightmare. Do you think we should not have done what we did? Ellaya has gone but she is still between us."

She did not even realize if she was asking him or herself.

The dark cloud rose on his face and his eyelashes quivered for a second as he said.

"She only got what she deserved"

A glimmer of sadness and rue replenished his voice and deep silence hung around to overlap the atmosphere.

He grabbed the jacket as he walked out of the house.

She did not respond until heard the sound of the engine of his car. She wanted to hold him back and make him stay but she knew she was nothing in comparison to her in his heart. Even if he stayed his mind would not be with her. She doesn’t just want his body but his heart.

The car was halted near the gate of a small but beautiful building. The picture kept flickering in his mind as it used to be, the building was swathed with beautiful flowers and trees. He invoked the courage and got out of his car. Just in a few steps, he was inundated in the heavy rain that had been raining cats and dogs for a few days. He bent down to search for the key that was still lying under the doormat like before as if it was waiting for the owner to come home. With the "crack" sound the gate was opened. It was quite noisy on a silent night. Nothing came in his view except darkness. The room was filled with darkness and the smell of dust. He reached for a switch with his quivering hand to switch on the light but still after four years, he lacked the confidence to penetrate the house and look at it. His hand lingered in a movement and he turned back to leave.

As he took two steps his actions halted in shock when he heard the humming from the kitchen.


He screamed her name as he ran inside but the kitchen was dark. He switched on the light but the room was still empty. Did he hear wrong? No, he can't be wrong he just heard her humming like four years before, it was her habit whenever she was alone she used to hum a song while working.

He left the kitchen and ran toward the stairs one by one to search every room. The house was not big it was small and old if she was there she had no place to run or hide from him so why didn't he find her? He can hear the humming from every corner, it can't be his imagination, right?

Meanwhile, he was running into every room to search for her, a cylinder figure was leaning against the wall humming a song. Her eyes were fixed on the photo of a man and a woman hugging each other in a wedding dress. The photo was as big as a wall and the smiles on the faces of the couple were fascinating. It was their bedroom.

He paused for his movement and turned towards his bedroom. Step by step he reached to grab the handle of the door with his trembling hands. The room door was opened with a "crack" and his feet were rooted in the same place. He could not move a single step, he felt his own body as heavy as iron, only a name left his mouth and he called in a deep hoarse voice...


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