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C8 Chaperone

"I'm pregnant with your child, quickly let me go." Seeing that his movements were getting bigger, Liu Qianqian hurriedly covered her stomach.

The man grinned. His mouthful of yellow teeth did not make Liu Qianqian sick to death, but he still used his stinky mouth to kiss her. "Didn't that pretty boy discover that the child wasn't his?

"However, you're quite a ruthless little bitch. You stole her parents and brother, and even her man. Even I don't like trash like you. If it wasn't for the fact that you're too narrow-minded, I wouldn't have done anything to you." The man spoke as he did even more, completely ignoring the child in her stomach.

He wasn't going to let a bitch give birth to his own child, who knows who the child in his stomach belonged to.

"You promised not to tell." Liu Qianqian's face twisted in pain. What made her more afraid was that she could not let anyone know that Yue Jia was the son of the Liu Family.

Her parents were not the Liu Family. She only knew that she had a mother who stood on the street. If she was pregnant with her, she would not even know who her father was.

When she was six years old, her mother ran off with a man and threw her away. She was sent to an orphanage.

It was exactly where she met Yue Jia and saw the buddhist bead she wore on her neck. Since she liked it, Yue Jia gave it to her.

It was that buddhist bead that caused the Liu Family to mistake her for the lost child of the Liu Family.

The man on her was her neighbor's son when she was young. He saw her occasionally at the banquet of the Liu Family and recognized her. He even threatened her.

She was afraid that people would find out, so she could only give him money. She did not think that he would directly rape her and even let her call him whenever she wanted. Otherwise, he would have to tell everything to the Liu Family.

She was the daughter of the Liu Family. She could not lose her honorable status.

It was as if the man didn't want to let her off at all. He was torturing her to the death, and he even wanted to call others to come with him …

It wasn't easy for Liu Qianqian to escape from the man's grasp. She gave him all the jewelry and cash she had on her, so he agreed not to tell anyone else about it. However, it was hard to say in the future.

When she ran out of the building, she happened to run into a few men around her who harbored malicious intentions. Seeing that her clothes were untidy, she directly asked her, "Sister, how much is it?"

They were all Yue Jia, all Yue Jia.

If he was really a child of the Liu Family, he wouldn't need to be threatened by such a disgusting man. It was all Yue Jia's fault, he had blocked her way.

She would not let Yue Jia go, nor would she let others know that she was the son of the Liu Family.

When Yue Jia woke up, she was already lying on the hospital bed.

The doctor said she was fine, just bleeding too much, but she still had money on her and had the medical fees paid.

Huo Sicheng hurried over. Just as he stopped moving, he received a call from Liu Qianqian, saying that she had a stomachache and wanted him to accompany her. Huo Sicheng didn't even bother to look at Yue Jia as he hastily went to pick up Liu Qianqian.

Yue Jia lay in the hospital for two days, even the food and food were bought by the relatives of the patients in the same room.

On the third day, a middle-aged woman with an expensive temperament came to the sickroom and walked straight towards Yue Jia's bed. Without saying anything further, she reached out her hand and slapped Yue Jia twice in the face, "Bitch, if you kill my daughter, I will let you die with me."

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