Sir, You are Abducted/C17 His Implied Meaning
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Sir, You are Abducted/C17 His Implied Meaning
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C17 His Implied Meaning

Wednesday morning was dark, and Jing Xing was making porridge for himself as he called the delivery boy.

"Thank you." Jing Xing gave the packed items to the courier, then walked him out the door.

"Did you change your job?" The courier boy smiled and asked, "Why did you suddenly send an express delivery this morning?"

"No change in job. I worked overtime last night. This is yesterday's order." Jing Xing explained, then apologized, "I am truly sorry for having you come so early."

The courier guy waved his hand. "Don't be so polite, let's go."

After sending off the courier boy, Jing Xing scooped the porridge into a thermos and rushed out of the house in a hurry.

"You still want to eat the steamed buns in front of your residential complex?" Qi Hua asked speechlessly.

Jing Xing nodded, extremely dissatisfied. "What is the meaning of your disdainful tone?" The steamed buns in front of our house can be said to be stuffed and thin, and the taste of the soup is rich, okay? "

"Then I still can't wait for you to eat day after day!" Qi Hua rolled her eyes. She had never seen someone as affectionate as Jing Xing. She could use this type of toothpaste for years, or she could eat the same family's steamed buns for three consecutive years.

Jing Xing shook his head, stuck out his tongue "slightly" and swallowed the last mouthful of the steamed bun. "People like you, who go through all sorts of hardships, won't understand people like us, who have a long term love."

The two of them walked into the company happily. The elevator was crowded as they discussed the staff meeting in the afternoon.

"It seems like this is the first time we've held such a convention."

"I wonder how many brushes the general manager has."

"I heard that a new move seems to be being announced today."

"I hope we can raise our wages a little bit, hahaha."

"The salary doesn't need to be raised, let's raise it a bit more for working overtime."

"Didn't they say to change the meal card into something desirable?"

"That is the most important thing!"

"Heaven knows I have fifteen hundred yuan per month, but I can't see how much pain I'm feeling."

"There's really a new move?" Jing Xing asked with some curiosity, "Big gossip spirit, hurry up and tell me about your little piece of news."

Qi Hua said in a low voice, "I'm not too sure, but I heard Vice President Wang received a new employee code."

"Really?" "Oh?" Redstar's eyes widened. "I thought everyone was just making rumors."

"It seems that the modification is quite big. No matter what, it can't be worse than now, right?" Qi Hua said.

"This new General Manager really values our design department," Jing Xing seemed to be deep in thought. "When I was called over by Director Lin that day, she said that the General Manager only hoped that the talents of everyone in the design department could be fully displayed."

"Eh?" Qi Hua grabbed Redbud's hand, a look of excitement on his face. "He really said that?"

"Who?" Redbud stared at him in confusion.

"General Manager, did he really say that?"

"I don't know," Jing Xing said speechlessly as he put down Qi Hua's hand that was holding his arm. "I still don't know what the general manager looks like." Jing Xing was a bit sad, "The two days that the General Manager came to the company, compared to the past two days, he went to the design department the most. Although it was only two times, I haven't seen him once."

"It's also a matter of fate." Qi Hua said sympathetically, "I happened to meet him when I was off duty yesterday. I only saw him once, so I decided to join his support group."

"Take care of some of my treasures. You are a man with a man's ticket."

"What the hell is being reserved? I don't believe that you won't scream loudly when you see the general manager." Qi Hua shook her head, then turned right towards the Jewelry Department. After taking two steps, she turned around and called out to Jing Xing. "I forgot, your attributes won't scream. Then you'll definitely be stupefied."

Jing Xing walked into the office without saying anything. It was as if the entire design department had suddenly become the general manager's chick. She had even heard a male colleague say yesterday that the general manager was so handsome that it made him want to bend.

These words were all in front of her, talking about how attractive the general manager was. It really piqued her curiosity, "Is the general manager really that handsome?" Jing Xing pointed to one of the younger ones who was praising the general manager, and couldn't help but ask.

Little Cheng turned around and said seriously, "Do you know what Minister Zheng said when he came to work today?"

"What?" Jing Xing placed his bag on the table. "Why do I feel like I haven't been able to make it in the past few days. Every day I come to the company to face a completely new and new situation."

Little Cheng couldn't help but laugh. "I think about it carefully. It really does seem like it. Every time we know something, you will be confused. Don't you want to go into the company circle?"

Redstar shook his head. "I'm not very interested."

"Yesterday, someone posted in the company circle saying that the restaurant's staff was being shortened. It seems like the general manager went there and felt that the staff were all jumbled up. Of course, that's not important, what's important is that we can get 1500 yuan in the future, hahahaha." After laughing for a while, Little Cheng said, "Minister Zheng said that the post is real!"

Jing Xingxing stared blankly for a moment, then suddenly shouted, "Really? Really?"

