Sir, You are Abducted/C12 Two Good Scenes
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Sir, You are Abducted/C12 Two Good Scenes
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C12 Two Good Scenes

Redstar knocked on the door, waiting for an answer. Just as he was about to leave, the Director came over. "Redbud?"

"Hello, Director." Upon hearing this voice, Redstar immediately turned, bowing slightly as he greeted, "I've come to deliver the documents to you."

The director was surnamed Li. He looked to be in his thirties and there was a smile on his face. He looked very friendly. But Redbud Star didn't seem to be careless in the slightest, and still maintained his smile of eight teeth.

"Why are you always sent to deliver papers?" He obviously didn't really want to know the answer, so he raised his chin and said, "Put the documents on the table."

Jing Xing followed his instructions and put down the documents. He then turned around to leave, but was stopped by Director Li.

"Xingchen, can you tell me what the department's attitude towards me is?" Director Li, who was sitting behind his desk, lifted his hand to loosen his tie and asked with a smile.

Jing Xing's body stiffened, and he let out two hollow laughs. "Director, what are you trying to do by asking this?" Everyone likes you very much. You have to be serious and responsible. Furthermore, your business ability is also very strong. Everyone admires you. "

While Jing Xing was speaking, he glanced left and right before Director Li suddenly placed the cup on the table with a "pa" sound. Because his movements were too sudden and his voice was not soft, Redbud was shocked and even shook twice.

"Do I frighten you that much?" Director Li asked lightly.

Jing Xing immediately shook his head. "No, no. It's just that you know me. You don't always know how to speak. I'm also afraid that my words won't make you feel comfortable."

Jingxing's words were magnanimous. She just wasn't willing to let herself be flattered, and even if she was flattered, she would still be shod over. It would be better if she didn't flatter at all.

Director Li smiled when he heard this. He waved his hand to tell Redbud to leave, "Redbud, I finally know why Wang Hui hates you. Don't worry. From now on, your lives will be much easier."

Jing Xing left with a head full of questions. He had no idea what Director Li was trying to say.

In the office on the 19th floor.

"What do you think?" Shen Lie poured two cups of water for Xia An and himself before asking in a leisurely tone.

The high-level meeting went smoothly. It was as if everyone was probing, trying to figure out the capabilities of this new CEO. They were also testing out this CEO's plans, whether they would be the ones to be led or led in the future.

Xia An seemed to have thought of something interesting as he covered his mouth with a hand and laughed.

Shen Lie raised an eyebrow, "What are you laughing at?"

"General Manager, when the Vice President entered the meeting room and saw everyone enjoying themselves, his face turned green." Xia An said, "The last few times I interacted with him, he always put on airs and acted like 'you don't know anything but I am your senior'. The contrast today is really too big hahahaha." Xia An leaned back on the sofa and laughed.

Shen Lie waited for Xia An to finish laughing before he said, "Xia An, are you always this happy?"

"Life has already become so difficult, I have to find some fun for myself." After Xia An and Shen Lie got to know each other, he also knew that Shen Lie wasn't a person who paid too much attention to relationships between people of high and low rank.

Shen Lie knocked on the table. With a smile on his face, he said, "This Vice President Wang is indeed a little interesting."

After laughing for a while, the two of them got down to business.

"From the looks of the meeting, the upper management's attitude is not very clear. However, they probably do not have any intentions of causing trouble." Xia An said, "It's just that the vice president's attitude is still unclear. He clearly went to the headquarters early in the morning, but he came back unexpectedly and welcomed you."

"Wang Hui is not an idiot. If he were to openly express his displeasure, then what's the difference between it and provoking the chairman of the board?" Shen Lie blew on the tea leaves floating on his teacup and said.

"I don't think the others will be a problem. It's just that right now, a portion of us will choose to surrender to you, while the other portion will continue to support you. As for the majority of us, I think we'll just have to wait and see." As Shen Lie's only secretary, he observed the meeting for a long time.

Shen Lie nodded his head, "There are very few people who would surrender. There are many spectating from the sidelines."

Xia An's eyes flashed with worry. He hesitated for a moment before asking, "General Manager, between you and the Chairman …"

Xia An did not finish his sentence, and Shen Lie also understood what he meant. Shaking his head, Shen Lie opened his mouth and said, "It will not affect me."

"Understood." Xia An nodded, no longer trying to find out what was going on.

"Bang, bang, bang!" Someone knocked on the office door. Shen Lie raised his voice and said, "Come in."

When Vice President Wang entered the door, he saw Shen Lie and Xia Anzhi sitting on the coffee table. A cup of water was placed in front of each of them. From the looks of it, they seemed to be chatting happily.

