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Sir, You are Abducted/C20 Are the Underwear of the Rich so Sure
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C20 Are the Underwear of the Rich so Sure

"Cough, cough, cough!" Redbud Star's hand rubbed his neck, completely awake. He pursed his lips, somewhat puzzled. "I don't know. I really don't know what's going on."

"When did you and the general manager meet?" Qi Hua asked.

Jing Xing looked around and didn't see anyone. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief. "Previously, he bought underwear from my Treasure Shop. I sent it over when I had nothing to do. Didn't I tell you about my contract at North O yesterday?" The person who saved me is Shen Lie. "

Qi Hua was silent for a while, then asked hesitantly, "General Manager …" Buy, underwear at your Treasure Shop? "

Under Qi Hua's gaze, he covered his face with his hands and nodded.

"How big is he …" Qi Hua's lips moved for a long time before he finally asked.

"Eh?" Redstar stood up, staring at Qi Hua. "I told your Old Wang."

"Don't, don't," Qi Hua held onto the walking Jing Xing as he walked. "Tsk, tsk, you can't judge a book by its cover. I never would've thought that the CEO wouldn't wear anything."

Jing Xing was somewhat speechless. "Are all the rich people's underwear set so high?"

The two of them looked at each other and laughed at the same time.

"I can't see what the general manager really means, but no matter what he means, you have to observe him first before you can decide what you want to do." Before entering the office, Qin Feng pulled Redbud along with him and said seriously.

"Alright." Redstar nodded, then gave Qi Hua a hug. "I know. I won't make you worry any longer."

Jing Xing did not even have the time to ponder what Shen Lie meant by that as he was called to the office.

"Xingchen, are you participating in the clothing design competition?" Tension asked.

"Has the match begun? I haven't been notified. "

"The detailed planning should have been approved by the general manager. The relevant documents will be sent out tomorrow. The registration will officially begin next Monday." Tension said, "I've seen your last book. Overall, it was pretty bad, but there were some highlights."

Jing Xing scratched his head, "When the last clothing competition started, I just joined the company. The work I handed in was done in two days, and I made some improvements after I was eliminated. It was indeed very bad, but like you said, there are still some highlights, hehe."

Tension also laughed, "I think you can participate in this year's competition. Although you haven't learned much about design in the past three years, in this environment, there will always be some improvements. I see that your portfolio has changed a lot."

Jing Xing hesitated for a moment before asking softly, "Teacher Zhang, do you think I can do it?"

Tension looked up at Jing Xing and burst out laughing. He stood up and patted Jing Xing on the shoulder, "Didn't you write 'Milky Way designer' on the title page of your portfolio? Why are you so unconfident now? "

"I don't know. At the beginning, I showed my design to Teacher Wang for a period of time, and Teacher Wang even looked at it once, and didn't even look at it later. For the past year and more, I've been thinking that maybe my design level is really poor, which is why Teacher Wang didn't teach me. She always said that my talent is too poor, but I feel that the clothes I designed are pretty good-looking. I don't know what my current level is either. "

Tension poured a glass of water for Jing Xing, tilted his head and thought for a moment, then smiled and said, "Then why don't we go to C City this time? "Within three days, you will make a design with the theme of C City, and then you will decide."

Redstar thought for a moment, then nodded. "Fine, I'll give it a try."

Jing Xing returned to his seat and was stunned for a moment. Xiao Cheng, who was to the side, was surprised. Ever since Jing Xing went to Teacher Tension, he had been so full of energy these past few days. It was strange for him to suddenly be sprawled on the table like nothing had happened.

Redstar let out a long sigh, straightening up. It was best to work hard first.

On the 19th floor, Xia An was standing in front of Shen Lie's desk. His eyes were secretly observing Shen Lie's expression.

"General Manager, Miss He will be coming over next Monday. However, the chairman's condition is that if you want Miss He to work here, you must give her the position of vice minister of jewelry design." Xia An said somewhat awkwardly. He wasn't sure about He Ning An's identity, but he was very clear on the chairman's favor towards He Ning An.

Shen Lie's expression did not change, the pen in his hand did not stop at that. Hearing what was said, he immediately replied, "Since that's the case, let her stay in the headquarters."

Xia An paused, then chuckled, "Why don't I feel like I'm surprised by your answer at all?"

Shen Lie raised his head and shot a cold glance at him. "Do you think I don't know what you're thinking?"

Xia An coughed twice and immediately changed the topic, "You have a meeting tomorrow morning. At noon, you have an appointment with the boss of the Hai Xin Group, which is 12 o'clock. In the afternoon, you have to go to the jewelry factory to inspect."

Shen Lie nodded his head and said, "I got it. Collect all the information regarding the Hai Xin Group and let me have a look." After pausing for a moment, Shen Lie then asked, "Has the Hai Xin Group started to dabble in the jewelry industry?"

