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Sir, You are Abducted/C9 Who Is the Family
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C9 Who Is the Family

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Shen Lie sat in the car as if he had just been shocked awake. He took his hand off his face and opened the window of the car. "What is it?"

"Ah, it's Lil 'Bro." The one who knocked on the window was a soldier standing guard at the entrance. When he saw Shen Lie, the solemn expression on his face quickly turned into a smile. "I saw that your car was always here. I thought there was something wrong, so I came over to take a look."

Shen Lie also smiled and said, "If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving immediately."

After sending the soldiers off with a few words, Shen Lie started the car and left the army.

"Ding Ling Ling Ding Ling …" His phone suddenly rang. Shen Lie was stunned for a moment before answering, "Hello?"

"Big brother Lie, I'm Ning An." A sweet voice came from the phone, "What are you doing now?"

Shen Lie knitted his brows. He did not answer He Ning An's question. Instead, he opened his mouth and asked, "Did you call me for something?"

"Uncle Shen told me to call you. Today is the date of the Shen family's gathering. You must come over." He Ning An didn't seem to be aware of Shen Lie's displeasure at all. It was still his cute and adorable voice.

"A family gathering?" I have something on right now, so I can't go. " Shen Lie said without hesitation.

"En..." "Fine." He Ning An said in disappointment. But before waiting for Shen Lie to hang up, He Ning An asked in a high-pitched tone, "Then when will Brother Lie be free? I want to treat you to a meal. In the past few years, City A has changed so much that there's been a lot of delicious food moving to other places.

"I don't need to trouble you. I haven't had the time recently." Shen Lie held onto the steering wheel with one hand and his phone with the other as he casually replied, "I still have other things to do, so I'll be hanging up first."

Shen Lie threw his phone onto the front passenger seat. Seeing the green light switch on and his phone ringing again, Shen Lie turned his head to glance at the phone. When he saw the two words "father", his mouth twitched.

"Father." Shen Lie calmly said.

"Come back for lunch." his father said stiffly.

"I have something to do." Shen Lie replied.

"What could be more important than coming back to eat? So many people are waiting for your first appearance after you leave the army. You better pack up and come over so that I won't lose face by following you. " Father Shen seemed to be a little angry, and his voice was particularly harsh.

Shen Lie was silent for a moment before answering, "Okay, I'll go back later."

Father directly hung up the phone and did not give Shen Lie another chance to speak. Shen Lie's right hand tightened around his phone before he put it down as if nothing had happened.

Knowing that it was impossible for him to eat anything after returning to the Shen family, Shen Lie casually found a small shop by the roadside and walked in.

When Jing Xing entered the noodle shop, he saw Shen Lie at a glance and silently rolled his eyes. Jing Xing turned around and prepared to leave, but his movements weren't fast enough. The owner of the noodle shop had already spotted Jing Xing.

Jing Xing stopped his steps, pinched his throat, and said, "My throat feels terrible today, but I suddenly remember that I'm unable to eat your spicy chicken noodles. I'm going to go drink a bowl of porridge."

Shen Lie's hand holding the chopsticks paused for a moment. A trace of a smile flashed across his eyes. Such a deliberate and pretentious voice was unable to cover up her true tone.

"Aiyo, your voice is really quite sick. Wasn't it fine last night? Why did it suddenly become like this? " The boss had a pretty good relationship with Jing Xing, so when he heard her voice, he was startled. He immediately wiped his hands and walked out of the kitchen.

"I don't know either. I might have gotten into some bad luck recently." She waved at the boss, "Don't come out, I'm preparing to leave now. Wait for my throat to clear, I'm going to eat ten bowls and eight bowls."

Shen Lie waited until the sound of Jing Xing's footsteps disappeared before turning his head over. He only saw the back of a person who looked as lively as a dragon and as lively as a tiger. Shen Lie smiled and said to the owner who was walking towards the kitchen, "Give me another spicy chicken noodles."

Jing Xing packed two side dishes and a bowl of porridge before returning home. Upon entering, he saw a sign pasted on the entrance. He immediately smiled. This sign was the result of her entire morning — "Star Studio".

As he touched the sign, Jing Xing smiled so hard that his teeth could no longer be seen, and he hummed as he carried his food into the kitchen.

"Boss, did that girl come to your restaurant often just now?" Shen Lie asked.

The boss immediately became alert. He looked at Shen Lie with a scrutinized gaze and asked, "Why are you asking this?"

Shen Lie casually asked. When he saw the boss's guarded expression, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. "I know that girl."

The boss was even more unconvinced, "Who are you lying to? Let me tell you, everyone around us knows Star... "Don't do anything bad to that girl!"

Shen Lie had no way to explain himself. He could only pay the bill and leave while the boss was frowning in defense.

