Silly, Shut Up/C1 It's All Erguotou's Fault
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Silly, Shut Up/C1 It's All Erguotou's Fault
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C1 It's All Erguotou's Fault

In a private room in a KTV, a bunch of people are having a great time. A few of the men were hugging a girl in their arms, emitting a kind of societal aura.

However, only one of the men looked out of place with them. He was dressed in ordinary casual clothes, and he looked like a young boy. At this moment, his handsome face was flushed red, and he almost couldn't open his eyes.

When He San saw his appearance, he said somewhat discontentedly, "Little brother, you can't do this! You have just entered the industry. There are rules in the world. You must punish two more! "

He San said, and then he shakily reached out to get the beer.

Moh Liangchen quickly waved his hand. He muttered, "I can't do it, Mo. I really can't! I'm new to society and can't drink. Big brother, forgive me, forgive me!"

After he spoke in a daze, his head began to uncontrollably faint. He really didn't expect that on his first day of joining the mafia, he would be forced into such a state. He was simply bullying the newbies!

He San wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by another man.

"Wait a moment, Mo! What's the meaning of this!? Let's go to our Northeast's Erguotou and let the new little brother have a taste. How about it? "

After hearing this, everyone nodded in agreement and said," Big Brother Da Meng, that's a good idea! "

"Right, right, let's go to Erguotou. Whoever can drink a bottle today, sleep with two more girls tonight!"

Speaking up to here, the men's faces all revealed a vulgar smile.

Come again! Moh Liangchen's stomach suddenly turned upside down, and he almost vomited!

He used his remaining consciousness to fiercely write down a note for Ye Xun in his narrow mind. He cursed in his heart, Ye Xun, you cheater! If it wasn't for saving you, would I have entered the underworld?

When Erguotou came up, He San immediately poured a cup for Moh Liangchen.

"Come, come, one for one! Let them know what social people are!"

Moh Liangchen really wanted to use violence, your society! Your society! Your entire family is a f * cking society!

However, when he thought about how his brother was still in trouble, and that he might be crying while eating dirt, Moh Liangchen still silently endured it.

He looked at the cup of Erguotou with a face full of pain and said: "No, I really can't. Erguotou, I really can't come"

Big Brother Da Meng waved his wine glass at him and said with a loud laugh, "Get one! Since you came to our Northeast, we have to do our best as hosts. Northeast's Erguotou, one mouthful is great, two cups let you go to heaven! "

Moh Liangchen:. . . "" This is heaven. Or heaven?!

In the end, Moh Liangchen was forced to take a few sips of Erguotou. This time, he didn't even have any consciousness left. He felt like he was about to ascend!

Erguotou from the northeast really lived up to his reputation. . .


The door to the private room was suddenly kicked open. A group of men in black carried machetes and rushed in without any explanation. He San hurriedly picked up a bottle of wine and welcomed them. He even shouted, "Who are you?! Do you know who I am? You're courting death. . . "

Then, a fight broke out between the two of them. Soon, the sound of cracking and the girls shouting could be heard from the private room.

Only Moh Liangchen, who had lost consciousness, fell asleep on the sofa.

It was only when someone heavily fell beside him that Moh Liangchen finally had some consciousness. He forced himself to open his eyes and saw that the two groups of people were engaged in a fierce fight.

"I. . . Go. . . "

After saying those two words in his dry and hoarse throat, he no longer had the strength to make any sound.

Moh Liangchen wanted to cry in his heart. It was his first day in the underworld, and he would not stop eating just like that!

Damn! It was all this Erguotou's fault that caused this trouble! He couldn't even get up now; otherwise, he would have run away long ago!

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