Six Simple Steps/C10 Ten: Celebrity's Gossip
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Six Simple Steps/C10 Ten: Celebrity's Gossip
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C10 Ten: Celebrity's Gossip

“I should gauge your eyes out given that you have seen my wife naked”, Kian growls, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Make that a number of eyes, because I’m not the only one that has seen your wife naked”, Tucker, a ginger haired man with pale skin, said as he dropped into the sofa opposite us. I’m fully dressed and seated on the couch, Kian beside me. Our hot make out session is still fresh in my head, and I get turned on just thinking about it.

“What do you mean?”, Kian asks, eyes narrowed.

“These came in this morning. If I hadn’t showed up when I did, these photos would have been all over the news”.

I felt a sudden chill as Kian picked up the brown envelope Tucker dropped on the glass table between us. Kian spares me a glance before emptying the contents of the envelope on the table. I gasp as my eyes feast on the photos. Pictures of me naked in that alley, clutching my phone.

“Who else has seen this?’, Kian asks, his voice low and guttural.

“The editorial board at Celebrity’s Gossip”.

“And how did they get in possession of these?”, he asked, gesturing to the photos on the table.

“Someone dropped them off these morning. We don’t know who. The thing is, these photos are pending publication on the net as we speak”.

“Those are my nudes!”, I yelled. “What would they gain from posting MY nudes on the net?”.

“Fame obviously. And this is the first they are ever getting out of the four walls of the Lewry’s mansion since your marriage to Kian. Of course they would want to put it out there”.

“And if I don’t want them published?”, I asked Tucker.

“Then you will have to negotiate with them”, Tucker said. “Financially”, he added.

“Those bastards”, Kian growled. “And how much are we talking about here?”.

“Lots. Eighty grand or even more”.

“Arseholes. Thanks for the information. It’s best I get going”, Kian said, rising up. He then turns to me. “Get up. You’re coming with me”.

“Like this?”, I ask, gesturing to my pyjamas.

“Of course. Or are these not clothes?”.

“Kian! I can’t go out still wearing my pyjamas”.

“Well we don’t have time”.

“We have all the time in the world”.

“If you think that I’m going to wait till held the day is over to get dressed then you’re fucking delusional”.

“I do not take twelve hours to get dressed Kian!”.

“I don’t care. Let’s go”, Kian says before putting all the photos back in the envelope, holding it firmly in his grasp. I follow him sulking.

“Hey wait!” Kian halts in his tracks and turn to face Tucker. “What?”.

“Shouldn’t I get rewarded? It’s not easy to get hands on information this huge”.

“Oh shut up Tuck. You and I both know the only reason you’re in Celebrity’s Gossip is because of me”.

“Whatever. Please Kian. You and I both know that you rarely give me anything! And that is so much for being your cousin!”.

“Adopted cousin”, Kian corrected. “And you can’t blame me for rarely giving you anything. The last time I gave you thirty grand, you bought a Porsche just so you could wreck it”.

“You’ve done worse”.

“It’s different when you’re the one with the money”.

“Kian please”.

“Fine. What do you want?”.

“I did see one fine maid when I walked in…”

“My maids are off limits. Pick something else”.

“Fine. I want the shiny red Ferrari in the garage”.

“That car belongs to my wife. Pick something else”.

“Ugh! Fine! I want a VIP pass into your club Lewd”.

Kian owns a club, casino, hotel, a hospital and an architectural company. Rumour has it that he has a vineyard in Italy. And even with all these properties, he still prefers to work as some director in some company abroad.

“Now we’re talking. What do you need it for?”.

“I promised me babe that I will get us into your club VIP section. So make that two passes”.

“I’ll give them to you once you get off my fucking property”.

Tucker is out of the door in seconds.

Kian then turns to me. “Now let’s go”.

After an hour drive, we’re inside Celebrity’s Gossip headquarters, on our way to the management office. The building is magnificent, and I’m not surprised. You can’t look like shit and talk shit at the same time. We’ve been asked by the receptionist_a fine woman who couldn’t help staring at my husband’s bare chest(I don’t know why he left the house without a shirt)_to wait, but Kian has refused to listen. He barges in and the CEO of Celebrity’s Gossip, a short round man with mischievous eyes, is staring at us, a frown gracing his lips. There are six other people with him. Thankfully, a female isn’t among them, because I don’t know what I would have done if I find one female, admiring my husband’s body. The men couldn’t help but look though. I was glad when Pablo asked them to leave.

Without wasting any more time, Kian slams the envelope down on his desk, anger rolling off him in waves.

“What the fuck is the meaning of this?”.

“Good morning to you too Mr. Lewry. And I’d rather you mind the use of such words around here”.

“Stop acting like you’re damn holy and tell me how in God’s name you got your hands on my wife’s nudes”.

“Oh so that’s why you are here. About that, err, I’m sure Tucker has already told you that we received them from an anonymous person this morning. And those photos contained in the envelope are not the only ones we received”.

“There’s more?”, Kian asks.

“Yes sir. Now please come with me”.

Kian and I follow him into another room. There’s only a single chair and a brick wall. Taped to the brick wall are photos of me. Starting from the night I was in the club, clothed and all, down to me being naked in that alley. Just me. No friends or staff. Just me.

I fought the urge to vomit.

“How come?”.

“Well I have discussed with my team and we have come to the conclusion that your wife here has a stalker.”

“I want all these photos in my house before the day ends. And not a number less”.

“Just like that? You should be grateful that these photos of your wife aren’t all over the net. A small donation of a million dollars won’t hurt”.

Kian narrowed his eyes at him. “Now you listen to me. If there’s a reason I haven’t put an end to this gossiping business of yours is because it entertains. But we both know that if I want it gone, it goes”.

“Your threats are not going to get us anywhere Mr. Lewry. So you do what you’re supposed to and give me the money”.

“You’re a fucking bastard”.

“Transfer the money sir.”

Kian swears, before transferring the money. “I added a sum of twenty grand to that million dollars, just so you can get out of my damn business”.

The man smiles. “It was nice doing business with you Mr. Lewry”.

“One million dollars and fifty grand”, Kian mutters under his breath once we’re in the car.

It’s not enough to put a dent in his accounts, but I still apologize. “I’m sorry”.

“Your apology won’t bring the money back Farrah and today is the last day I’d see your fine arse in any damn club”.

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