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Sir, You are Abducted/C8 Buy It and Sell It
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C8 Buy It and Sell It

Jing Xing was a bit angry. She stretched out her hand to take the work card, stood up and said in a stiff tone, "Thank you, Teacher Shen." "Sorry for disturbing you today, but I'll be leaving first."

A dark glint flashed past Shen Lie's eyes. He stared at Jing Xing and laughed softly, "Are you angry?"

He asked despite knowing the answer! Jing Xing did not want to answer Shen Lie, so he acted as if he did not hear it and proceeded forward.

The Shen family's sofa was very close to the door. Just as the Redbud Star turned the corner, it was pulled against the wall by a powerful force.

"Ah!" The bag in his hand fell to the ground.

Shen Lie held Jing Xing tightly in his embrace, his tone carrying a thick sense of ridicule. "Miss Jing, you've come so late. Don't you know what will happen?"

Jing Xing's expression became even more unsightly, "Mister Shen, what are you trying to do?"

Shen Lie looked at Jing Xing's eyes, which seemed to be filled with fury. A different expression flashed across his face, and he chuckled lightly. "What I want to do, what I want to do. Isn't Miss Jing the most clear about it?"

Five seconds later, a smile appeared on Jing Xing's face once again. She struggled gently for a moment, and Shen Lie followed her strength and let go of his arm. Just as Jing Xing was about to leave Shen Lie's encirclement, Shen Lie once again extended his hands over. This time, Shen Lie did not place his hands on the wall, but on Jing Xing's waist.

"Mister Shen, don't joke with me. My skin is extremely thin," Jing Xing said happily, as if his unsightly expression from before had never appeared. "This late at night, I have to hurry back, otherwise my cousin will definitely worry."

Just as Shen Lie was about to speak, rumbling sounds rang out from outside and the expressions on both of their faces changed.

The only thing was that Jing Xing had become even more unsightly, while Shen Lie's smile was even more brilliant.

"It seems that God doesn't want you to leave today," Shen Lie said. "You can stay here tonight."

Jing Xing pushed Shen Lie away with both hands and said, "There's no need for that. Thank you for your good intentions. I think it's better for me to take advantage of the fact that the rain isn't too heavy. Let's hurry back." Although the strength used by Jing Xing was not small, Shen Lie did not move an inch.

"Miss Jing, do you think that if I don't let you go, you can leave this room?" Shen Lie said.

Jing Xing was instantly infuriated. He used both hands to beat Shen Lie, "Let go of me!"

Initially, Shen Lie had only been surrounding Jing Xing in a relaxed manner. She had made such a ruckus that Shen Lie was instantly pushed away. Jing Xing immediately bent down to pick up his bag, turned around and was about to run to the door.

Shen Lie stood to the side and waited for Redbud to reach the door before rushing forward to clamp down on Redbud once more. "Why are you running?" Can I eat you? "

"Of course not. How can my willowy attitude enter your eyes?" Although this was what Jing Xing said, her eyes and actions weren't the same. She maintained her posture of walking out, and continued to struggle vigorously.

How can you say that a person has the most strength when they are trying to survive? At this moment, Redbud Star unleashed his most powerful strength, forcing Shen Lie to exert even more strength. A red mark quickly appeared on Redbud Star's arm.

"Ah, it hurts!" Suddenly, Jing Xing let out a loud shout. Shen Lie immediately released Jing Xing's hand. "Where does it hurt?"

Jing Xing reached into his bag with his right hand and pulled out a bottle. He sprayed it out at Shen Lie, who was careless. He covered his eyes and turned around. Redstar took advantage of this chance to quickly flee.

Outside, the rain was already starting to fall with hualala sounds. Redbud Star no longer cared about not having an umbrella and hurriedly charged outside.

"Hey, Miss, what's wrong with you? "The one who stood outside the door was definitely going to come in, and now the person who is going to leave in the torrential rain is also you!" The security guard grumbled and grumbled, reluctantly opening the door for Jing Xing.

Jing Xing didn't have time to explain. As soon as he saw the door open, he was prepared to rush out, but was stopped by the security guard, "What are you planning to do?" Jing Xing immediately turned his head and asked alertly.

The security guard was flustered, "Why do you always treat others as bad people? I'll get you an umbrella! If you go back in the rain like this, you'll have to go to the hospital tomorrow! " The security guard passed the umbrella to Jing Xing and returned to his security room while saying, "Dog-biting Lü Dongbin."

Jing Xing couldn't care less about being moved. He opened his umbrella and walked forward, and only after he got on the subway did he calm down.

In the apartment, Shen Lie's eyes immediately started tearing up after he was sprayed with the blood. He stood on the spot, waiting for his worst moment to recover before he opened his eyes.

Sure enough, there was no sign of Redbud in the entire room. Shen Lie knitted his brows. Just as he was about to follow them out, his eyes were filled with tears.

After considering for a moment, Shen Lie still went to the washroom to wash his eyes.

