She's My Innocent Billionaire/C3 Failed Start & Broken Heart
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She's My Innocent Billionaire/C3 Failed Start & Broken Heart
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C3 Failed Start & Broken Heart


I was sitting outside of her room. I was completely distressed and didn’t know what to do. I was getting excited, but at the same time scared.

I was waiting for some good news, but it was much time and my heart was swelling up. I needed to hear those words now, it has been so much time.

I got up and took a round of the hospital and came back to my place. It has been one year since our marriage and I was happy, I am happy and I will be happy till she is with me. But right now, I am so stressed out that everything seems to be completely blurry.

I have to find a way out. I know that after this may be a big heap of happiness awaits but right now, this time is too difficult. The worst part? I can’t be with her; she can’t be with me.

I waited for the doctor to come out. Finally, a nurse stepped out but seeing her face, I knew something wasn’t right. That moment, my heart broke because even before she could say anything, I interpreted everything that would have happened.

No… her pain, her everything, it shouldn’t have ended without any fruits. It shouldn’t have gone in vain!

“Tell me what your face is saying, is wrong,” I said to the nurse.

She looked down. “We are sorry, Mr. Robert… but there is something you should know”


“It seems like she took, or given, in any circumstances, abortion pills”


She sighed. “We can’t say anything, but she needs you right now, she is having a mental breakdown. She doesn’t seem to have taken them herself”

I nodded slowly and went inside. I went to her and sat beside her. She was crying badly.

We were finally gonna get our first child… but… I don’t know what happened. Everything was perfect! She was gonna give birth to it soon! But what happened?...

I didn’t have time to worry about it right now, because Hailey was completely breaking down. I wanted her to know it was okay, but she was crying badly. She was going through so much pain and it all resulted in nothing at all!

“Hailey… it is okay…” I whispered to her and took her hand. “It is fine. It is gonna be fine”

She cried more. “How! How is it gonna be fine Rob!!” she sobbed. “This is so wrong! What did I do to deserve this! I have been waiting for it for almost nine months and now!!”

I wiped her tears. “first, calm down” I caressed her forehead. “See you are having a fever. Calm down”

She wiped the rest of her tears. “R-Rob, I don’t know! I am so scared… I am so tired… I am so sad…”

“Don’t be scared, Hailey” I took her hand. “I am gonna find out who did it, soon, okay?”

She sobbed and nodded. “But… now what… Robert… you were so excited for this…”

“I know. And I know that you were more excited, Hailey… but we can’t do anything about it… so don’t think much, okay?”

She sobbed and nodded. “Okay”

“Now, just have rest, and we will go back home soon”

She nodded again. I sat by her side.

In the last year, if we see from a perspective, nothing has changed but in reality, all has changed. We are closer than ever… she loves me, I love her… and we started living like the happiest couple.

She has proved that she is the best wife and well, it took time, but I tried to be the best husband too. I left the Mafia then and there when she had asked me to, so I haven’t contacted any Mafia leader, or minor, since then.

I have been living with her and being the CEO tried my level best to ensure that I spend time with her, give her the love she deserves and we were going pretty fine with no obstacles. We didn’t have anything to worry about, and I had no enemies that would make me worried about our child too.

But who did this? Who can?

Alex has been living with her mom, well, he married someone two months back. Her name was Summer. She had gone to South Korea back then… when everything was crashing down… and well, Hailey did accept her too, so who was I to bring up the past.

I think Alex wouldn’t do anything to us again because he is happy with himself and his wife. Summer has been a good girl since she married him. She behaves nicely with all of us, and it has been a great pleasure to all of us that finally, Alex settled down too, leaving everything behind.

But something was wrong. Somewhere, something was definitely off because everything didn’t seem to be the way it all seems. Everything was perfect, at that moment, it felt too perfect to be real, and right now, suddenly abortion pills?

I have protected Hailey really closely in these months so I don’t think that anyone can reach her. And I don’t think that anyone can make her abort it either. She loved the baby more than herself.

I don’t know what is happening or why. But I don’t want this all to start again. We are happy, our life has been dramatic enough.

But that doesn’t mean I am not ready. If there is a danger coming, then you should know. I am the same Robert, but this time, I won’t be against Hailey but will do anything and everything to save her and our future. If this is our fight, then I am ready. Be it be of any level, cause if you want, I can come back. I am still the same Robert-- the Robert Anderson.

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