Silly, Shut Up/C7 Don't Bully Me My Dad Is a Police Officer!
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Silly, Shut Up/C7 Don't Bully Me My Dad Is a Police Officer!
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C7 Don't Bully Me My Dad Is a Police Officer!

"Mr Hsiao, what's the third move?"

A bodyguard in black knocked on the door and said expressionlessly.

Hsiao Hongsheng waved his hand to signal him to go down, and then fell into deep thought. If he attacked Han Qianwu now, it might not be the right time. The foundation of Hsiao family had not been under his control for a long time, and it was still unstable. Once someone from the Hsiao family tried to harm him behind his back, the loss would outweigh the gain!

Xiao Baimei said with a fierce look on his face. "Mr Hsiao, do you want me to bring some people to sweep his bets?"

Hsiao Hongsheng shook his head and thought for a while. "How about this? Send Zuo Ming and Lu Yuze to black Han Qianwu and the other goods in a few days. "

They could not touch him now, but they had to teach him a lesson!

When he heard that Zuo Ming and Lu Yuze were going to be sent, Hsiao Bai's mouth twitched. The two of them. . . Fine!

"Then I'll go and arrange it right away. "

Moh Liangchen, who was listening from the side, frowned. It was normal for gangs to smuggle goods. But if the goods that left were not 'ordinary' goods, then what should he do? Even if he was not an agent, he would definitely not do such a thing!

"Wait a minute. "

Hsiao Hongsheng glanced at Moh Liangchen and said: "Take him with you. "

Moh Liangchen snorted coldly and said fearlessly. "If you want to go, then go. But now I want to sleep for a while more. Aiya, I'm so sleepy. "

He yawned as he spoke, as if he would fall asleep in the next second.

Hsiao Hongsheng was speechless and said in disgust, "Go to sleep on the floor! Don't sleep on my bed!"

This brat actually dared to be so impudent? Truly unpleasant! But that annoying look on his face, and he deserved to be liked!

Moh Liangchen glared at him and said righteously, "Then I slept here last night too! I have to sleep here now! Why didn't you dislike me yesterday?"

Hsiao Hongsheng was so angry that he almost laughed out loud. He took off his robe with his big hand and said with an evil smile, "Sure, let's sleep together. You have troubled me for the whole night. I am tired now. "

These words. . . Why does it sound so strange? Moh Liangchen was fiercely choked by him. He angrily picked up a pillow and threw it at him.

"Who's sleeping with you? Shameless! Hurry up and bring my clothes over!"

Hsiao Hongsheng gave him a contemptuous look, as if he couldn't be bothered with him. He threw his robe aside and went to the next room to change his clothes.

Moh Liangchen laid on the bed and closed his eyes tiredly. After lying on the bed for a long time, he could not sleep.

He suddenly remembered that when he was young, his father was an excellent narcotics officer. This made him admire his father since he was young. Whenever a gangster bullied him, he would bravely stand up and say, "Don't bully me. My father is a police officer!"

In the end, the gangsters came up and gave him a kick.

"Your dad is a police officer? My dad is even the president of the country!"

After Moh Liangchen was beaten until he cried and went home, he was beaten up by his dad again!

"How many times have I told you? Don't say that I'm a police officer! Don't say I'm a police officer! "

From then on, he swore that he would definitely become a police officer in the future!

Later on, his results were excellent, and he was selected by the country together with Ye Xun and the others. After going through numerous tests, he finally made it to the international ranking of agents.

However, after an operation half a year ago, he could no longer raise his gun. . .

He spent more than half a year in such a state of anxiety, and he successfully ranked first in the last place. Not only was it hard to return home, but he also lived a poor life.

Thinking of this, Moh Liangchen sighed deeply. The past was simply unbearable to look back on. . .

When Hsiao Hongsheng came back with the clothes, Moh Liangchen had already fallen asleep. He slept so comfortably that no one could bear to wake him up. Hsiao Hongsheng shook his head helplessly. He threw the clothes next to him, turned around, and walked away.

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