Silly, Shut Up/C6 Your Social Outlook Is Not an Ordinary Distortion
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Silly, Shut Up/C6 Your Social Outlook Is Not an Ordinary Distortion
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C6 Your Social Outlook Is Not an Ordinary Distortion

Hsiao Hongsheng turned around with a dark face, his eyes filled with danger. "What did you say?"

Society. . . Brother? What kind of name was that!

Moh Liangchen looked at him nervously and continued to beg for mercy, "Society Brother, can you let me go? When I have money in the future, I will definitely return it to you. "

Hsiao Bai stood at the door and could not take it anymore. He reminded, "Call Mr Hsiao!"

What was this guy shouting for? He would make Mr Hsiao angry later, but he would lose his life!

Moh Liangchen immediately reacted and said, Mr Hsiao! "Oh, oh, oh, society Mr Hsiao. I was wrong. I was wrong. This little brother had just arrived, so he had offended him. Seeing that everyone is so handsome, can you spare this little brother once?"

Hsiao Bai wished he could go forward and kick him twice. It would be best if he kicked him until he had a concussion! Was he an idiot?

Hsiao Hongsheng shook his hand away and said coldly, "I don't have the habit of letting people go. "

Moh Liangchen pretended to be a grandson for a long time, but he could not take it anymore. He immediately broke the jar and said with a serious face: "Do you have to be like this?"

Seeing the coldness in his eyes, his entire person was completely different from his sloppy appearance just now. Hsiao Hongsheng looked at him thoughtfully. He thought that this kid was not ordinary, and his temperament was not ordinary either. His background was definitely not as simple as an ordinary lackey!

"What's your name?"

He suddenly changed the topic, which Moh Liangchen did not expect. He replied snappily, "My name is Moh Liangchen. "

His name was not bad! Hsiao Hongsheng raised his eyebrows and continued to ask, "Why do you want to join the gangs?"

Ask your sister! Give me back my clothes first! Hey!

Moh Liangchen roared in his heart, and then he said honestly, "To make a fortune!"

When Hsiao Hongsheng heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched, and he asked in disbelief, "Who told you that by joining the gangs, you can make a fortune?"

Moh Liangchen blinked and started to talk nonsense. "Look at the small advertisements! The small ads posted on the corridor of my house are everywhere. What revenge call, 500 RMB once. . . "

After he finished speaking, Hsiao Bai immediately looked at him as if he was looking at a stupid pig. He also believed in small advertisements! He couldn't be a retard, right?

Moh Liangchen curled his lips and once again made a fierce note of Ye Xun from his narrow heart! If it wasn't for me looking for you to join the gangs, would I have done so many stupid things?

However, since it had come to this, Moh Liangchen could only be optimistic in his heart. Anyway, as the last agent, he was so poor that he couldn't even afford socks. Perhaps this was a very good opportunity! So he decided to join the gangs! He wanted to become the leader of the mafia one day!

He wanted to be even more awesome than this man in front of him!

Hsiao Hongsheng was silent for a long time before he said seriously: "Your social view is not an ordinary distortion. "

He was afraid that he really did not know what social people were. . .

Moh Liangchen snorted lightly and shouted at him, "Stop talking nonsense! Give the clothes back to me!"

His roar shocked Hsiao Bai. How did he get the courage to speak to Mr Hsiao like this?

Hsiao Hongsheng laughed loudly after he heard that. He leaned over and said: "Didn't you want to make a fortune? Why don't you follow me in the future?"

Moh Liangchen exclaimed. He did not expect Hsiao Hongsheng to have such a reaction.

Hsiao Bai felt as if he had suffered a heavy blow, as if he had seen a fake Hsiao Hongsheng.

"Have you thought about it? If you have, I will get someone to give you your clothes. "

Moh Liangchen nodded stiffly. At this time, he probably had no other choice. In a place like the Northeast, where there were both good and bad people, if he wanted to find Ye Xun, it might be the best way to seek refuge with Hsiao Hongsheng!

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