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C5 His property

“I almost forgot, you’re my property from now on right. I told them that early. Damn! When I said that something, I don’t take it back!”

It dumbfounded me for a while; he has looked human... I mean, he’s handsome.

“W-What did you say?! Property? Me?”

“Whether you like it, I already own you! Did you hear what the old woman said earlier? That your Mom sold you to her. And since they sold you, I’ll just buy you-- “

I pushed him away from me.

“No! I’m not something that anyone can just buy! I’m not a toy or a thing!”

“Not me, I can buy you, lady!” He looks down at me.

“Take back what you said to them! I’m not for sale, okay!” I clenched my fist, who said they could just sell me like stuff! I am not a thing, I’m human! I owned myself so, I have a right to talk and decline!

“Okay, fine, just come back there. I will take back what I said that I would buy you. Pfft... maybe you prefer the old man there? Do you want him to buy you, instead of me? Oh, isn’t it exciting? You’re going to warm up his night--“

“Shut up! You’re so disgusting!” I covered my ears because I don’t want to hear what he’s going to say next. Why are they doing this to me?!

“Who will you choose to buy you? Me or that disgusting old man?” He asked coldly. I looked him in the eye.

“Y-You-- hey! What are you doing!! Where are you taking me! Ahhhh, put me down!” I shouted because he suddenly lifted me like a sack of rice.

“Shut up! Don’t make any noise!

You’re the one who said you don’t like that old man! You don’t want to warm his night so, that means you’ll warm up my night instead. You are choosing me over him, that what you meant!”

“Y-You’re crazy! I said nothing like that! P-Put me d-down!”


Stephen Wilson’s Pov.

Damn! There are many women out there who are ready to have s*x with me for free, they even approach me for first, they flirt me first... And now I can’t believe that I used my money for this woman??!

She looks innocent when we first met but at the bar, she was working. All women are really liars! They’re great at pretending!

“Can you please, shut up! By the way, why is your leg so hot, did you take a bath with hot water?!” I slowly put him down when we reached in front of my car.

I immediately hold her waist, and her face hit my chest.

Suddenly I was a statue for a moment.

“Hey, lady?” I slapped her cheek lightly. Her eyes are closed. It looks like she’s sleeping...

“Are you asleep?! Early, you are so noisy, and now this?! Damn, don’t f**king tell me you are really sleeping...” I touched her cheek and slapped it again softly. I was surprised because I just notice that her cheek was hot. I ran my palm over her forehead.

“Sh*t! Why are you so hot?! Do you have a fever? Damn, obviously!” Why am I even asking her, she won’t reply because she fainted!

Damn! Why didn’t she tell me she has a fever, is she still alive? Or maybe she’s already dead? Is it my fault??

Oh, thank goodness she’s still breathing.

What if I’ll just leave him here? But what if something bad happens to this woman? Damn, why am I worried about her, I don’t even know this lady!

I carried her like a bridal style and put her inside the car; I got in too and started the engine.

“Damn! Why am I doing this?!” I bite my lower lips. I don’t know what went through my mind. I took her to my house.

“Oh, my god! Who is that woman again Stephen??” Nanny Daley asked.

I just smiled at her and continued to walk where my room was.

I gently lay her on my bed.

I took a bimpo and water, when I came back I heard her saying something. I put the bimpo down.


“Daddy?” I asked myself.

“D-Dad, don’t l-leave me p-please...” She raised her hand as if she wants to reach or taking something but still her two eyes were closed.

Is she dreaming?

I walk closer to her and sat on the side of the bed; I held her hand and stared at her face.

She still looks so beautiful even though her face is pale, she’s still beautiful even without makeup.

She’s the second woman I’ve met who doesn’t wear makeup. My mom, she’s just simple, simple but beautiful--

I stopped thinking when I saw tears dripping from her eyes; she keeps saying, daddy.

“Do you miss your dad?”

“D-Dad, d-don’t leave me... I’m s-scared...” I wiped the tears running down her cheeks.

Damn! It’s my first time to feel like this. I get hurt seeing her tears; she looks scared. Well, naturally it makes me happy seeing women crying, seeing their hurting and suffering. They deserve it, though.

Damn this lady! She should warm my night... oh, yeah, she did warm my night now because she’s boiling! Why did she even working even if she has a fever?!

It’s so cold in my room, but she’s still sweating.

I looked at her small sling bag; I opened it and I saw an ID.

“Alyana Perez, hmm nice name.” I turned my gaze back to her.

It surprised me when she opened her eyes; I saw that she’s surprised seeing me.

“W-What are you d-doing h-here--- where am I?!” she asked in shock as her eyes look around.

“You’re in my room.”

“Your house?! Why??!” She covered her mouth as she looks at me.

“What do you mean, why?! I carried you all the way here because you fainted!”

“I... I need to l-leave, I t-think my m-mom is already looking for me!” She touches her forehead and tried to stand up.

She took her sling bag and was about to walk away, but I pulled her hand and pushed her into bed. I quickly get on top of her.

“No! You can’t just leave like that Alyana.” I coldly said.

My gaze slowly looked down at her lips. Even though it looks pale, her lips are like calling me to kiss her.

“H-How... how did you know my name??” she asked, confused.

“I saw your ID-- “I didn’t finish what I am saying because she’s trying to push me.

“Let me go!” She glared at me. I hold her both hands to stop her from pushing me.

“W-What are you doi--“

I didn’t let her finish her words when I kissed her on the lips; I smirked when I notice she was very surprised. I let go of her hand and hold her cheek.

She pushed my chest hard, and she got away from me.

“Y-You’re crazy! Why did you kiss me!! You just took my f-first k-kiss!” She touched her lips and looked at me badly.

Is she serious right now?

“First kiss?? Really?” I asked. I can’t help my smirked.

Does she really think that I will believe that sh*t? A woman like her, working at a bar, doesn’t have a first kiss yet?! I’ve already slept with a lot of college students, most of them look innocent but the truth they’re not! Tsk, does she think she can fool me!

“Why are you glaring at me?!” I asked her. She looks mad at me.

“You!!” it surprised me when she slap me.

“Damn! What’s your f**king problem lady!!” I took a deep breath and looked at her.

“I am leaving here now!” She opened the door, but I immediately pulled her and closed the door.

“You can’t just leave!!”

“W-What do you want!?” I touch her cheek and I move my mouth closer to her ears.

“You know what I want...”

New chapter is coming soon
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