Upon entering the Shen family, Shen Lie's state of mind turned extremely unsightly. This could be seen from the expression on his face. He looked at his clothes in the hall and did not know what to say. A family banquet was like a business gathering, and perhaps only the Shen family was like this.

"Big Brother, you're finally back!" Shen Hong appeared out of nowhere and slapped Shen Lie on the shoulder.

Shen Lie subconsciously moved his hands and twisted Shen Hong's arms. "AHH!" "Big brother, it's me, what are you doing!

Shen Hong's voice was too loud, causing everyone in the living room to look over.

"What are you doing!" his father asked angrily.

Shen Lie released his hand and looked around at his surroundings indifferently. Then, he picked up the cup of water on the table and poured himself a cup of water.

Being ignored by Shen Lie like this, his father's expression turned even uglier. However, he did not say anything more and turned around to the people still surrounding him, "This son of mine just returned from the military. The habits he had for a while is still difficult to change."

"I can tell that Young Master Shen is very skilled."

"Young Master Shen is both cultured and martial."

"That's right, and he looks so impressive at that!"

Shen Lie frowned as he heard the comments. What was the difference between this and the 'cabbage' that was commented on by all the people in the market?

"Big brother Lie!" Just as Shen Lie was about to go to his room to take a look, he heard a surprised and incredulous voice coming from behind him.

"My name is Shen Lie." Shen Lie said to He Ning An, who had already walked up to him. "Also, I'm not your brother."

He Ning An's eyes flashed with a hint of injury. She lowered her head slightly and turned her left face towards Shen Lie. Her tone was light, completely different from the excitement from before. "I've always been called Lie this way …" "I'm calling you."

He Ning An looked weak and helpless. Before Shen Lie could say anything, someone from the side spoke up for her, "An An, is this the Brother Lie you've been talking about?"

Shen Lie turned his head over. This person could be considered to have an imposing manner. However, his pair of eyes swept over Shen Lie, looking so plain that it caused people to feel disgusted.

Shen Lie furrowed his brows, not intending to speak to him at all. Today, he had come here only to show his face in accordance to his father's instructions.

"I'm Li Jiaven, Young Master Shen, it's a pleasure to meet you." Li Jiawen had a smile on his face as he took the initiative to extend his hand.

Shen Lie extended his right hand and made a quick contact with Li Yao. "I'm sorry, Mister Li. I need to leave for a moment now."

Li Jiayi looked at Shen Lie who had just left after finishing his words. The expression on his face distorted for a moment. What did Shen Lie mean by this?

Turning his head to look at He Ning An who was staring at Shen Lie, Li Jiaven cautiously opened his mouth and said, "An An …"

"Who allowed you to come!" He Ning An turned to ask, "Didn't I tell you not to come back here?"

Hearing He Ning An's question, Li Jiaven didn't get angry, but his face was full of smiles, "An An An, I'm worried about you. I saw you keep talking to him, and he's always talking to you. I feel sorry for you."

"Do I need to make you feel any heartache?" He Ning An was obviously angry, "If you don't come over, Brother Lie is going to continue talking to me. It's all your fault!"

He Ning An flung his sleeves and was about to leave, but Li Jiayi immediately followed, "Don't follow me!"

Li Jiaven watched He Ning An leave helplessly. After waiting for a while, he walked in the direction He Ning An had left.

Shen Lie entered his own room. Looking at the place where nothing had changed, his eyes revealed a hint of a smile. The tension around his body immediately disappeared. He hadn't returned to this place for a long time. Normally, when his troops were on vacation and he had to return, he would at most leave after a meal. He really hadn't been in this house for a long time.

Walking around the room, Shen Lie laid down on the bed. He was somewhat surprised. The bedding on the bed did not show any signs of having slept for a long time. It was soft and comfortable.

Shen Lie did not lie down for long. Although the name of this banquet was' Family Banquet ', but the people who came were all different types of people, and it was clear that it was given by Shen Yue's father for his return. Regardless of what Shen Li's father was thinking, he did not want to fall out with Shen Li's father right now.

Shen Lie knitted his brows. He seemed to have a premonition that he was going to have endless social engagements in the future.

"Where's Eldest Young Master?" Father Shen asked the person standing beside him in a low voice.

"Eldest Young Master just went upstairs, he probably went to his room." the secretary said.

Father looked at the secretary, and the secretary immediately said, "I'll go and get Eldest Young Master now."

As his father watched his secretary leave, he stared in the direction of the second floor. He didn't know what he was looking at.

"Uncle Shen!" He Ning An's smile bloomed like a flower as he walked over. "Uncle Shen, are you tired? From the start of the banquet to now, you haven't seemed to have rested at all. You've been busy coming over."

"It's Ning An," his father said, his expression softening. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

He Ning An nodded and said somewhat bashfully, "When Brother Lie arrived, I was talking to him."

"You," his father gestured for He Ning An to follow him. "Let's go. I'll bring you to meet some old friends."

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