Sir, You are Abducted/C14 It's Going to Change!
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Sir, You are Abducted/C14 It's Going to Change!
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C14 It's Going to Change!

Shen Lie did not stay in the design department for long. After he left, the design department immediately went into an uproar.

"Is that the new general manager?"

"My god, isn't he too handsome?"

"The sky above the design department is going to change."

All sorts of voices suddenly exploded with great power, and the entire clothing design department was in an uproar.

Director Li's face was livid. "Shut up!" The loud shout caused the design department to quiet down once again, and the staff all carried their bags and quickly left.

"Depends on what you've done!" Director Li turned to look at Wang Hui, who was in a daze.

"Can you blame me?!" Wang Hui suddenly realized what had happened and screamed, "I'll leave if you tell me to leave!" I want to see what your Shen Clan can do! "

Director Li looked at Wang Hui's seemingly crazy appearance and his face turned even more unsightly, but in the end, he restrained himself and coldly said, "Since the General Manager has already said that you are to leave, if the HR Department does not issue a notice tomorrow, then there might be a chance to alleviate the situation. If the HR Department sends a message, then …"

"Humph, I like your Shen family!" Without waiting for Director Li to finish, Wang Hui opened the office door, took his bag and left.

Jing Xing was spread out on the sofa as he stared lifelessly at the ceiling. It was obvious that he was absent-minded.

"Ding dong ~ ~" The computer suddenly rang. Redbud rolled its eyes and lazily stood up to pick up the computer.

[New Order: High elastic ice silk flat-angle comfortable male underwear X200 Remarks Buyer's Note: The owner is here to gift it to you]

Jing Xing's eyes lit up, and he mumbled to himself, "Is this what you call being complacent in a love shop?" With that, he rolled his eyes. "If my lover is Wang Hui, then I'll have to use incense to celebrate my escape from misery."

Looking at the buyer's message, Jing Xing wrinkled his brows. The joy on his face had already disappeared. "Shen Lie?"

Biting his lips and pondering for a moment, Jing Xing opened the dialogue box with Shen Lie and typed: "I'm sorry, Mister Shen. If you are willing, I will send you an express delivery. If you are unwilling, then refund it."

Shen Lie opened the dialog box and took a look. With a frown, he asked, "Are you in a bad mood?"

Jing Xing stared blankly at the four words before him. After hesitating for a moment, he replied, "No, thank you for your concern, Mister Shen."

"Then send it over."

Jing Xing placed both hands on the keyboard, and when he saw this reply, he slowly revealed a smile. No matter what, there was good news today.

"Thank you for your understanding." Redbud replied.

Shen Lie turned the phone around and placed another order.

Jing Xing stared blankly at the new order in front of him, not knowing how to explain the situation in front of him. "Should I tell Shen Lie that he probably placed the wrong order, or just directly send it out? After all, it's a fool to not earn money."

"Mister Shen, did you make another order for 200 pairs of underwear?" In the end, Redbud had still asked.

"Yes." The concise reply made Redbud Star feel at ease.

"I don't have such a large stock of underwear right now, so I might have to wait another week or so. Do you mind?" Redbud Star asked.

Shen Lie looked at the reply given by Jing Xing, his brows slightly relaxed. "I don't mind."

Jing Xing acknowledged, then picked up his phone to look for his supplier to increase the order.

Seeing the red dot on his Wechat Moment, he opened it up and took a look. The first thing he saw was that it had been sent by Shen Lie a minute ago.

"If you're in a bad mood, then go have a hot pot."

Jing Xing's hand paused, but he still didn't give him a Like. However, he stood up and left the room.

The next morning, Jing Xing expressionlessly stared at the mirror. On her forehead grew three extremely huge, red, and painful pimples. "I'm a lunatic, that's why I go to eat exceptionally spicy hotpot late at night!" Scolding bitterly, Jing Xing pitifully took out some ointment and applied it to the three pimples on his head.

It was already 7: 30 when he was done cleaning up, and Jing Xing was not in a hurry. He walked out slowly and bought a pancake and fruit from the entrance of the district. When he arrived at the company, it was 8: 40.

"Stars, stars." Little Cheng waved his hand in Er Kang's direction as soon as he saw Jing Xing, "Hurry over here."

"What's wrong?" Jing Xing asked as he put down the bag he was carrying.

Little Cheng pressed both hands on Jing Xing's shoulders. "Please listen carefully to the following words. Yesterday, I didn't tell you through WeChat because I wanted to tell you face to face and let you feel the power that came from the general manager."

"What's going on?" Redbud Star was at a loss of whether to laugh or to cry from Little Li's attitude.

"Yesterday, not long after you left, the general manager came. He's the new general manager." Little Cheng pushed Jing Xing aside and let her sit down on her seat, standing by himself, waving his hand, his face full of excitement. "You don't know how handsome the general manager is, my mother. His face can really be called heavenly, super handsome."

Seeing that Little Cheng was about to use a essay to describe the handsome level of the new general manager, Jing Xing interrupted her in time, "Hmm, very, very handsome, and then?"