After washing himself, he felt much better. Shen Lie rested his hands on the sink and couldn't help but smile. Should he be happy that Jing Xing's awareness and defenses were very strong, or should he be sad that he failed the first time he stayed overnight?

Shaking his head, Shen Lie took out his phone to check the time before walking out.

By the time Redstar returned home, it was already ten-thirty. Only after entering her room did she let out a sigh of relief. Shen Lie had truly frightened her tonight. Fortunately, Shen Lie had not been on guard against her and hence, the anti-wolf spray was effective against him. Otherwise, he would definitely be unlucky tonight.

Jing Xing patted his chest and pulled Shen Lie onto his blacklist. Although Shen Lie was still her savior, the title of the god of men that she yearned for had fallen from Shen Lie's head.

The male god had become a male hooligan or something, and it was worth writing a long article to publish.

After taking a bath, Jing Xing opened Taobao to take a look. Then, he chatted with a few clients who were consulting with him. Looking at Shen Lie's Taobao account, Jing Xing bit his lips and opened the delete button.

Shen Lie lit a cigarette until it burned out, and when he saw the lights go out upstairs, he started the car and drove away.

The next day was bright and sunny. Yesterday's heavy rain had taken away quite a bit of the heat, but now it was only a faint warmth, extremely comfortable.

Shen Lie's hand paused for a moment before he picked up the white shirt beside the military uniform and changed into it. Turning around, he picked up the folder on the bedside table and walked out of the bedroom.

"What would Mister Shen like to eat today?" Mr. Shen had only recently started to eat breakfast in a breakfast shop near the apartment. Although the restaurant was small, the taste was not bad. Shen Lie wasn't a picky person. Thus, he decided to stay here for breakfast.

"Two baskets of Soup Dumplings, three fried dough sticks, and two bowls of porridge." Shen Lie said as he sat down. Someone beside him looked at him with a surprised expression. Shen Lie knitted his brows and looked back, scaring the other party so much that he immediately retracted his gaze.

"Alright, please eat." The boss placed the items Shen Lie wanted onto Shen Lie's table and turned around to greet the other guests.

"Eh, Mister Shen, we meet again."

Shen Lie heard the sound and looked up. It was the security guard from last night. He nodded his head and asked, "Are you off work?"

"Yes," the security guard acknowledged, then turned around and shouted, "I want two plates of Soup Dumplings."

"Hey, Mister Shen, do you have a partner?" the security guard suddenly asked.

Shen Lie was stunned for a moment. He shook his head and said, "Not yet."

The security guard put on a "I knew it" look, sighed and said, "Mr. Shen, I have to say, she came here to look for you last night, how can you let her just leave like that? In such a heavy rain, even if you don't want me to stay with you, at the very least, you should send me back, right? I see that you don't seem like someone who needs money, do you still want to spend money that much? "

Without waiting for Shen Lie to open his mouth to explain, the security guard took a bite out of his Soup Dumplings and continued, "The ratio of men to women these days is really scary. Every time I see those rich and single dogs in our neighborhood, I don't feel the least bit envious, because no matter how rich they are, they have no target. The security guard proudly shook his head, "I'm not talking about you. Mister Shen, your conditions are indeed good enough, girls nowadays are not worried about getting married at all. If you don't work a little harder, I might even ignore you if you let me leave in the rain."

When Shen Lie heard the last sentence, he frowned, "What if she ignores me?"

"Hehehe, you finally asked the right person. Let me tell you, girl, as long as you buy for her, she will be very happy." The security guard said in an experienced manner.

Buy, buy, buy? From the surface, Shen Lie could also understand the meaning of these words. However, was this method even suitable for Redbud Star? Rather than buying for her, she might as well make Jingxing sell it.

Arriving at the military camp, Shen Lie removed the items from the trunk. Just as he was about to call for his men, he saw an army-green figure running over.

"Brother Lie! You're finally back to see us! " The smile on the man's face was extremely wide, his mouth was wide open, and his tanned skin was turning even whiter.

"Hei Zi!" Shen Lie and Hei Zi crossed their fists and a smile appeared on their faces. He pointed at the bag at his feet and said, "I brought some gifts for the brothers. You split them amongst yourselves."

When Hei Zi heard this, the smile on his face disappeared. He looked at Shen Lie for a while before sighing and asking, "Brother Lie, do you have to leave the army?"

Shen Lie nodded his head and patted Blackie's shoulder. "There's no need to feel uncomfortable. Your Brother Lie is always number 1."

"That's right!" Blackie loudly answered.

"Brother Lie, can you go to the training field to take a look?" Blackie asked.

Shen Lie hesitated for a moment before shaking his head, "Forget it, I'm not going over. I'm just here to settle some paperwork and will be leaving soon. I don't want to disturb their training progress. You too, are better than letting others say that the soldiers that I, Shen Lie, brought out only know how to be lazy."

Hei Zi scratched his head and laughed. "No way, Shen Lie's soldiers are of the highest class!"

"Go." Shen Lie patted Blackie's shoulder as he watched him carry his backpack and leave.

Shen Lie stood at the same spot for a good while before turning around to leave.

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