Silly, Shut Up/C4 No Matter How You Drag It You Can't Drag It Away?
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Silly, Shut Up/C4 No Matter How You Drag It You Can't Drag It Away?
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C4 No Matter How You Drag It You Can't Drag It Away?

Hsiao Bai let go and Moh Liangchen fell onto the sofa. He blinked his eyes in confusion, and Hsiao Hongsheng's handsome face kept flashing in front of his eyes.

Hsiao Hongsheng threw the cigarette butt away and took a deep breath. "Let this kid live first. You can do whatever you want with the rest. "

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left with big steps.

Moh Liangchen knew that he had saved his life this time, but in his mind, he didn't want Hsiao Hongsheng to leave just like that.

"Don't go. . . Don't go. . . "

Moh Liangchen kept muttering. He suddenly stood up and grabbed Hsiao Hongsheng's waist.

He held Hsiao Hongsheng tightly and did not let go. He was so drunk that he did not know what he was doing.

Hsiao Hongsheng frowned and said coldly, "Let go!"

Not only did Moh Liangchen not listen to him, but he also put his hands on his neck. His legs were almost tied to his waist. He shouted in a spoiled manner, "If I don't let you go, then I won't let you go. It was great that you were handsome, you big fool! I want to duel you. . . Don't leave you!"

Hsiao Bai widened his eyes and looked at Moh Liangchen as if he was looking at a rare species. Heavens! Someone actually dared to pounce on Mr Hsiao just like that! It seemed like he didn't need to break his leg, he just needed to collect his corpse!

But. . . Cough, this posture was a bit too ambiguous!

Seeing everyone looking at them with strange expressions, Hsiao Hongsheng's face instantly darkened by eight degrees. It was rare for him to be so kind and want to let this kid go today. He did not expect that he would actually dare. . . To pester him so shamelessly!

"Hsiao Bai, drag him out and feed him to the dogs!"

This sentence was squeezed out from the gaps between Hsiao Hongsheng's teeth. It could be seen that he was really angry!

Hsiao Bai received the order and immediately went forward to pull Moh Liangchen's collar, wanting to pull him off Hsiao Hongsheng's body. In the end, Moh Liangchen tightly hugged Hsiao Hongsheng and did not let go. He even shouted, "Don't pull me! Shameless! Don't pull me. . . "

Hsiao Hongsheng couldn't take it anymore. He dug Moh Liangchen out of his body and threw him to the ground.

"Drag him away!"

Hsiao Bai's mouth twitched. How could Hsiao Hongsheng be so angry? This kid was probably the first! So he bent down and pulled Moh Liangchen's leg, dragging him out like a dead dog.

However, for some reason, after dragging him for a long time, Moh Liangchen actually lay on the ground without moving at all.

And that guy kept saying, "Big brother, I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong. . . Don't kill me. . . And that guy kept saying, Big brother, I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong. . . Don't kill me. . . I, don't kill me. I was wrong, I was wrong. . . "

Hsiao Bai was extremely angry. He pulled his legs with both hands and dragged him out. He did not believe that he could not even drag him out.

Moh Liangchen laid on the ground, covering his face with both hands and started crying. His body was curled up like a kitten that had been tortured. No matter how he looked at it, it was pitiful.

Hsiao Hongsheng's serious face almost burst out laughing. Who could tell him that? What on earth did this weirdo have to do with the underworld?

He San and the others were also quite drunk. This was supposed to be a serious, bloody, violent, and societal scene. Why did the scene suddenly change to such a state?

What was even stranger was that Hsiao Hongsheng's reaction. . . Was not quite right!

Seeing that Moh Liangchen could not be dragged away no matter how hard he tried, Hsiao Hongsheng pulled him up with a dark expression on his face. In the end, Moh Liangchen's center of gravity became unstable, and he plunged his head into Moh Liangchen's chest. Then, he repeated the same posture without any politeness, and hung himself on Hsiao Hongsheng's body.

Hsiao Hongsheng clenched his fist, and had an impulse to kill someone. He looked down and saw that Moh Liangchen had fallen into a deep sleep.

After everyone mourned for Moh Liangchen for a minute, an unexpected result appeared.

Hsiao Hongsheng lifted Moh Liangchen's legs with both hands and carried him out.

Their intimate positions made people blush and their hearts beat fast.

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