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C5 Murder Plan?


I went out to talk to Alex in the meantime. I was almost sure that he had nothing to do with this, but I should be careful.

He was sitting on the bench in front of the ward. He got up as he saw me.

“How is she, Robert?” He asked.

“Better, I suppose. Of course, she was… uh… really broken, but yeah she slept now, so”

“Oh okay, that’s good”


I sat down beside him and he sat too. There was a silence while I wanted to know if he had anything to do with it but I knew that there was no way. I had to wait for at least 24 hours and it is so frustrating. Even with the advanced technology, I have to know now.

It’s like if Alex had anything to do with it… then he can do anything more in these hours. What will be the use? I had to act on the spot. Also, I think they were smart enough to know we can figure out who the number belongs to, so maybe they plan on doing something before 24 hours?

I don’t care about me but I can’t see Hailey in more pain.


He looked at me and sighed. “I hope everything becomes fine soon, Robert. Hailey did nothing to get all the sadness…”

I ignored him. “I wanted to know something, honestly”


“Did you have anything to do with it?”

He looked flared up at that question but then took two deep breaths and calmed himself. “What type of question is this, Robert?”

“Just answer me”

“I won’t fucking answer you because you might very well be the one to do this!”

Is he insane? Me!?

“Are you completely crazy!?”

“No! My words make more sense because you were the one who was always beside her! you were the one who always gave her food!”

I scoffed. This is madness. “You are crazy”

He stood up. “In the last year, I thought we improved our relationship, Robert, but you are still the same and mind this, we are enemies for life”

“At this moment, when Hailey is breaking down and needs us, you would start this?” I talked rationally and stood up too.

“Yup I would, because you are the one who started it”

“It is not my fault! You know that no one can be trusted this easily!”

“Same goes for you, Robert!”

“But I never…” my voice trailed off as I remembered what I had done with her always. All those memories flashed in my mind and the last year vanished. I remembered the tortures, her screams in the punishment room… and it… broke my heart.

“Yeah? You never what? Hurt her?”

I took a deep breath and looked the other way. My eyes were tearing up. I know I always hurt her but… I… I love her…

“Robert you started this fight when I was trying my best to mend our relationship. I know Hailey needs both of us right now and we will be here. But damn, we are enemies and always will be”

I nodded slowly and he left. Maybe it was wrong to ask him but… what other choice did I have? I am good at reading reactions so I thought that maybe I would figure out the truth from the way he reacts! But I didn’t realize that the price was this big.

I sighed and went inside. From what I perceived from his reaction, I don’t think he had anything to do with this. I ruined everything for nothing.



I was standing near the reception as Alex was inside. He said that maybe Hailey needed him more than me, so he only went inside.

I saw him coming outside so I went to him.

“How is she, Alex?”

“She is sleeping, so I didn’t meet her”

“Okay, so--”

“I am going home”

“Uh… you are not gonna stay and wait?”

“Nope, you can if you want to”

“Well, okay…”

He nodded. “Are you okay?” I asked him.

“why not”

I nodded and then he left. Something was definitely wrong but uh, you gotta stay away from him when he is angry. He mostly gets too angry to talk with. Yeah, those typical anger issues. But he is a really good human.

I went inside and sat on the bench in front of Hailey’s ward. I just hope everything becomes fine and I also wanna know why Alex is suddenly angry…

I received a call.

“Hey,” I said. “Cas?”

“Hey… where are you?” she asked. Oh, I told her we are going to the hospital, is she really calling to ask this?

“Hospital, of course”

“Alex… he isn’t with you, is he?”

“What happened?”

I heard sobs from the other side which increased my heartbeat way too much. “What happened?” I repeated.

“He… he had an accident… and he is in ICU. It seems like he is in critical condition…”

“WHAT” I stood up. “Which hospital?”

“I will send you the address”

“Something’s off with you too, isn’t it?” I asked her. She sounded dumb.

“I… they think that it was a planned murder… but um…”


I took a deep breath and calmed myself. Murder? Why? Who?

“But don’t worry, I am just reaching. You stay with Hailey”

“You sure?”


I sighed and ended the call. Why Murder?

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