C4 Second meet

All the customers here are men, most of them are already old. Women are dancing, the other women are sitting on the guy’s lap then hugging the man and I even saw someone kissing in here. I just look away and pretend that I didn’t see that. All women here are wearing sexy clothes. I can see their cleavage.

It’s my first time to be in a place like this. I guess, only me is not wearing this kind of clothes.

Mom said that I’ll work here from now on, of course, I am just a waitress. I am thankful because Mom didn’t think of me dancing on that small stage, working like them.

“Hey, Alyana!"


“What the-- why are you still wearing that clothes?! Nevermind! By the way, give this order to that man.” She pointed at the man who’s wearing a business suit. I guess he’s rich, just by looking at him.


I walk towards that old man nervously, I stop where he is and then placed his order on the table.

“Hey, baby girl, you look different from them but still you look beautiful and sexy.?” I was shocked when he held my waist and tried to pull me so that I can sit on his lap.

“Wait... ahm...” I can feel my heart is pounding even more when he whispered into my ear.

“Wanna come with me tonight? I’ll double the payment if you want to.” Oh my god, what is he saying? This makes me want to vomit right now.

“I’m s-sorry, I need to go back to work Senior-- “

“Senior? I’m not that old to call me that, it’s better if you call me Daddy and lastly this is your work so, why are you declining my offer!”

“No, w-wait! This is a misunderstanding, I am not like them, I’m just a waitre-- “I couldn’t finish what I am saying when I saw a waitress like me, she’s kissing and sitting on the guy's lap.

Why the hell am I even doing here, no... this is wrong! This can’t be happening to me.

“Don’t make some excuses darling, don’t worry, I’ll pay you a lot, as long as you’ll make me happy tonight.” He said. I looked at those guys who are just sitting near to him.

I was terrified by the sharp looks they had on my chest. It turns out that one of my buttons is open, I notice that they can see my cleavage a little. I immediately covered it using my hand.

“I’m sorry Sir but I’m not that kind of woman you think.” I removed the hand that was holding my wrist.

“Wait! Did I say you can leave? I said I want you! I always get what I want so, no need to decline me because I’ll pay a lot! Do you know that, I can buy you, huh young lady!!” he muttered and forcedly grab my hand.

“Let go of my hand!! Please!” I feel my hands are shaking now, at any time I think my tears will start to fall into my cheeks.

“Alyana, just come with him so, you don’t get hurt. You need money, don’t you? If you agreed, he will pay you a lot so, it’s worth it, anyway.” That old woman said. She’s just the same age as my stepmother. I think she’s one of my Mom’s friends.

“Yes! I need money, but I never thought of selling my body. I have dignity, and I don’t want to lose that!” I said coldly.

As I said that, I pulled my hand back. I was about to walk away from them, but that old woman suddenly pulled my hair.

“All right, think about it then! What do you think is the reason why your Mom sends you here!! I guess you didn’t know that she allowed me to include you among those women! She sold you to me and I already gave her money. Now it’s time for you to pay me!!” She’s looking at me badly now.

W-What she just says?

My tears are falling on my cheeks now.

“LET HER GO!!” I git goosebumps when I hear that voice.

“Who-- oh my god! Good evening Mr. Wilson.” I look at the person behind me. I was surprised to see that man.

Isn’t he the guy who’s filming a video? What is he doing here-- Don’t tell me that they’re also filming here or maybe he’s planning?

“What right do you have to pull this woman’s hair?!” She let go of my hair. I step back a little and wiped my tears.

“I’m just teaching her a lesson--“

“If I pull your hair, would you like it?” She bowed and shook her head.

She seems to be afraid of this man named Wilson.... ahm, it looks like his last name is Wilson, not a name.

“And you son of a b*tch! F**k off!! This woman is already owned by someone!” That old guy didn’t talk back. It looks like he wanted to say something, but he kinda looks scared.

I looked at this guy. By the way, is he talking about me? Did someone own me already? Who??

“WHO??” they asked.

“No other than me!” He said coldly and turned his gaze on me.

“YOU’RE THE F**KBOY’S PROPERTY FROM NOW ON.” He said and that made my eyes widened. I was even more surprised when he walk closer to me and pulled my waist.

“Mr. Wilson, I already paid her mother. She was sold to me. I owned her--“

I bowed my head and covered my face. People in here were looking at us. I’m ashamed, I don’t like when people’s attention is on me.

Everything was silent when this guy grab the beer and broke it.

“How much?? 1 million? 2 million? Name your price, I’ll pay you.” He smirked. That old woman answer. She looks speechless.

“I’ll just send someone to talk to you about that. I gotta need to leave in this f**king bar, and you are coming with me.” He added and pulled me out.

When we got out, I forced to remove his grip on my hand. “Ouch! Let go of my hand, where are you going to take me!!”

“I don’t know!” I was stunned. He didn’t know where to take me? Then why did he pull me? For fun, I guess!

He pulled his own hair. “Argg! I really don’t know why I pulled you out! Damn, just come back there!” He said and pointed the door.

“After pulling me out and causing a scandal there, and now you’re telling me to go back?! Seriously?”

“What do you want from me anyway, I know there’s a reason why you pulled me out there! If you’re thinking of offering me such a job, I’m sorry, but no matter how much I need you money or hungry, I won’t do it something like that!”

“What?? What are you talking about, lady?!”

“About that stuff! The one that you’re doing in the hotel... you’re going to ask me to work-- “

“What the hell?! Do you really think we’re filming at that time?” I nodded slowly. “Damn, what do you think of me? A recruiter?!”

“Maybe, I guess.” I shrugged.

“Of course not! I am not a recruiter and we’re not filming that day, okay!”

“Ah, okay. I think I misunderstood it. So, that woman is your girlfriend or maybe, she’s your wife...” Maybe I should just shut my mouth.

“She’s not my girlfriend, and she’s not my wife, either. I’m still single and I am not planning of marrying someone.” He said coldly. He’s a moody person.

“Uhm, friends? Friends with benefits sometimes like that?” I’ve watched that kind of scene on TV.

“Me and her are not friends, okay. I just meet her that day!” He rolled her eyeballs.

“You don’t know her, but then you two are you doing...” What does it call then? Strangers with benefits? Is there something like that now?

“You’re a f**kboy!” I covered my mouth immediately. I didn’t mean to say that. I was devastated when he just looked at me seriously.

“Yeah, if that’s what you think.” He said and turned his gaze to his phone. It looks like he’s trying to call someone, I guess.

“A-Ah, go ahead it looks like you have important to do. I’m going back inside...” I said and turned my back to him. I was about to walk, but he suddenly pulled my hand.

I am facing him right now. “Where do you think you are going, lady?”

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