Six Simple Steps/C11 Eleven: Won't be needing you
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Six Simple Steps/C11 Eleven: Won't be needing you
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C11 Eleven: Won't be needing you

“What are you doing here?”, I ask, eyes narrowed as I look at Caitlyn. Kian has gone out and I come home to meet Caitlyn in my bedroom. She’s healing nicely and I wished she didn’t.

“Just cleaning up”, she says smiling.

“Oh spare me that crap. We both know that you’re not allowed in my bed chambers, so why the fuck are you here?”.

“I just want to talk. You don’t have to be so vulgar with me”.

“I’ll do whatever the fuck I want in my own house. I’ll ask again. What the fuck are you doing here?”.

Her smile dropped as she glared at me. “Stay away from Kian”.

“I don’t know if you’re fucking retarded but let me remind you who is married to Kian here. And you should be the one staying away from Kian”.

She rolled her eyes. “I’ll stay here as long as he needs me”.

Calm down Farrah. You made a promise to Kian not to rip out her throat remember?

“He won’t be needing you bitch”.

“I doubt that given he used his loofah, the very same one that had been between my thighs on his skin?”.

I formed a fist, but I didn’t pack a punch. “Kian is not like that”.

She scoffed. “He’s a man, and no man would deny this”, she says gesturing to her ample breasts and potruding backside. Caitlyn is more curvaceous, but I’m not going to believe those things are actually real. For all I know, she must have gotten an implant.

“Kian had been with you, and he won’t be coming back”.

“It’s just a few more weeks Farrah”, she dragged out my name. “Who knows, it might not even take that long before I have Kian pounding into me, bare against me”.

He has fucked her bare? I uncurled my fist and curled it again.

“What? You thought you’re the only woman he has fucked bare? Sorry to burst your little bubble of happiness, but you’re not as special as you thought you were”.

For a moment, I imagined her face unrecognizable from the bruises and black eye I want to give her, but I held it in.

“At least I’m special enough to bear his fucking ring. Now get the fuck out of my room Caitlyn, or I won’t be responsible for what would happen if you don’t”.

Luckily for her, and maybe me, she walked away after clicking her tongue. I angrily tore at my clothes, and stepped into the bathroom. After dressing up, I grabbed my keys.

It’s about time I get my husband a new loofah.


Okay, maybe getting that loofah was not a very good idea, if I knew I was going to bump into my mother-in-law. Now this woman who hated me is here, in this very same mall with me. Escaping her would be easy, I just need to obtain a receipt at the counter and I’m gone, but she must have known that, because when I approach the counter, she’s there, waiting for me.

“I can’t say I’m surprised to see you here. Spending my son’s money has always been your forte”.

I ignore her as best as I could, focusing all my attention on the female clerk before me. I hand her my card. She packs up the loofah and hands it to me along with my card and receipt.

I try to manoveur Kian’s mother so I can leave the store and go home, but she didn’t let me. Narrowing her eyes, she blocked my path. I let out a tired sigh. I am so not in the mood for this.

“And where do you think you’re going?”, she asks.


She laughs. “Home? Home is where the heart is, and I’m certain you don’t have a heart given the gold digger that you are”.

“Don’t you have something else to do than to spew lies about me?”.

She glared. “It won’t be long before Kian kicks you out”.

“That’s not going to happen”.

But that’s a lie.

“You’re never going to be enough for my son, you gold digging whore. One day, Kian is going to realize that soon enough and leave you”.

I didn’t say a word to her, and quietly left the store. This time she let me.


“Take the car back. I need some alone time so I can think and I can’t do that with both of you watching my every move”.

Fergus and Pajero shot me a look. “We can’t do that ma’am”.

“The hell you can’t! Now you listen to me and listen good. You’re going to take this car back to the house and you’re not going to come back”.

“Ma, sir gave us strict orders not to…”

“I don’t care! For once just leave me the fuck alone!”.

My outburst earned me some strange looks from passer bys and I don’t blame them. I look horrible with my rim red eyes, and puffy cheeks.

“Ma we can’t do that”.

“They’re not listening obviously. I start to walk away, before I abruptly stopped to face them.

“Follow me, and I will tell Kian of your advances towards me, and trust me it won’t be pretty”.

They swallowed, but grudgingly obeyed.

Satisfied, I turn to the streets again. Now I’m pretty sure there was a bar here before…

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