Sir, You are Abducted/C10 Destroyed Banquets
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Sir, You are Abducted/C10 Destroyed Banquets
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C10 Destroyed Banquets

When Shen Lie walked down from the second floor, he attracted quite a bit of attention. The eldest young master of the Shen family had never appeared in front of anyone. When the chairman of the Shen family was training his niece and nephew, he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, making the inheritance rights of the Shen family even more confusing.

Shen Lie completely ignored the gazes of others and walked down the stairs step by step with a trace of indifference and disdain.

Father Shen sensed the restlessness of the people around him and turned around. He frowned. He had already arranged for a suit to be displayed in the room. Was Shen Lie purposely making things difficult for him?

He Ning An's eyes were glued onto Shen Lie from the beginning. Among all the men present, there were many that were outstanding, but no one could affect her emotions that much. If she couldn't obtain Shen Lie, if she couldn't become Shen Lie's wife, what was the point in doing so?

"Young Master Shen sure has an extraordinary bearing." A middle-aged man standing in front of Father Shen said with a smile. His words pulled everyone's minds back to reality, and the surrounding people immediately echoed his words.

Turning his head to look around, Shen Lie noticed that there were quite a number of faces that he had not seen just now. It seemed that the banquet today had finally begun.

"Little Lie, come over here." Shen Lo's father waved his hand at Shen Lie. Although his expression was still very serious, at the very least, he was not glaring at Shen Lie in anger.

Shen Lie didn't have the intention of deliberately embarrassing his father in front of so many people. Hearing his father's call, he walked over, lowered his head slightly and called out, "Father."

Father Shen was clearly very satisfied with Shen Lie's action of lowering his head. He said to Shen Lie, "Come and get to know him. These are all my family's uncles that have a deep friendship with Madam Shen."

Shen Lie exchanged glances with the surrounding middle-aged men and greeted, "Greetings, uncles."

"Good, good, good!" He patted Shen Lie's shoulder and said, "You look like a good child. Old Shen, all of us, you know how to teach your child. Look at the way he's standing, he's a genius."

Shen Lie had heard many flattery before, but he did not think that these were their heartfelt words. He only smiled and said, "Uncle, you are flattering me."

"How old is Little Lie today?" someone asked suddenly.

When his father heard this, he slightly turned his head to look at Shen Lie. Not in the least surprised, Shen Lie replied, "I just left the army and have no intention of getting married."

The moment Shen Lie's words left his mouth, the surrounding crowd all froze for a moment. Regardless of what thoughts were in their hearts as they came to participate in this banquet, their expressions froze. What does Shen Lie mean by this? Was he that sure that someone was looking for him?

Shen Lie smiled in an indifferent manner and replied, "I spoke frankly. The habits of the army have yet to be changed. I hope that uncle-master will not take offense to it." In the end, he didn't say how old he was.

His father's face contorted for a moment before quickly returning to his original expression. He secretly stared at Shen Lie and said with a smile, "This child is just like that. He doesn't have a brain to speak before. After being in the military for a few years, his brain is even more straight."

Shen Lie stood to the side and listened to what his father had to say. A peculiar expression flashed across his face.

The others seemed to be able to understand the meaning behind his words, and a hint of awkwardness seemed to permeate this small space.

"Mom, why are you here?" He Ning An was overjoyed. He quickly ran to the door from beside Shen Lie.

He Ning An's voice wasn't loud, but no one around her said anything. Her voice immediately attracted everyone's attention.

A hint of a playful smile flashed across Shen Lie's face. He Ning An's mother had just come, and the hall was quiet due to his words. She appeared immediately, and along with He Ning An's scream, it immediately attracted everyone's attention.

Shen Lie, who was staring at the door, did not notice the gaze from his father beside him.

His mother was wearing a qipao. The excellent design cleverly revealed his mother's body. Although he was already over 40 years old, his mother looked to be in her thirties due to the good maintenance. She was holding hands with He Ning An, so it was impossible to tell that they were mother and daughter.

Instead, she suddenly reached out and patted Shen Lie's shoulder, "I haven't seen Little Lie for a long time. Two days ago, I still heard Little An say that you're coming back, and it's the same for you, child. After leaving the army, you didn't come back for a long time, and you didn't call home either.

Shen Lie knitted his brows when his mother suddenly touched his arm. If it was not necessary, he did not like having physical contact with others. His mother's words made him raise his eyebrows. He looked at his mother who had carefully made up her face, then looked at his father who didn't look too good because of her words. He chuckled lightly and said without any hesitation, "So you even know that I've never called my father before …"

From the moment Shen Lie appeared, every word he said was not delayed at all. Just this one sentence, the last "ah", caused Shen Lie to slightly lengthen his voice. There was a hint of lamentation in his tone and it immediately caused the eyes of the surrounding people to sweep towards his mother and father.

Mother Shen and Father He naturally felt the gazes of others, and Mother He's face immediately flushed red. She glanced at Father Shen, and when she saw that Father Shen wasn't really that happy, she angrily opened her mouth, "Little Lie, how can you say that? Your father and I just had a better relationship. "

"Oh." Shen Lie responded. Picking up a cup of wine from the table beside him, he smiled and said, "I'm not too concerned about your relationship."

Seeing that the eyes of the surrounding people were already filled with interest, Father Shen's face darkened, "Do you know how to speak!? After being in the army for so long, is your brain flooded? "

"Puchi!" Someone laughed. "Chairman Shen, I have never seen someone who insults his son in front of others. You are really something. Every time I see you, I can always broaden my horizons."

