C2 Her pov

“Go ahead, Keil. Hit her. I want to see how you hit that b*tch!” I bit my lower lip.

Please, not today, please not again.

“Tsk, never mind! My fist will just get hurt. I don’t want to waste my time on this woman, she’s not worth it. Just slap her Kelly if you want to.”

“Na-ah, my nail will get ruined, maybe tomorrow or maybe less next week.” She said and looked at her nails.


“It... It’s already done, M-Mom!”

I’m afraid of making mistakes because I know that if I make a mistake, they will hurt me.

Kelly is 25 years old, and Keil is 25 years old too, they’re twins. They finish college but they don’t have a job, they just don’t want to work. Kelly was always wandering around, going to the club with her friends, and dating any man she likes.

While Keil was always on the basketball court with his friends playing, and also with his girlfriend, sometimes he didn’t sleep here because he was at his girlfriend’s house. Mom is just here at home. Sometimes she goes to her friend and she also likes to gamble.

By the way, I am Alyana Perez, 24 years old. Trying my best to finish college while doing part-time jobs. I’m the only one who makes a living for them. They don’t have jobs anymore. They don’t want to work because they think that I’m just here. I can work for them, buy food and things for them.

I paid for all the household expenses, my sister and my brother’s belongings it’s my own money they spent on that. They ask me for money when they want to. I give them all even if I have nothing left for myself. It’s okay as long as they’re happy, that’s more than enough for me.

“Ms. Perez, are you listening to what I am saying right now?” I suddenly realized that prof called me.

“S-Sorry prof.”

“Class dismissed! Ms. Perez, don’t leave. Let’s talk first.” He said in a serious tone. I just sighed and nodded. “Y-Yes, prof.”

My classmates have left, only me and the professor are left in here. I approached him. He is currently arranging his belongings now.

“I-I’m sorry, prof, I’m just thinking about something--“

“I told you to call me by my name when there is no one else, Alyana.” I scratched my head down on my neck.

“Sorry pro ... I mean Xenon.”

“Why do you seem to be awkward to me, you’re only 2 years younger than me, Alyana. Speak comfortably with me, okay. I’m not that old.” he said and laugh, I slapped his arm.

“I’m sorry Xenon, I’m still not used to being your student and being you becoming my professor.”

He’s Xenon Parker, my professor. He’s 26 years old. We’re friends, I mean he’s my boy's best friend.

He’s my only friend right now. Hmm, I had a friend before when I was in high school. I have no news about her now, as I know she’s studying and staying in States since high school.

I miss her so much, she’s very kind to me, she’s the only one who defends me when someone bullies me in high school.

I look at Xenon when he spoke.

“Do you have a part-time job now?” I took the book on the table, I mouthed to him that I’ll hold this book for a while. We walked out of the classroom together. The students here don’t know that I am very close to Xenon.

I guess all of my classmates, I mean girls on the campus, have a crush on him. I can’t blame them because Xenon is handsome, he’s kind and a gentleman. Girls think that he’s perfect, but we know that nobody’s perfect in this world, right.

“Always, I should have a part-time job every day so that I can earn money for my family.”

“Why are you working for them, they have legs and hands, don’t they? What’s the use of that!” he’s getting annoyed, I can feel that.

He had already seen how my siblings and my mother ordered me like a maid. He also witnessed them shouting at me, beating me, and pulling my hair. I just really stop him from interfering.

Sometimes Mom makes me kneel on the floor or with salt on the floor. My haft brother punches me sometimes when he’s drunk. Sis Kelly hurts me when I damaged her things or get ruined. Sometimes she slapped me with or without a reason.

“They don’t want to work, so I’ll work instead,” I said and forced myself to smile in front of him.

“Tsk, you’re the one who feeds them, and then when you got home, you did all the housework. Why don’t you just separate yourself from them, Alyana? Your haft brother and haft sister are already big and then they already finish college. They can quickly find a job so that they can both raise their mother. “

“Don’t be like that, Xenon, even if she’s not my real Mom and they’re not my real siblings. I love them. And my Dad’s last instruction to me was to love them and treat them like my real family. “

“I guess, your dad didn’t tell you to enslave yourself to them, did he?” I stopped walking and looked at him.

