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C7 Curse

When Liu Qianqian heard this, her eyes widened, but she quickly leaned into Huo Si Cheng's embrace weakly. "Si Cheng, she cursed our child. I'm so scared, the child won't be able to be saved."

"Scram." If anything happens to the child, I will make you wish you were dead. " Huo Si Cheng turned around and scolded Yue Jia harshly.

Yue Jia did not want to stay any longer and left immediately.

Liu Qianqian took the opportunity to call her brother, who had always doted on her the most. "Big brother, I want you to help me get rid of Yue Jia. She refused to divorce me, so I can't let the child in my stomach become a laughing stock."

"Alright, big brother will do it." The eldest son of the Liu Family, Liu Cheng, happily agreed.

Liu Qianqian knew that her brother would agree to it. He had always loved her the most.

Yue Jia came out from the company and drove the car back to her house. When the car was 500 meters away from her home, a black car hit her car. She felt her forehead hit the gas bag and the car was instantly hit and spun, the thick blood flowing down her face and into her neck.

She finally unbuckled her seat belt and climbed out. Someone in black stepped on her finger and ruthlessly crushed her, "Our boss is warning you one last time, hurry up and get divorced. Otherwise, your little life will be gone the next time. "

Not only did Liu Qianqian have the love of her man, she also had the care and care of her parents and brother.

Yue Jia felt that more and more blood was flowing out, and she fainted.

Liu Qianqian was still worried after hearing her brother's report.

What did Yue Jia mean by that?

It was impossible for her to know that the child in her womb had not been Horace's.

Liu Qianqian was like a rabbit that was about to be slaughtered as she stood on a dirty street. The residential building in front of her was like a slum that was played on TV with trash and mud everywhere.

She entered the second unit and knocked on the door to the left.

The door quickly opened and a man that looked like a scoundrel saw Liu Qianqian. His eyes emitted a green light and he grabbed onto Liu Qianqian's hand, "Slut, you're finally willing to come visit me."

Liu Qianqian struggled but was dragged into the room by the man, causing her to fall flat on the sofa.

The man is watching a movie and enjoying the service of a woman to a man." The man is watching a movie and enjoying the service of a woman to a man.

Liu Qianqian felt like vomiting because of the man's body odor. While pushing him, she said, "Didn't I give you money? "You promised me that you would call me if you didn't."

As the man walked over to Liu Qianqian, he panted, "If I want to find you, I'll find you. Do you think you can send me away with just that little bit of money?"

"You … "You scoundrel." Liu Qianqian wanted to reach out and hit the man, but the man grabbed her wrist, threw her onto the sofa, and pounced on her … Liu Qianqian struggled in fear, "Let me go, let me go."

The man was completely unmoved and continued to move.

"Bitch, do you really think you're the daughter of the Liu Family? You're just a bastard! Have you forgotten what your mother is?"

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