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C2 Third Party

The woman leaned forward ungracefully on the desk, while the man stood behind her. He hugged her slender waist, kissing her neck as he moved. "Darling, you're so good."

The woman's soft voice could not be suppressed, "Sicheng, you only know how to bully me when you're good or bad."

The voice of the woman in the study room was familiar, causing Yue Jia to freeze.

He could see her gorgeous face and alluring body from the side, making him like her even more.

Moreover, this woman was none other than Liu Qianqian, her childhood friend.

They had lived in the same orphanage when they were children, and had been separated at the age of eight.

At that time, Liu Qianqian's family had found her and brought her out. Yue Jia had stayed in the orphanage.

Even though they were separated, the two of them kept in touch. She treated Liu Qianqian as her best friend until she married Huo Si Cheng.

Liu Qianqian turned her head to look at Yue Jia as a smile appeared on her face. She hugged Huo Sicheng tighter as if she was showing off.

"Baby, don't hurt the child in your stomach." Hawthorne consoled the woman in his arms in a low voice.


Yue Jia could not help but take a few steps back. She was pregnant with her man's child.

Liu Qianqian's shout became louder and louder, mixing with Huo Sicheng's emotional voice.

When Huo Si Cheng was with her, he had never cried out so emotionally before.

Yue Jia clenched her fists, the nails digging into her flesh. The voices of a man and a woman beside her ears made her tremble in anger.

She pushed open the study door and stared at them.

They also didn't know what shame meant. Liu Qianqian arrogantly glanced at her, then wrapped her arms around Huo Si Cheng's waist and wrapped her arms around his neck. As she enjoyed the gentleness of a man, she coquettishly said, "Si Cheng, when are you going to divorce me? I can wait for that, and the children in my stomach won't be able to wait either."

Huo Sicheng buried his head in Liu Qianqian's chest. At the critical moment, he gasped for breath excitedly, "At any time, my precious, ah! Baby cooperate with me, I want you. "

"Si Cheng, I want you too. Hurry up."

Liu Qianqian's entire body was close to Huo Shicheng, and both of them reached the height of the mountain at the same time.

Even when they were about to leave and tidy up the clothes, Yue Jia was still standing there dumbly.

Not only did he bring a woman home to be loved by him, he even divorced her.

No wonder, she was just a child who grew up in an orphanage, and this woman was the daughter of the Wealthy Liu family. She would inherit countless assets in the future.

"I don't... Divorce. " Yue Jia bit her lips.

She couldn't let Liu Qianqian get away with this, and she couldn't let her get away with it.

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