C3 Where?

“Oh Alyana, you’re already here.” I looked at my back. A woman had just come out of the room. It’s Madam Nessy!

I looked again at the room I entered earlier. So, the room that I should enter is on the left side, not the right side.

I turn my gaze to Madam Nessy and smiled at her. “Where’s Nash, Madam Nessy?” I ask politely.

“He’s just playing inside. I’ve been waiting for you for a while.” She said, I smiled.

Nash really loves to play. That’s funny, all kids love to play Alyana.

“What are you doing here at the hotel, Madam Nessy?” Why do I keep asking questions? I don’t know either. I’m just curious.

“Your Sir Gerald, have a meeting in here.” Meeting? In a hotel?

I scratched my head. “Ahh.” I nodded.

Is there such a thing as a meeting in a hotel? Oh, right, how would I know? I’m not rich like them, it’s really different when you’re rich.

“All right, I’ll leave you here first, okay? Watch out for Nash because I’m going to leave for a while.”

“Yes, Madam,” I replied.

I opened the door and entered the room. I saw Nash doing something. I was about to call him, but I guess he did notice me.

“Sis!” I smiled because he called me Sis again.

“What are you doing, Nash?” I asked and come closer to him.

“I want to draw your face, Sis.” He smiled, then turned his gaze back to what he was doing.

“Yes! I’m done, Sis.” He gave me the paper and there’s a drawing on it.

“Wow... pfft... it’s beautiful! We look alike. Her neck is kinda long.” I’m trying to hold my laugh right now.

Not because I’m insulting him, but because his drawing is kinda scary and also funny. I remember this kind of drawing is what I always draw when I was just his age.

He draws a skeleton... so, do I look like a skeleton??

“You said that my drawing is beautiful but why is your face like that Sis? Is my drawing ugly?” He asked, pouting his mouth.

“No Nash, your good drawing just needs improvements. You’re young and you still have a lot to learn.” I explain.

“Sis, do you know how to draw?”

“I don’t know how to draw Nash. My drawings are just like yours. I can only draw skeletons too.” I said, and he laughed.

“Sis, I have a question.”

“What is it, Nash?”

“Why do you still don’t have a boyfriend? I heard that a lot of high school students already have boyfriends and girlfriends. You, you’re already in college Sis, right?”

“Nash, it doesn’t mean that I am already a college student, then I should have a boyfriend. People go into a relationship when the two-person is in love when they found the person that is meant for them. In my case, I haven’t experienced being in love with someone and nobody is interested in dating me, Nash."

“Why is that? You’re pretty and kind Sis, they must be blind, I guess.” He shrugged and my reply was just a laugh.

When I finish my job here.

I went home.

The next day, I woke up early and went out of the room to go to the bathroom.


When I entered my room, I saw Sis Kelly as if she was looking for someone. “Oh, Yana, you’re already here! Give me some money I’ll just buy something.”

“What will you buy, sis?” I asked, his forehead suddenly wrinkled.

“Why are you asking?! Why don’t you just give me money right away! You’re still blabbering on like that, faster I’m in a hurry!!”

“How much do you need, sister?”


“What??” I was shocked by she said. I think I only have 1000 left too in my pocket.

“Are you deaf?! I said one thousand dumb*tch!” She yelled at me.

“There’s also 1000 left in my pocket Sis and I don’t have any money left to commute going to school,” I muttered. I bit my lip when she looked at me badly.

“Why are you even studying! What’s the use of that, you should just work well so that you can give us what we want!”

“I did a work hard, just so that we have something to eat and I have something to give to the three of you.”

“And you are talking back to me huh!!” she said angrily. I was surprised when she pulled my hair and dragged me out of my room.

“Sis, enough! Let go of my hair, it hurts!.” I grabbed her hand and tried to remove it.

“What’s going on-- oww nice! I guess I like what I am seeing now. Go, Kelly, you can do that! Make that Aly go bald.” I bit my lower lip, holding back my tears.

Her twin brother just watches me and her. They are always like this as if they don’t consider me a sibling.

“What’s up, Kelly?!” Suddenly Mom came home.

“Mom! It’s because of Yana. She won’t give me some money!! I only ask her to give me one thousand!”

“I’ll give you money if I have, but for now I only have 1000 left on my wallet.” It makes me want to cry in this situation.

I haven’t been able to pay for electricity here at home yet and now she’s asking me for money. Does it look like one thousand pesos is just a coin that is easy to earn for her?!

“She’s even talking back at me!” She glared at me, then rolled her eyes.

“Why don’t you just give the money to your sister Alyana.” Mom’s voice is cold. I didn’t expect Mom to defend me. She never defended me and I am used to it.

It’s just sad sometimes because everything doesn’t feel right, we’re all okay when Dad is still alive.

“I’m saving money too because we haven’t paid the electricity bill,” I explain but looks like they’re even more mad at me.

“It looks like you’re saying that we’re useless!! Am I right, huh?!!” Keil said angrily. I was nervous when Mom walked closer to me.