Little Cheng followed what Jing Xing said and continued, "When the general manager walked in, he just happened to hear Teacher Wang shouting loudly, saying that if you continue working here, she will leave, so the general manager directly said," If you want to leave, then scram! " Little Cheng clenched his hands into fists and put them under his chin.

Jing Xing was surprised, the expression on his face was strange, but before she could think about it, Little Cheng continued, "Actually, the general manager didn't say much, but that feeling of presence is so strong that no matter what you're doing, you know he's here."

"..." "That powerful?" Redbud Star asked.

"Yes," Little Cheng nodded. "And the general manager said something before he left."

Seeing Little Cheng's blinking eyes, Jing Xing helplessly opened his mouth and said, "Please."

"Hahaha," Little Cheng cleared his throat and imitated Shen Lie's tone, "Redbud won't leave Shen Shi, pack your things and leave as far as you can."

Jing Xing clenched his hand under the table and coughed uncomfortably, then laughed. "Then I'll have to thank the general manager properly."

"That won't do. It would be best if it was just for fun, hahahahaha." Little Cheng covered his mouth and laughed maniacally.

Jing Xing stretched out his hand and thumped Li Jun on the ground, then speechlessly said, "Recently, your scope of interest has already become 'CEO's lover in debt?'"

"What do you mean by 'lovers in debt'? Then let's just contract with a lover!"

Little Cheng finished what he wanted to say and turned on the computer with a face full of satisfaction. On the other hand, though his eyes were focused on the computer, he didn't know where the focus was.

"Yo, why do you still dare to come to the company?" Liu Mingya walked to the side of the Redbud Star, the corners of her eyes slanted, and she seemed extremely displeased.

Redbud Star returned to his senses and frowned as he looked over. He coldly said, "Liu Mingya, I'm not in the mood to argue with you today."

Liu Mingya's face was filled with anger, and her voice turned sharp, "Jingxing, why are you so powerful? You think you're glorious for forcing your teacher away?"

Jing Xing looked straight at Liu Mingya, and said irritably, "Liu Mingya, are you here to provoke me?"

Liu Mingya took two steps back, perhaps she felt that she was being too cowardly like this, so she stiffly said a few words, "What are you so arrogant for?", then turned around and left.

Jing Xing stared at Liu Mingya's back, not knowing what he was thinking about.

"General Manager, why are you here?" Just as Liu Mingya was about to leave, she saw Shen Lie. This time Shen Lie came alone, and it didn't seem like he was doing any official business.

"Who are you?" Shen Lie didn't even look at Liu Mingya, and said this as he walked past her.

"Puchi!" Laughter immediately came from behind, Liu Mingya's face alternated between red and white, bit her lips, and followed Shen Lie in.

Shen Lie surveyed his surroundings, but he still could not find Jing Xing. He frowned and appeared rather displeased.

Liu Mingya walked past Shen Lie, but accidentally twisted her ankle, and her body was about to fall onto Shen Lie. Shen Lie reached out his hand to support Liu Mingya's arm, and after Liu Mingya steadied herself, she quickly let go and left.

No one knew why Shen Lie had come to the design department at this time. In fact, he had only existed for less than a minute. However, it had caused a huge uproar.

In less than twenty minutes, the whole company knew: Liu Mingya from the design department deliberately fell down beside the new general manager.

Jing Xing came over with a cup of milk tea, only to see that the atmosphere in the design department was very strange. It was clearly as quiet as usual, but there was a hint of deliberate silence.

"What's wrong?" Redsnow softly asked Little Cheng.

Little Cheng glanced at Redbud, then let out a sigh of relief. He patted Redbud's arm, "Just now, you kept your head down and looked so unhappy. You scared me to death."

Jing Xing smiled and handed the cup of coffee in his right hand to Little Cheng. "I brought you a cup."

Little Cheng took it with both hands. "Thanks."

"What happened in the ten minutes I was gone?" Although Jing Xing was not particularly sensitive to gossip, the atmosphere in the office was too obvious, making it difficult for people to not pay attention.

Little Cheng nodded in admiration. "You're really smart." Drinking a mouthful of coffee, Little Cheng sighed in satisfaction, then said, "I don't know why the general manager came again just now. Liu Mingya twisted her ankle at the door, and before Liu Mingya fell on him, the general manager helped her up."

"Sprain your foot?" Redstar raised an eyebrow.

Little Cheng curled his lips. "Who knows? Maybe he sprained his leg or his heart." After saying that, Xiao Cheng threw a flirtatious glance at Jing Xing, purposely lowering his voice, "Woman, are you trying to attract my attention on purpose?"

Jing Xing looked at little Cheng Gu's devilish appearance and immediately laughed.

The two gossiped for a while longer before each threw themselves into their work.

"Redbud Star, come over." An unfamiliar woman knocked on the edge of Redbud's table. Her voice, full of laughter, conveyed her kindness.

"Hmm?" Jing Xing's dazed look clearly pleased the woman, and she laughed, "I'm the new Lin Miao, why don't you come with me to the office first."

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