Silly, Shut Up/C3 I Won't Move Don't Kill Me!
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Silly, Shut Up/C3 I Won't Move Don't Kill Me!
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C3 I Won't Move Don't Kill Me!

He San doesn't have any other strengths, but he values brotherhood. Especially his brothers who had been with him for years. He couldn't bear to lose their lives for nothing.

"Mr Hsiao, I'll talk, I'll talk. Please spare my brothers. They are all innocent. There was also a lackey who had just arrived today. He did not know anything. Mr Hsiao, please be good, let them live. "

After Hsiao Hongsheng heard him, he looked in the direction he pointed. He saw a young man lying on the sofa, dead asleep. His face was red; apparently, he had drunk a lot of wine.

Although Moh Liangchen's consciousness was blurry, he could vaguely feel a sharp eagle-like gaze shooting at him.

Moh Liangchen wanted to cry but had no tears. Why did he mention him when he had nothing better to do? He just wanted to be a little transparent, okay?

Hsiao Hongsheng stared at Moh Liangchen for a while and asked with raised eyebrows, "Oh? Newcomer?"

A new lackey actually dared to sleep like a pig in this kind of situation. What kind of experience was this?

Hsiao Hongsheng saw Moh Liangchen sleeping soundly, and the more he saw, the more displeased he became. He was the dignified underworld boss and he was still standing here. A lackey actually dared to sleep? Even if he drank too much, he absolutely could not be forgiven. He had to torture him to death!

Hsiao Hongsheng waved his hand to signal Hsiao Bai to wake him up. Hsiao Bai nodded his head and walked forward. With one hand, he picked up the drunk Moh Liangchen.

Moh Liangchen was not completely unconscious. At this moment, his brain was working rapidly. He was thinking about how to escape later.

It was time for him to make a choice between life and death! As an international agent, he was the last! However, he absolutely could not admit defeat so easily! So he decided that in order to repay the motherland and the people in the future, he had to pretend to be a grandson this time!

Hsiao Bai grabbed his collar and said fiercely: "Mr Hsiao, what should we do with this kid?"

Hsiao Hongsheng did not even look at him. He said coldly, "Do it cleanly!"

Such a simple-minded person still dared to enter a triad with his head on his belt. He really had the courage! But if he was provoked, then he wouldn't be so lucky!

After Moh Liangchen heard that, he immediately sobered up. He immediately raised his hands as a sign of surrender and shouted, "I won't move! Don't kill me!"

Hsiao Hongsheng was speechless. Wasn't he pretty clear-headed?

Everyone was speechless. Was this kid here to be funny? What kind of occasion was this?

Moh Liangchen opened his confused eyes and looked at Hsiao Hongsheng. His handsome face was slightly red, and he looked somewhat adorable. For some reason, Hsiao Hongsheng couldn't move his eyes away from him.

Looking at his blurry handsome face, Moh Liangchen's consciousness became more and more shallow.

"You. . . Why are you more handsome than me? Who. . . Burp ~ Who asked you to be more handsome than me! Did I allow it?"

Moh Liangchen pointed at Hsiao Hongsheng. After Hsiao Bai pulled him off, he continued to point.

Everyone looked at Moh Liangchen dumbfoundedly. He was even more handsome than you, and you allowed him to do so? Brother, you are really not afraid of offending people if you drink too much! Brother, I hope you won't regret it after you wake up! Brother, I hope you still have a chance to wake up!

Hsiao Bai rolled up his sleeves and was ready to torture him. If he dared to be so disrespectful to Mr Hsiao, he would at least break his leg first!

Just when everyone thought Moh Liangchen was finished, Hsiao Hongsheng suddenly smiled. That smile almost blinded everyone's eyes.

"Hsiao Bai, let him go first. "

Hsiao Bai had a puzzled expression. But he still let go of Moh Liangchen.

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