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C3 High Climbing

Back then, Liu Qianqian thought that Huo Si Cheng was just a handsome, poor brat. She had dumped him and pushed him to the side.

When the time came for the wedding, Huo Si Cheng's identity was revealed. He didn't expect that he was a member of the Huo family. At that time, Liu Qianqian was extremely regretful. She even complained to Huo Si Cheng that Yue Jia had coerced her into leaving Huo Si Cheng.

Liu Qianqian was naked, so she let Huo Si Cheng serve her and help her clean her body and put on her clothes.

She then pretended to be wronged and pitiful as she begged Yue Jia, "Yue Jia, for the sake of seeing the child in my stomach, you should let me handle this. I can't leave him. He's the one I love the most. Without his company at night, I was too scared to sleep. "

She clearly had a beautiful face and liked to pretend to be pure and weak. However, men loved and loved her just like that.

"I won't." Yue Jia did not retreat at all.

He reached out his hands to gently stroke her hair and said to Yue Jia in an extremely vile manner, "In the afternoon, I will send a lawyer over to sign on the spot. Otherwise, don't even think about getting a single cent."

"Si Cheng, she's not my little sister, but she's better than me. You have to be nicer to her, I'll feel sorry for her." Liu Qianqian leaned against Huo Sicheng's chest tenderly. Her hands weren't honest as she touched him and said shamelessly, "I've thought about it. What should I do?"

Sparks instantly appeared in Huo Sicheng's eyes. He picked up Liu Qianqian and teasingly said, "Then, I'll go to the bed and properly satisfy you."

"I like the way you acted just now. It was comfortable and I could be one with you." Liu Qianqian's small hands had already entered into Huo Sicheng's pants and were moving around nonstop.

How could Huo Si Cheng endure such a naked seduction? He didn't have time to carry Liu Qianqian into the bedroom and directly took her away from her on the sofa in the living room.

Yue Jia did not know how she managed to walk out of the house. Her mind was filled with the sounds of their lovemaking.

In the entire art class, she didn't have the mood to attend.

"Yue Jia, what's wrong?" Wang Yue, one of her best colleagues, asked out of concern when she saw that she wasn't in good spirits.

Yue Jia shook her head. She really couldn't hold on any longer.

At noon, instead of going home, she went downstairs to the cafeteria to eat with her colleagues. When she was almost done eating, she received a call from her mother-in-law.

Grandma didn't like her and thought she was too high up in the Huo family.

With her background, she was a child who grew up in an orphanage. On the other hand, the Huo Family was the most prestigious family, and her husband, Huo Sicheng, was a talented person in the business world. How could she be worthy of him?

Her mother-in-law had always ignored her, so why would he come to school to look for her?

When Yue Jia arrived at the coffee shop next to the school, she could see the beautiful grandma from afar. The 50-year-old grandma looked to be 30 years old.

Her skin was snow-white, and there wasn't even a single wrinkle on her face. Only a rich family's wife could maintain her beauty.

When Madam Huo saw her, she was not picky about it. Instead, she stood up and pulled her down to sit, asking her with concern, "Yue Jia, what's going on between you and Sicheng? Why do you want a divorce?"

"You... "How would you know?" Yue Jia knew that the relationship between Huo Sicheng and his mother wasn't very good, so she probably wouldn't tell her mother-in-law so soon.

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