Silly, Shut Up/C9 This Is the Goods!
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Silly, Shut Up/C9 This Is the Goods!
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C9 This Is the Goods!

Zuo Ming looked at his watch and smiled. "It's almost time, baby. Come with me to change. "

With that said, he put his arm around Lu Yuze's waist and the two of them hugged each other as they walked into the changing room.

"Damn it, slow down! My waist still hurts!"

"If it wasn't for the mission, you wouldn't be able to get out of bed today. "


Moh Liangchen could not look straight at him. "Damn it!"

Not only was he stuffed with dog food by these two people, but he also had goosebumps all over his body!

Therefore, Moh Liangchen couldn't help but curse Hsiao Hongsheng from the bottom of his heart. He let him, a straight man, stay together with two bent men.

. . .

The three of them took a car all the way to a relatively lively market on the north street. They turned left and right and arrived at another civilian area.

As an agent, Moh Liangchen was especially sensitive to directions. The surroundings were strangely quiet. He felt that there was something wrong with this place.

Lu Yuze smiled and looked at him, teasing him. "Hey handsome, do you need to be so vigilant?"

They were not here to kill or set fire, they were just here to steal something. Was there a need to be so nervous?

Moh Liangchen snorted and said calmly, "Of course I have to be careful. Maybe I will die here if I am not careful. "

Zuo Ming laughed loudly and said, "It's not as exaggerated as you think. It's just a robbery. "

Seeing his serious expression, Moh Liangchen started to be curious about what this batch of goods was.

The car was parked in a farmer's courtyard, and a large truck was parked not far away from them.

Moh Liangchen looked around and felt that it was very likely that the truck was there.

"Oh? Mr Hsiao's men are here?"

A few burly men walked out of the room with flattering smiles on their faces.

Zuo Ming raised his chin and said rudely: "It's good that you know. We, Mr Hsiao, want this batch of goods. "

The men looked at each other with fear on their faces.

One of the leaders stepped forward and said, "Big brother, we need this batch of goods. We have already sold this batch of goods to Grandfather Han. It will be sent to the nightclub for auction tomorrow, it's really. . . "

Moh Liangchen was shocked. If they were auctioned to the nightclub, could this batch of goods be people?

Zuo Ming reached out his hand and grabbed his collar, threatening him. "You should know what will happen to you if you offend Mr Hsiao. Master Han did not follow the rules first. This bunch of people deserved it!"

The few men were frightened to the point of not knowing what to do, but they still refused to hand over the goods.

Zuo Ming fiercely kicked the leader of the men and scolded," Why are you still not going? You think you have a long life!"

"Yes, yes, yes. . . "

The men quickly ran over and opened the truck. The moment the truck opened, Moh Liangchen was stunned. This was. . . The goods!

Young man. . . More than a dozen young men. . . Could this be the so-called goods they were talking about?

Sending it to the nightclub for auction, this was against the law!

Moh Liangchen clenched his fists and made a difficult decision in his heart. Now that he was unable to protect himself in the underworld, how could he save these innocent youths?

Just as Zuo Ming and the others were about to leave with the goods, Moh Liangchen suddenly roared. "Stop! Let them go!"

In the end, he was still unable to overcome the hurdle in his heart. . .

Lu Yuze looked at him strangely and said unhappily. What's wrong? Are you stupid?"

Why did he feel that something was wrong with this Moh Liangchen? But he didn't dare to doubt the people Mr Hsiao sent.

Moh Liangchen took two steps forward and his Qi became very terrifying.

"I said, let them go. Do you understand? "

Zuo Ming smiled coldly and said sarcastically, "Why? Based on you? "

A trace of blood flashed across Moh Liangchen's eyes, and he said with disdain. "That's right, with me alone!"

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