“N-No! I’m... I’m just saying that I still have to pay the electricity bill because it’s more important--“

“So, we’re not important?! Is that what you’re trying to say!?”

My eyes widened when Mom pulled my hair and dragged me into my room.

“Kelly, get some salt!!” My tears immediately flowed from what Mom said. I know what she’ll going to do.

“Okay sure Mom, wait a minute.”

“Mom, I’m sorry for you M-Mom. Please, I still have a job later and I still have classes today.” I begged. I knelt in front of her and held her hand.

I couldn’t help but sigh. My hands and knees were shaking as Mom looked at me coldly. She shook my hand and raise her eyebrows.

“What time do you work?”

“1... 1:00 p-pm, Mom.”

Kelly arrived, and she’s holding a jar of salt right now.

“Oh, I already brought a salt, Mom.” Make immediately took the salt, she opened it and spread the salt in front of me, she poured it all out.

“Kneel right there!”


“I said kneel there Alyana!!!”

I sighed as I stood up and slowly knelt where the salt is in it. I feel the pain in my knee, I feel the pain, too much pain because of the salt.

“You can only stand up when it’s already 1 pm, you won’t be going to school now!! Do you understand?!!”

“B-But we have an r-report now--“ I didn’t finish what I was going to say.

“I don’t care what’s in that damn report!! You shouldn’t study anymore, you won’t learn anything from that! After studying, you’ll just work, anyway!”

“It’s better if you’re well educated before working. And lastly, I learned a lot from school Mom.”

“I didn’t finish high school! So, you’re saying I’m uneducated!!!”

“T-That’s not what I am trying to say, Mom--“ she suddenly slapped me very hard on the cheek.

“If I hear you speak, I won’t just slap you Alyana!!” she said and left.

“Is this your bag? Hmm, oh that’s it, then here’s the 1000. This wallet looks so damn old and ugly! You don’t even have a nice wallet? Can’t you afford it? Do you want me to buy you, one little sister?” Her evil laugh.

“Why don’t you just buy a good attitude.” I don’t know why that words came out of my mouth.

Kelly looked at me angrily. I just ignored her and just turned a blind eye to the severe pain of Mom’s slap on me. I feel hurt even more because of my knee.


“Alyana... what happened to your knee?” Madam Nessy asked me.

“A-Ah, I just fell earlier. But I’m okay, my knees are okay don’t worry.” I muttered.

“Alyana, are you sure?”

“Yes Madam, I’m very sure,” I said and tried to smile at her.

I bit my lips when I suddenly felt my wound hurts, my knee was still red, so I covered it and then I just washed it.

It was bleeding earlier, then the traces of the salt were still there, it was still very painful because my wound seemed to have the salt melted on it.

“You look pale. Just tell me if you’re not feeling good, Alyana.” She said. I smiled broadly at her to show that I’m okay.

“I don’t feel anything, I’m okay Madam,” I said cheerfully. I couldn’t go to school anymore because Mama didn’t want me to stand up. At home I’m like a loser, they always win.

“Sis, let’s play!” Nash was with me and pulled the hem of my skirt. I only wore a skirt up to my knees. I didn’t wear pants because that will hurt my knees more.

“Okay all right.”

“Okay, just play together with Alyana. Mommy will just leave you for a while.”

“Where are you going, Mommy?” Nash asked, confused.

“At the kitchen.” Madam Nessy replied.

Nash and I both laughed.

“I thought you’re going somewhere far, but then you’re just going to the kitchen.” I laughed more when Nash said that. He’s really cute and adorable. Nash is studying again, he is in grade 4, they’re currently on vacation now.

Our first meeting was at the playground. He was crying because he didn’t know where his Mom and I tried to calm him down, and distract him so that he won’t cry anymore. I help him find her Mom, and that’s Madam Nessy. That’s when we started to be close and Madam Nessy. She hired me because Nash wants to, not just because that she trusts me, that’s why.

“Alyana, here’s your salary.” Madam Nessy gave me money.

“Thank you, Madam Nessy, thank you very much-- ahm, Madam I think you gave me too much money,” I said when I notice that it’s too much money.

Maybe she counts it wrong by mistake?

“No, I did count it right, Alyana. Take that as a gift from me.” I will never decline these blessings. I really need this money. I’m very thankful that Madam and Nash came into my life.

“Thank you!” I hugged her because I was so happy.

“Wait, you’re kinda hot, Alyana.” Madam Nessy touched my forehead. It’s like she’s checking something.

“Oh, that’s why you look pale today because you have a fever.” She muttered. I just smiled at her.

“I’m fine Madam, I am feeling okay.” This fever should be gone, I shouldn’t be sick now because I still have a lot to do and how can I do that if I’m sick right?

When I got home, I immediately bowed when I saw Mom in front of the door.

“Oh, you’re here now. Come with me!” She suddenly grabs my hand.

“W-Where are we going?” I asked, but she didn’t reply.

I’m a bit nervous. I feel like there’s something bad that is going to happen.

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