Seeing Little Cheng nod crazily, Jing Xing extended his hand and held Little Cheng's hand, "Are we lacking anyone in the support committee?" the kind of design you've done in college and now you're full of hope for tomorrow. "

"How's your reaction?" Shen Lie asked.

Xia An's face was filled with excitement. "Very good. I heard that you've already established your support committee."

Shen Lie couldn't help laughing, "What is that thing?"

Shen Lie obviously didn't really want to know. He casually asked before continuing, "How is it going with the other matters?"

Xia An replied sternly, "The job cuts in the restaurant have already been arranged, and those who leave don't have any grudges. The afternoon assembly was tentatively set at one hour, but Vice President Wang had asked for someone to read the staff code on the spot, so I pushed it. "

"This Vice President Wang sure is good at proper business, but these gaudy things seem to be more familiar with each other." Shen Lie shook his head as he finished this sentence and looked at the document in his hands. Although he had already studied it for a period of time before coming to work, it was still a domain that he had never touched before. To him, there were a lot of things he needed to learn, but not a lot of time.

Xia An was also clear on Shen Lie's current condition. Seeing that Shen Lie had no other instructions, he turned around and left.

At 3pm in the afternoon, Jing Xing stood in the hall of the North O costume. He took out his phone and called Sister Guan, "Sister Guan, it's Xing. You asked me to come over to sign the contract this afternoon."

"I remember that my secretary is going to pick you up right away. Sorry, Xingchen, I had an accident today so I can't sign the contract with you. But I've already arranged everyone, just follow the normal procedures."

"Right. Thank you, Sister Guan." After hanging up, Jing Xing's frown didn't loosen. Previously, Sister Guan was responsible for this, but now it had suddenly changed to someone else. Jing Xing tapped his phone in his hand, puzzled.

"Is that Miss Redstar?" A man who looked like a secretary walked to the side of Redbud Star and asked with a smile.

Redstar immediately stood up, nodding. "It's me. Hello."

"Please follow me. Manager Guan has already said it out. We just need to sign the contract." The secretary pointed with a finger and led the way.

Redbud was carrying a backpack as he followed his secretary to an area that looked like a meeting room.

Two documents had already been placed on the conference table, and the secretary pushed them towards Redbud. "Take a look at them first. If there's anything that's inappropriate, we can discuss it later."

Two days ago, Redbud had specifically learned a bit about contracts, and now, looking at these lines, it didn't feel strange at all.

Reading down the lines, Jing Xing gradually frowned. "Mr. Secretary, when I was discussing with Sister Guan, I didn't mention that these undergarments had the North's logo on them."

The secretary was surprised for a moment, then smiled and said, "Did you remember wrongly? We did this in accordance with manager Guan's instructions. "

Jing Xing took out his phone and called her. He waited for a while before being picked up. "Xingchen, is there something else?"

Jing Xing frowned even more. "Sister Guan, why is it that the contract states that the underwear will be marked with the North's insignia?"

Sister Guan laughed, "Xingchen, I thought about it when I came back. It would be good for you to bring the North's insignia. The North is wearing men's and women's underwear, so didn't you cooperate with us because of that? "Besides, you're just a small designer now with no reputation at all. These underwear with the North O logo on them will be more attractive than your own logo. The sales and sales price will also be much higher in an instant, which would be beneficial to both of us."

Jingxing was silent for a moment, then said, "Sister Guan, you asked me before what I wanted, and I said that what I wanted was my own personal brand, and this will never change. Thank you for nurturing me during this period."

Jing Xing hung up and stood up, "My apologies, mister Secretary. I won't sign this contract."

The secretary frowned and was just about to say something when her phone rang. Jing Xing wanted to take advantage of him wanting to leave when he picked up the phone, but he saw the secretary quickly walk to the door and shut it.

Jing Xing froze for a moment, then quickly knocked on the door of the meeting room. But the secretary outside didn't seem to see him at all, walking away with his phone in one hand.

Jing Xing clenched his teeth, forcing himself to calm down. She walked to the conference table, first taking a picture of the documents on it, then calling Qi Hua.

At this moment, a group of people were walking toward the conference room from the main hall.

"General Manager Shen, shall we go to the conference room to have a cup of tea first?" A potbellied man walked beside Shen Lie with a face full of smiles.

"No need, we'll go directly to the production workshop." Shen Lie looked at his surroundings before turning his head to speak to the man.

The company was planning to manufacture a new batch of clothing jointly with Beo. Today was the day the former general manager had set. Shen Lie had delayed the production for an hour and rushed over after the meeting.

"Good, good, good." The man nodded his head as if he was pounding garlic. "General Manager Shen is so dedicated. We'll go right away."

"Crack crack crack crack." The sound of glass shattering suddenly rang out and the group of people halted in their tracks. Shen Lie looked in the direction of the sound.

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