When his father heard this voice, his expression darkened. He stared at his secretary and scolded in a low voice, "Who asked you to send him an invitation?"

The secretary looked anxious, "I didn't send him an invitation. It should be, it should be him."

Shen Lie also raised his head to look at the person who spoke. That person was wearing an extremely flirtatious bright blue shirt. The sequins on the shirt seemed as though it could blind a person's eyes. He seemed to have surveyed his surroundings before finally focusing his gaze onto Shen Lie. He walked over quickly and patted Shen Lie's shoulder, "You're finally back."

Shen Lie also laughed, extending his fist to match that person's words. "I still haven't contacted you, why are you here?"

He Chengzhi took off his sunglasses and smiled with his watery peach blossom eyes. "I am always paying attention to your news." Then he immediately smiled and said with great interest, "Quickly lower your head and let me, the doctor, see what a wet brain looks like."

Shen Lie placed an elbow on He Chengzhi's chest and said, "Scram."

His father's face was gloomy, looking at the two who were laughing, he spoke with a mocking tone, "Are your grandfather's current health alright?"

"Please, Uncle Shen, please think about it. My grandfather is able to sleep well after eating, and he can even train for an hour every day. His current health is still alright." He Chengzhi said with a smile.

Everyone knew that He Cheng was determined to learn medicine and had angered his grandfather into staying in the hospital. The relationship between the two sides was very tense and the He Clan's name was excluded from the He Clan at that time.

"Father!" Shen Lie looked at his father in disapproval.

"What do I need you to teach me?"

"I don't dare to. It's just that after so many years, my father still doesn't know how to speak." Shen Lie and his father stared at one another fearlessly.

"You! You! "You!" After father said 'you' three times, the anger on his face had already exploded.

Seeing that the situation wasn't good, the secretary immediately started to see off the guests. Those who received an invitation from the Shen family were not ignorant of the current situation. Seeing that the situation wasn't looking good, he quickly left.

Very soon, the only people left in the hall were the Shen father and son duo, the He mother and daughter, as well as a man named He Cheng, who no matter how many times the secretary invited him, as if he could not hear his intentions of leaving.

"Pah!" After all the people in the living room left, Father slapped Shen Lie's face and said, "Shen Lie, your wings must have stiffened, right?"

He lifted his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, then turned to look at his father. He sneered and strode out the door, "I've already left, yet you still intend to stay here?"

He Chengzhi immediately stood up from the sofa and circled around his father. With two "tsk tsk" sounds, he followed behind Shen Lie and walked out.

Father Shen was panting heavily as he stared hatefully at Shen Lie's back. With a wave of his hand, he swept all the cups on the table onto the floor.

"Brother Shen, don't be too angry." His mother gave He Ning An a meaningful glance, then walked up to her father and took his arm.

"Do you see what he looks like now?" Father Shen pointed a finger towards the door and said bitterly, "Just like that mother of his!"

A gentle hand stroked his father's back, "Brother Shen, you should also understand Little Lie. He likes the military so much, and he was forced into the company after coming back from being injured, so it's possible that he's unhappy."

Hearing that, Father Shen's anger immediately rose, and his voice also rose, "He's unhappy? Why wouldn't he? If I hadn't given him a job, he would still be squatting at home, eating and waiting to die! "

He Ning An frowned as he looked at his mother's gentle expression. A strange expression flashed across his face. When his mother looked over, he immediately stepped forward to comfort her. "Uncle Shen, Brother Lie has always had this kind of temperament. Please take more responsibility."

"Your father is taking care of his son?" This is the first time I have heard of how capable Shen Lie is. "

Saying it again and again, his father's anger had risen to the point of explosion. aggravation)

Shen Xing was lying on the bed as she looked at the message on her phone. Just now, a big matter had popped up with a casual swipe of her phone. The new general manager is likely to be replaced this Monday!

Shen Xing immediately sat up. "Change for someone else?" Isn't the new general manager the son of the chairman? Why was it replaced? "

It was obvious that they had the same question as Shen Xing. The company's circle was filled with questions about this.

"I don't know the details. I only know that the chairman and the new general manager had a fight today. It seems to be very fierce."

Because of the quarrel? Jing Xing was a bit speechless, the general manager of this company was too casual.

Many people were asking about the details, but before they could say anything, the thread was already gone.

Shen Xing slowly opened his eyes wide. Was he trying to cover it up? Otherwise, why would the post be deleted?

Jing Xing earnestly refreshed twice. All the posts regarding the new general manager had been deleted.

Qi Hua: "Did you see that …" Our new general manager may be replaced... "

Jing Xing swallowed his saliva and typed in a trembling voice: "Isn't the change in our company's general manager too casual? Not allowing people to come to work just because of a quarrel?"

"Who knows? A rich family, I don't know much about them." Qi Hua replied, "But what a pity. I haven't even seen this legendary rich and handsome guy."

Jing Xing was not really interested in this guy, but he had heard that this new general manager attached great importance to the design department in the past few days. He was very likely going to make a big overhaul of the design department, so if this guy didn't come, wouldn't that mean everything was in vain?

Jing Xing pursed his lips and turned off his phone. He sighed and took over the computer at the side. It was better to take advantage of this time to color out the design from before. After all, even if Gao Fujun didn't become the general manager, she was still the son of a billionaire. If she didn't work hard, she would be fired very soon.

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