“We’ve already talked about this, haven’t we? It’s my decision Xenon and I don’t do it because I’m still their slave, okay. I did all of this because I love them, that’s why I’m working hard...for them.” He held my hand, then pull me close to him. I was a bit shocked when he hugged me.

“You know I just don’t want to see you like this, Alyana. To me...you’re my friend, a younger sister Aly.” I pushed him right away. The students were looking at us here. We might be issued.

Girls in here are glaring at me, it’s obvious that they like Xenon. It’s like they’re going to eat me alive right now.

“There are many students, Xenon, and don’t call me Aly. Only my haft brother calls me that.” I murmured, and we started walking again.

We are here in the parking lot now.

“Do you want me to take you home?” he asked me. I looked around at many students are looking at us.

“Ahm no prof, it’s okay! I’ll just walk.”

“Okay, all right you said so.” He said and shook his head. He doesn’t like me calling him a professor.


I’m wearing a skirt now, then just long sleeves. This is how I wear always when I work. I guess people won’t keep looking at me because of what I’m wearing, right? This hotel seems like only rich people come here, so I’m kinda nervous right now.

When I went inside, people do look down on me but I tried to don’t to mind them. I looked for the room that Madam Nessy says.

Madam Nessy is the Mom of the child I take care of. Nash was very naughty when he was a child, so he needs a guard, even if her Mom doesn’t leave the house that much.

I’m happy every time I’m with her son, he’s sweet and I like when he calls me sis. Maybe if I had a youngest brother or sister, I would love and take care of him/her. I wouldn’t let him suffer or be hurt, just like what Kelly and Keil doing to me.

I like Madam Nessy too because she’s kind to me. When she pays me, she overpays me. I have another job; I do extra work at the store or even when doing laundry. Whatever job I get... oh except for selling my body, ah! I prefer to die of starvation or hardship, but I will never do that to myself. I respect myself, and I love myself.

I stop and look at the number of the door.

“God, is this right?” I murmured.

I can’t see the number on the door very well. My eyes aren’t quite clear, my eyeglasses are broken, I haven’t bought a new one yet. I don’t have any plans to buy it because it’s just a waste of money. I’d better buy food than eyeglasses.

I would have knocked in case I remembered that Madam said not to knock anymore. I went straight in. I opened the door and as expected, it was open.

I saw a man... wait, why did Nash suddenly grow up? And his face looks different?

Nash is only 10 years old, but why did he grow up suddenly? Then he still has a woman with him? Wait for Madam Nessy after? Why does his face look so young?


This is very weird!

I blink so many times and...

“AHHHHH!!” I shout when I realized that the man is naked.

Wait, who is he? I’m confused and a bit nervous right now.

I hurry I covered my eyes using my palm.

“A-Are they filming a p*rn something like that?” I asked myself. It’s my first time seeing anything like this. I just realized by now that they’re both naked.

Seriously, I never thought I would see live, damn I never dreamed of seeing something like this, never in my life.

So, I opened the wrong room? This always happens to me, but this is the first time seeing this kind of stuff.

You’re such a dumb Alyana! You should have looked carefully!

Even though I want to buy glasses but I really can’t, it’s just a waste of money.

“Hey! Don’t you have any plans to leave?! Do you see you’re disturbing us?!” I heard the woman say, maybe they’re dating or maybe they’re getting married...? Or maybe in the scene they’re a couple and making love.

I immediately stood up.

“Sorry! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to!” I said and even bowed to them. I bit my lower lip so hard, I feel sorry because I bothered them! Oh, man, what’s wrong with me?!

I backed away. “I’m really sorry, you can continue now Direk,” I added, before shutting down the door. I felt the force of my heart beating in my chest.

They were filming, but it seemed like they’re the only two in the room? Ah, maybe the camera and the director are just hiding? Or maybe they’re just the two of them, they made a video and then sold it? Oh, I think so.

Hmm, how much do they earn by doing that?

I shake my head because of what I am thinking.

“Are you going Alyana?! No matter what happens, don’t do that okay! There are many jobs you can get into, there are many ways to make money without doing that thing!” I said to myself and slapped my cheek.

“Ouch!” I never thought that it will hurt like this when I slap my cheek.

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