Xia An nodded. "It is said that the Crown Prince of Hai Xin specially opened a branch to support his wife. He came to us this time because he wanted to use the clothing resources in their hands to trade for jewelry cooperation opportunities."

"Alright, I understand."

"Yes, you are familiar with the Crown Prince of Hai Xin, aren't you?" Shen Lie asked.

"It's familiar. Hai Yang brought his wife to see me two days ago. What happened?" He Cheng's sloppy voice sounded, and along the way, he heard the nurse shouting for the patient to sit down and rest.

"I want to meet with him tomorrow. Lady Shen and Hai Xin might be cooperating." Shen Lie did not try to hide the truth from He Chengzhi and directly said, "You also know that I was not on good terms with Hai Yang's sister before."

"Hahahahaha, if you didn't tell me, I would have forgotten. Let me tell you, Hai Die's boyfriend is now really handsome, even more handsome than you." He Chengzhi smiled and said, "Don't worry. Hai Yang came to ask me about this first. I told her to go find you."

"Sure." "I'll treat you to dinner this weekend."

"Alright, there's a farmhouse music on the mountain over at the northern suburbs. I've been there once, so it's quite interesting. When I call Hai Yang over, the three of us will go together." He Chengzhi had a knack for eating, drinking, and having fun, so he immediately said it out.

After arranging for a time, Shen Lie hung up the phone and picked up the report.

After work in the afternoon, Jing Xing happily returned home. He was not in a hurry to cook, so he packed the clothes he had brought along with him on his business trip.

Jing Xing hung the words "The owner is late to deliver goods on business" on Taobao and then opened WeChat to call his uncle.

[New Friend 1]

"Who is it?" Redstar muttered to himself as he opened up the list.

[Arriving at Dawn] Request to add you as a friend

Jing Xing's finger came to a halt. He bit his lips, then immediately pressed down on his phone.

He ran into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Jingxing took out the ham and corn and prepared to cook a fried rice.

"Next, please let Miss Jing Xing demonstrate for everyone what is called the brilliant art of cooking." Jingxing peeled off the skin of the ham, and as he spoke, he laughed. "Aiya, Jingxing, you're such a playboy."

"First of all, we have to cut the ham into small cubes so that it can be spread out more fully by frying it with hot oil." Redbud Star's cutting technique was very good, and the speed at which he sliced the ham was very fast. "Quick, look! Our Redbud Miss Redbud is an outstanding cutting technique."

When everything was ready, Jing Xing ran out of the kitchen and took a sip of water. He really said too much just now and his throat was a little hoarse.

Of course, in Qi Hua's eyes, the culinary arts of Redbud were more than enough for her to cook for herself.

After finishing his meal, he took a photo and sent it to his uncle before sending him a Wechat Moment: "Dinner the night before my business trip."

Before she had the time to brush it up, she had already received a praise, "Mister Shen". The three words suddenly appeared in front of Jing Xing, and the shock that Shen Lie brought to Jing Xing during the afternoon once again assaulted Jing Xing. It caused her to stare blankly at her phone for a long while without moving at all.

"Hur hur." Jing Xing let out an awkward laugh. He suddenly flipped his phone over and placed it on the table. Then, he said to the air, "Shen Lie really is a good person who made friendly relations awkward."

Shen Lie praised, then opened up the map and took a look at it. Only then did he notice the words sent out by Jing Xing. Frowning, he opened his private message interface and typed out a line of text without thinking, "Where are you going on business?"

After waiting for a while, there was no reply. Shen Lie turned off his phone and saw that the take-out food in front of him was gone. He casually picked up the car keys and went out.

It was already completely dark in A City, but all sorts of lights illuminated the city.

Shen Lie aimlessly drove the car around and saw a couple kissing in the center of the square. The boy had his arms around the girl and the girl had her head tilted upwards as they kissed. Shen Lie looked carefully and noticed that one of the girl's legs was missing.

There were many people in the central square. Shen Lie then turned his eyes away. There were handsome boys singing on their guitars, cute girls dancing in circles with the sounds of singing, and also old ladies supporting each other as they stood to the side and watched.

In the middle of the square, a fountain suddenly sprayed out. Shen Lie suddenly heard someone shouting, "Jingjing, I love you. Marry me."

Looking towards the direction of the voice, he saw that someone was proposing marriage. The lady covered her mouth with one hand and pulled at the man kneeling on one knee with the other. The man smiled sweetly and kneeled firmly. The man only stood up and embraced the lady after the lady reached out her hand and put on the ring.

There was also the woman who was jumping around in the square, twisting and turning to the music.

Shen Lie quietly observed the scene before him. The corners of his mouth suddenly curled up.

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