As he walked, he said, "I'm really sorry, General Manager. I just received a message from headquarters this morning, asking me to go over. The other party's tone was urgent and sloppy. I had no choice but to change my direction halfway down the road."

Shen Lie and Xia An stood up. When they heard Wang Hui's words, the expression on their faces didn't change at all. They only nodded their heads and said, "I understand." Shen Lie gestured for Wang Hui to sit down before turning his head towards Xia An and said, "You sit down too."

Wang Hui wiped the sweat off his forehead and instead of saying that he was called to headquarters, he opened his mouth and said, "I wonder if the general manager has any instructions for the company?" I must be following your instructions strictly. "

"I don't dare to accept your instructions." Shen Lie poured a cup of water for Wang Hui and glanced at him. "It's just that there are some things that Vice-President Wang does need to do."

Wang Hui seemed to choke on his words. God only knew that his' instructions' were a form of courtesy. Was it because Shen Lie had been in the army for a long time that he didn't know about relationships?

Shen Lie got up and walked to his desk to flip through the documents. He then took out a document and returned to the sofa and handed it to Wang Hui. "Please take a look at it first."

Wang Hui suspiciously received the document. The document didn't have a cover or a title, but a piece of white paper was attached to it. He lifted his hand and flipped open the first page.

After staring at the words for a while, Wang Hui raised his head again and asked, "Is it the new rule?"

Shen Lie nodded his head and pointed to the document, saying amiably, "I know Vice President Wang has his doubts. Take a look first, we can discuss any problems later."

Hearing Shen Lie's words, Wang Hui swallowed his words and started reading.

Taking advantage of this period of time, Shen Lie took the documents from his office desk and flipped through them one by one, gaining a better understanding of his wife's clothing and jewelry.

When Xia An walked to the tea room in the design department, he heard someone talking inside and stood still. This kind of private discussion was usually the most realistic reaction.

"Are you serious? Director Li is going to be replaced? " In the tea room, Qu Hua grabbed Jing Xing's arm, her face full of excitement. "Heavens, how useful! I've been forwarding the Golden Carp over the past few days. Thank God! Thank God! Thank God! Thank God! I thank all the Buddhas and Gods in the north, south, east, and west! I finally let that idiot go!"

Jingxing's right hand trembled as he held his cup. He opened his mouth to console Qi Hua, attempting to calm her down. "Calm down a bit. My milk tea is about to be spilled."

Qi Hua Gui cried out twice, reverting back to his previous ladylike appearance as he gently asked, "How did you know?"

"I'll go deliver the documents to him, he asked me what our evaluation of him is, I told him it's pretty good and all that sort of thing. When he left, he said the painful days are almost over." After Jingxing finished speaking, he took a sip of his milky tea, then narrowed his eyes in satisfaction.

"Hahahaha." Qi Hua got the answer she wanted and was satisfied. "I'm going. I'm going back to pay my respects."

"I am your brocade carp, alright?"

"Ouch, what are you two doing here?" Liu Mingya saw the two of them talking about something as soon as she walked in, and her face was full of smiles. However, when they saw her enter, the two of them stopped laughing at the same time and almost directly said, "I'm not happy to see you."

Liu Mingya gritted her teeth, and continued to ask, "The two of you can't be slacking off here, right? When I was overseas before, I heard that some of the dishonest employees in the country always took advantage of their work time to go to the tea room to drink coffee and drink milk tea, thus taking advantage of this opportunity to slack off. "

Liu Mingya's eyes looked at the cup of milk tea, then she turned her head and saw the bag of You Lemei thrown in the trash can, and she laughed out loud, "Xingchen, you need me to say it, you need some oil, too. You do some clerical work everyday, do you have enough money for your expenses? "He even wanted to drink Yulemei in a bag. That's too cheap.

Jingxing wasn't angry at all, but Qi Hua exploded first, "Hmph, Liu Mingya, what are you pretending to be diligent about?" You graduated from the overseas design institute, you are awesome, but you are so awesome, grid design competition, why haven't you even entered the preliminary competition? "Oh, I remember what you said before the match?" Qi Hua cleared his throat and deliberately imitated Liu Mingya as he said, "Aiya, I'll tell you this, my graduation design is made from grids, at that time the professor's evaluation was really high."

Redstar truly couldn't hold it in any longer. He turned and laughed so hard that his shoulders began to shake.

Liu Mingya pointed at Qi Hua angrily and cursed, "Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think that no one else knows that you're being taken on as a pet?" Is Little San very proud to be someone else's Little San? "

Qi Hua ruffled her hair, then said with a smile, "This lowly one is untalented. I'm very proud and pleased with myself for being able to receive such a large sum of money."

"You! You! "You!" Liu Mingya said three 'you are too shameless' three times in a row, and left the teahouse.

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